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Arab priest targetted by Al Queda for spreading the Gospel

Father Zakaria Botros is a Coptic priest preaching the Gospel and has had a multi-million dollar price on his head by Al Queda and others.

Zakarias Botros

Why are the Radicals so enraged by this elderly Coptic priest from Egypt who is in his 70s? Because Botros is waging an air war against them, and he is winning. Using state-of-the art satellite technology to bypass the efforts of Islamic governments to keep the gospel out of their countries, Botros is directly challenging the claims of Muhammad to be a prophet, and the claims of the Qu’ran to be God’s word. He systematically deconstructs Muhammad’s life, story by story, pointing out character flaws and sinful behavior. He carefully deconstructs the Qu’ran, verse by verse, citing contradictions and inconsistencies. And not only does he explain without apology what he believes is wrong with Islam, he goes on to teach Muslims from the Bible why Jesus loves them and why is so ready to forgive them and adopt them into His family, no matter who they are or what they have done.

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Joel Rosenberg, 08/12/2009

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Penny Lee 19/03/2010 18:02

Can you elaborate on why you think this man's intellect is lacking? I have not yet listened to the short video so I don't know what it contains.

As regards the differences in opinion as to whether we love with our mind or our 'heart', do you accept that the human body is two combined elements - body and soul - and that, at death, the soul departs from the body to go on elsewhere or are you of the opinion that we have no soul and so when the body dies, that is the end of that person?
W Benn (Guest) 19/03/2010 19:53
According to the report, which I have taken in good faith,it would seem that he is pointing out inconsistencies and contridications in one religion without going on to point out similiar problems with the Bible. He should be mentioning such biblical problems and then go on to explain why he thinks Jesus is nevertheless the meaningful path. I do not like his approach at all. In the act of trying to convert people to Christianinity he is failing to deal with it at an intelligent level [for reasons that I cannot know for sure] and thus risking either short lived conversions or long ones that are based upon very selective story telling.

Turning to the question of a soul I have to say that I am very confident [but of course not absolutely certain] that we do not have a soul. You surely know that is my view bearing in mind our previous conversations. As an aside I think you are great to talk to because you do not go off on a puff of religious indignance - it is refreshing to meet a Christian like you.

It is my choice - as you always concede - and if I am wrong it will be at great cost to me - I guess! It does not worry me a bit. If He puts me in Hell I will at least hope to have the pleasure of telling him or his associate/s how daft and unfair the God organisation and its morality is!

A world that is uncertain and exciting is far far better than one that is cut and dried - sin - forgiveness - joy of faith - and eventually undefined heaven.

This planet is so small in relation to the universe - as it were - not even a grain of sand in our solar system. It is violent out there in the immense universe as well as beautiful in parts. The thought that it is all controlled by a God that can also read your thoughts and tell you that living together is wrong without marriage - working on a Sunday is wrong - desiring someone in your head is wrong even though it is very very probably natural is ... madness. It is also very dull. It really is Faith v Reason and if you reach a different conclusion to me that is your choice. I would go further than that - I hope you are right because it is what you want; I am prepared to go to Hell sucking my thumb rather than you not achieving a heavenly destiny Andrea.
Penny Lee 19/03/2010 20:31

Well, yes, you have certainly been honest!

I accept what you say you believe and I suppose you couldn't really believe anything other else it would then be pertinent as to where your soul went on death.

One matter I would like to comment on is your statement that like would be very dull if you felt tied to a God who made unreasonable demands on you and stifled your freedom. I don't find life at all dull and don't feel I have a ball and chain around my ankle. If anything, I have an increased sense of wonderment in nature and a contentment which doesn't rely on material possessions or status.

I have tried to live life by God's rules and found that, when I do, there is much greater joy to be found. You mention living together before marriage - my husband and I didn't do this and we have a wonderful loving marriage which I'm as confident as can be will survive the course. I don't see much of that around me.

We need to have rules all the time in life else there would be complete chaos. Think of the rules in sport - if everyone just did their own thing, it would be horrible and the game would fall apart. Having rules makes the game better for everyone and more enjoyable. It also deals with cheats.

Anyway, I've veered away again from the subject of this thread. I've read bits of the Qu'ran and found it cold and depressing and lacking any idea of a loving God. I also see the way Islam enforces pointless and enslaving rituals, such as praying five times a day facing Mecca - what, can Allah not hear the prayers unless they face that direction? All the oppressive garb that particularly women have to wear and no real freedom to reject the religion. They say there is, but we all know the threats and intimidation displayed to those who try. I don't see any message of love or hope there at all.

I feel I've got freedom to be myself - an individual, free to think and act but hopefully in accordance with God's will, and when I do it beings even greater contentment and satisfaction.

No, I know how life was before accepting Christ (and it was perfectly fine by the world's standards) and I know how it now is and I wouldn't go back for anything. And the greatest thing of all? - it's going to get even better!
Annie Morris (Guest) 20/03/2010 09:33
Have read all your missives with interest and I need to tell W. Benn that God won't "Put you in hell". Silly boy! You have CHOSEN to go there! (much to His deep regret and disappointment) God is a gentleman and won't force His will on you - He loves ya! why can't (won't) you accept that? Just reach out your hand and say "O.K. God - you love me? - SHOW ME!" I dare you!
W Benn (Guest) 20/03/2010 10:37
Thank you Andrea for a considered piece - as ever.I do have some trouble with your response e.g. an individual free to think and act. If you follow the Christian God, and wish His promised conclusion, you are only free on His terms - in other words you are not truly free at all - because behaviour that does not accord with His strict rules is disapproved of by Him and can bring an entirely different result, long term, for you. A true Christian is absolutely not free.

