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Seer Training: Christian or mysticism

A church in Scotland which is part of a mainstream denomination is running a course on Seer Training. Is this forward thinking or a route into occultic mysticism?

by Watchman

SeerWe live in a day of both great threat and great opportunity.

Churches are haemhorraging members, our nation is now post-Christian and we are seeing new government legislation coming onto force which is making it more and more difficult for believers at all levels to maintain a solid Christian witness. A post-war baby boom of church leaders is heading for retirement whilst Christian denominations increasingly are following the secular tide into condoning and encouraging immoral models of relationship.

But change also presents great opportunity. Whenever prevailing and historical models are threatened, the loss of the status quo can produce a vacuum into which new things can flow and new paradigms emerge.

The question today is whether what is 'new' is biblical or a return to mystic and deviant practices.

The following is the blurb attaching to a forthcoming course in Scotland for Christians.


The Seer Course

The Seer Course will walk you through the ancient Hebrew definition of the seeing gift and how it applies to you personally today. In this course, you will learn practical applications of how to function as a seer, how God wants to communicate with you as a seer, and how He taught Jeremiah to see.

You will grow in metaphorical (sic) [should be 'metaphysical'? - Ed.] understanding and be amazed as you realize all the implications and possibilities of this gift. Most importantly, this course will change your life at a day-to-day level and radically heighten your relationship with God.

The Seer Course addresses these questions and more:
    • How do you know you have this gift?
    • How do you know you’re not just making it up?
    • Does seeing include more than just spiritual sight?
    • How do you operate as a seer?
    • What are orbs, lights, and strange things you think you see?
    • What is the seer’s role in relationship with God and others?

What is indisputable in the age in which we live is that 'new' things are emerging at an unprecedented rate and the need for spiritual discernment is critical in our time. The word of God teaches us that there is nothing new under the sun. But these things can reappear clad in a new (different) set of clothes, so the need for continual vigilance is paramount. And the most subtle forms of deception is counterfeit of the real thing. The danger is even greater when there is (some) truth mixed in with error.

But in these issues, the days of fence-sitting and abstract philosophising are over. Opportunity or threat? It's make your mind up time.

Watchman, 28/08/2009

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John Ferguson (Guest) 25/11/2014 14:42
Building on a solid foundation is indeed llaudable but Math 7-24 is an illustration of a individual building on Christ the rock. Eph 2-20 is Christ building his church on the foundation laid by the Apostles & Prophets whom Christ had fitted for such a purpose.
(Guest) 25/11/2014 15:46
Matthew 16.18 tells us that Christ is THE Rock (THE foundation!) and Peter is the pebble (petros), but of course the RCC twist this to mean something entirely different.
Editor 26/11/2014 11:11
Guest - either identify yourself to me or desist from further posts. As I said earlier this article is NOT about the charismatic gifts or the errors of the Roman Catholic Church. (These things have been the subject of other articles).
John Miller 27/11/2014 14:43
Reading the description of the "seer course" it strikes me that it could be construed as an invitation to charlatans to exploit the vulnerable. It most certainly has no basis in biblical teaching or truth.

Editor, may I respectfully ask what was the purpose of printing this mumbo jumbo?
Editor 27/11/2014 22:09
John, I published the piece to illustrate the (increasing?) extent to which Christians need to exercise discernment in these days. The Bible tells us that deception will be on the increase the nearer we get to the return of Christ.
John Miller 28/11/2014 10:21
Thanks for that Editor. Do I then understand that you do subscribe to the notion that Seers can be trained to foresee future events and that such a belief is not biblical?

I absolutely agree that we must be on our guard against spurious, deceptive teaching which introduces unholiness into the church. The Lord warned of this in the parable of the Mustard Seed in Matt.13, Mark.4 and Luke 13.
John Miller 28/11/2014 10:23
By the way I think that your little caricature of Seer with his crystal ball sums the thing up well!
John Miller 28/11/2014 10:25
Apologies Ed! I meant to write "do not subscribe" in my post of 10.21 a.m. today.
Editor 28/11/2014 16:36
John, As an overall comment I am very concerned about the number of 'training courses' within the Christian church that suggest (explicitly or implicitly) that by going on a course (for one thing or another) that the attendee is then 'set up' to minister in these areas. I do believe in all the 'ministry' gifts mentioned in the New Testament, but also believe that they are essentially gifts 'from God', bestowed as He pleases, and not available to be 'acquired' by attending a training course.
(I would cite the number of 'educated' and 'trained' preachers in pulpits today who - as far as can be judged - are unregenerate and 'false teachers'.

Also 'gifting' (of any type in any one individual) needs to be recognised and acknowledged by the body and not 'claimed' by the individual for themselves.

When Paul and Titus 'appointed' elders (Acts 14:23 Titus 1:5) I believe what is being described is they publicly acknowledging what was already evident in the lives of those who he appointed and recognised by the local believers in the place.

In direct response to your question, I do not see the term 'Seer' in my Bible or any mention of training in fore-telling. Accordingly I believe the so-called 'Seer Training' to be unbiblical (and therefore dangerous).

The OT office of Prophet was for that day only. To whatever extent and whenever the Lord gives insights today (1 Cor. 12:28-29)these must be delivered with humility and scrutinised by the body (1 Cor. 14:29, 1 Cor. 14:32, 1 Thess 5:20).

Admin note: For the moment it is only logged-in site members who can, henceforth, contribute to this thread as there is a continuing proplem with 'Guests' who wish to post from the shadows. (Some, I suspect, using more than one psuedonym and even 'speaking to themselves.)
John Miller 28/11/2014 17:01
Editor, thanks for clarification. I am in agreement with you.
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