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Alistair Campbell

Alistair Campbell

"If the public knew the truth about the way certain sections of the media operate, they would be absolutely horrified"

Robert Epstein

Video on the War against Media Manipulation

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Regarding the Covid-19 'vaccine' programme being adopted by governments, Issachar Ministries has spelled out its view.
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The response by individuals to the 2020/22 Covid crisis has spawned and spanned a spectrum of opinion and reactions. Can you find yourself in the midst?
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Tamara Lich
What your country can do to you.
Read and listen to one Canadian mother's testimony of what her government has done to her. More ...
Graham on Revelation TV
The Great Last Days Money Deception
An online meeting showing Graham Bridger speaking to Revelation TV followed by a live discussion with Graham and other panelists. More ...
Zev Zelenko
This is a Hill Worth Dying On
The courageous, insightful and caring Dr. Vladimir 'Zev' Zelenko lost his battle with cancer on 30 June 2022. The tributes pour in. More ...
Spike Protein Detox Guide
A very useful set of information for healthy living whether or not the person has taken the Covid jab(s). More ...
The Editor
The priesthood of all believers
The unbiblical clergy/laity divide has served to disable the saints through the centuries. More ...
Ukraine and The Great Reset
Is the War in Ukraine part of The Great Collapse before the Great Reset? More ...
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Emerging Tyranny
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The Great Last Days Money Deception
Editor, Wed 2 Nov, 3:01pm
This is a Hill Worth Dying On
Editor, Fri 1 Jul, 9:42am
Davos--plans to control and track you every movement
Nancy Walker, Fri 27 May, 8:24am
Spike Protein Detox Guide
Editor, Fri 13 May, 5:01pm
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