As you well know there are rules in society - often based upon law. They can vary depending upon political persuasion; often there is injustice but it is nevertheless not all chaos and anarchy! The Humanists [and many others] have rules and aspirations that are worthy of the great and good.

Hello Annie.Sadly you are wrong to say that I have chosen to go to hell.I have merely decided there is no Hell. What I am doing is using my intelligence [however limited] and reason to reach a conclusion about this Christian God. Under Christian doctrine [as understood by many and still preached by many] my getting it wrong, no more than that, means I do not go to Heaven and might go to Hell! That is retribution because of my failure to believe in God despite honest efforts to assess what amounts to Godly promises rather than hard evidence. You will say there is evidence but I disagree profoundly with you, and others, that say that.

Why should Honest Joe fail to make it because he did nothing more than reach the wrong conclusion on the poor evidence available? I ask you to have another look at the evidence you are using to reach a different conclusion.That request is not a quick fix - it could take a year or two of your time.
Penny Lee 20/03/2010 11:46

I have sheep - the world's most stupid creatures! Left to do what they want, they drown themselves, fall off cliffs, get stuck in fences and ditches and lose their lambs at the drop of a hat! They are experts at finding ways to kill themselves so we have to step in and take control of where they are and what they do. Have we stifled their free will? No, we've kept them safe and alive and in a field which actually has grass!

The same with young children. We need to be in charge else they would get into serious trouble resulting in physical or psychological damage or even death.

Are we arrogant enough to think we know better than the God who made us? And, before you say you don't believe God even exists let alone created us, you can't answer that with any certainty.

In my late teens, I bought myself a motorbike six months after really major spinal surgery. Despite the pleadings of my parents, I refused to listen to their reason and thought I knew best and would be perfectly fine. Guess what - the day I collected it I crashed into a car and loosened the rod attached to my spine. I've had to suffer the consequences of the damage done for the rest of my life. Is this not the same with our attitude to God? We know best - we don't need your help. I've come to the realisation that I do need God in my life and, as a result, my life is a million times better for it.

I would just love for others to come to the same realisation and begin to live life God's way and, as a result, experience joy and contentment they never knew was possible. Does that sound such a bad thing?
W Benn (Guest) 20/03/2010 18:55
Thank you Andrea for yet again demonstrating that you are a wholesome person. However I would point out, with respect,[I do respect you] that we are not sheep, and we are not children.Furthermore I do not consider myself to be arrogant when I acknowledge that there are immense loose ends in the understanding of our existence. You on the other hand are convinced that you do know the meaning of life in some detail; this knowledge is based upon a book and a lovely feeling which cannot be shaken by reason, science, philosophy and personal observation. Full marks for conviction but....

Shall we close it now because what I have learnt is one cannot usually change a Christian point of view whatever observations one makes. Even obvious things do not change them rather they come up with a defence - sometimes a respectable one and at other times a weightless one based upon very little other than pious hope. Some Christians actually think that a closed mind to the power and observation of clever men and women [as opposed to biblical texts] is worthy of merit. I say open your mind to intellectual thought and THEN, if you must, reject anti Christian sentiments. I have studied the bible, listened to church leaders, observed the world and its wife and come up with the following - enjoy life - respect people - make the place better for being in it - and leave without expectation of childish reward for all eternity. Incidentally the Catholic church is in absolute tatters but I do not associate you and your friends with that business.
Penny Lee 20/03/2010 20:37

You are correct - you cannot change what I feel. That isn't because I refuse to open my mind. I didn't start out as a Christian (no-one does) with an already closed mind but I ended up as one after carefully evaluating my life's experiences.

You are also correct in stating that the Catholic church is in tatters - but I'd go further - the entire church in the western world is in tatters because they have strayed away from the truth and tried to please everyone by watering down what the Bible contains and rendering it ineffective to those who are genuinely still searching.

With that I will close.
jen22(guest) (Guest) 30/04/2010 13:54
i like the saying from m,God has sad"you will search for meand find me withe all yor heart and soul and mind and halso say seek the lord he maybe found,called upon him while he near.Letthe wicked forsake his ay,and the unrightous man his thought;Let he return to he lord, and god will have mercy on him;and to our god,for he abundantly pardon for to believe him you have to have faith and if you dont you wont se him Isaih 55:v6-8.For he said my thoughtare not my thought,nor are your ways my way:say the lord .For the heaven are higher than the earth,So are my ways highter than your ways,And my thoughts than you hought Isaih cp 64v8 but o lord, yu are our father we are the clay and you ou potter,and all we are the work of his hand,God mold us and he can break it if it not propely made and mold us again,for the lord is good his love endure for ever,amen God blessone more thing can any one explain that would love to hear what you think thank you
jen22 (Guests) (Guest) 30/04/2010 15:10
i correct some mistake,my god has said with your heart alsolet wicked forsake unrightous man his thought return to the lord he will show mercy unto our god who believe in christ jesus he must always have faith, and hope in him
he who die for our sin believe in me and i in you christ becaus our way is not his ways he tmpt us to see if we have faith God wouldent give us task if we think we couldent do regist
the devil and he flee from you God does speak if we only listen listen. in jesus name
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