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Arab priest targetted by Al Queda for spreading the Gospel

Father Zakaria Botros is a Coptic priest preaching the Gospel and has had a multi-million dollar price on his head by Al Queda and others.

Zakarias Botros

Why are the Radicals so enraged by this elderly Coptic priest from Egypt who is in his 70s? Because Botros is waging an air war against them, and he is winning. Using state-of-the art satellite technology to bypass the efforts of Islamic governments to keep the gospel out of their countries, Botros is directly challenging the claims of Muhammad to be a prophet, and the claims of the Qu’ran to be God’s word. He systematically deconstructs Muhammad’s life, story by story, pointing out character flaws and sinful behavior. He carefully deconstructs the Qu’ran, verse by verse, citing contradictions and inconsistencies. And not only does he explain without apology what he believes is wrong with Islam, he goes on to teach Muslims from the Bible why Jesus loves them and why is so ready to forgive them and adopt them into His family, no matter who they are or what they have done.

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Joel Rosenberg, 08/12/2009

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