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Taking faith onto the streets

Over recent weeks and months  members of the Christian community in the Highlands have increasingly been 'taking to the streets' to share their faith in Jesus Christ.
Regular opportunities are given to Inverness shoppers to receive prayer for healing whilst the Street Pastors scheme is taking local believers into situations which allow them to express Christ's love for the lost and the message of a restored relationship with God through faith in Him.

Over the Easter weekend Christian groups in Wick and Inverness took part in services of public witness. In Wick a walk was held through the streets of the town followed by an open air service: whilst in Invernes Christians stood in silent witness around a wooden cross at the intersection of High Street,  Inglis Street and Eastgate whilst others offered Christian literature to passers by.


At the beginning of April, Christians in the Inverness area bore witness to their faith as people gathered at Eden Court to listen to arch-atheist Professor Richard Dawkins.

Wick Christians on Easter 2008
Easter 2008 Walk of Witness in Wick, Caithness

Wick Easter March 2008
Open air outreach service in the centre of Wick on Easter Friday 2008

Silent Witness1
Good Friday Silent Witness (looking towards the High Street)

Silent Witness3
Good Friday Silent Witness (looking towards Eastgate)

Silent Witness4
Rev. John Chambers (Ness Bank) takes a turn to hold the cross

Alasdair Moodie on the street
Alasdair Moodie handing out Christian literature on Good Friday in the High Street

Healing on the street1
Prayer for Healing is a regular feature on Saturdays in Inverness

Street pastors3
Street Pastors are now going out onto the streets in Inverness at weekends
Inverness Christians outside Eden Court where Professor Richard Dawkins was speaking



CT, 26/03/2008

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John Parker (Guest) 28/03/2008 16:53
And very sadly but utterly predictably, some in official positions come (and are coming) against all manner of Christian ventures.
Penny Lee 28/03/2008 18:52

Sorry, but I haven't understood the gist of your post. Can you explain?
Peter Carr (Guest) 30/03/2008 13:31
It's frustrating when people with opinions don't follow up when challenged or questioned on something. It has been very prevelant throughout other threads also!

I wonder if it reflects in driving, hit and run?

Any chance in addressing this one Ed?
Editor 30/03/2008 18:16
I am no position to know how often site visitors check these threads / want to pay a visit / have something to say / wish to respond / are away from their computers /etc. - such is the dynamics of the on-line world.
There are a thousand and one valid reasons that can well explain nil responsese. And on some occasions less is more....

However, sometimes responses come in eventually.

The problem in our high-speed world is that just because messages can be sent at the speed of light, the tendency is to expect answers at the speed of light....
John Parker (Guest) 31/03/2008 11:00
Hi Andrea, like yourself I am sure, I am engaged on other things - so apologies if I don't respond immediately.

Sorry also for being a bit "cryptic" in the comment. Basically I am picking up on Paul's remark regarding the enemy: "for we are not ignorant of his schemes". (2 Cor 2:11).
My feeling is that what Paul is putting across is (a) the need to be aware of the tactics of the enemy of God and (b) minful of them in our day-to-day situation.

There have been - and are currently - various attacks from "officialdom" (some overt, many less so) on the Christian witness in the UK; and for the reason outlined above I don't want to post these on this particular forum which, I think, can be viewed by anyone visiting the site.

However, evangelicals in France and Belgium are finding that they are being classed as "sects" - and it is not inconceivable to think that this could not happen elsewhere. For instance what we would regard as mainstream churches are - in these countries - sometimes finding it difficult to rent premises.

I realise that what I have said does not explicitly answer your question regarding the UK, but rather I am trying to explain why I am not doing so (in this particular context at least).

May you be blessed.
Mark Hadfield 31/03/2008 19:10
Thanks for the encouragement Anthea.

And it's true what John is saying. There is SOME (thankfully, not a lot) thinly disguised anti-Christian posturing going on under (hijacking?) otherwise noble political agendas. I think our job is to just keep on doing stuff that seeks our awesome Heavenly Father for an outpouring of love power that is undeniably Him - the one who defines Himself as LOVE. When we submit to Him then both the witness is HIS and our own security is in HIM.

Editor 31/03/2008 20:19
It would seem almost "on cue" - see -
Penny Lee 31/03/2008 23:34
Okay, Mark and John, thanks for the explanation and I agree with your remarks.

My sister attends a small Baptist Church in France which, despite it's remoteness and lack of resources, has seen a very welcome increase in recent months.

God's work will go on regardless.
Penny Lee 02/04/2008 12:35
I had no knowledge of Street Pastors until I saw the above article and I'm so excited by this venture. I read some of what is happening in other inner cities too and I have nothing but admiration for those of you who go out into troublesome areas like this.

Not everyone can do this kind of Christian work but we can support you in prayer and financially. Please know that you are all being prayed for.
Editor 02/04/2008 13:08
And regarding the need for prayer and the sources of finance, the Street Pastors (and other ministries) are not immune from the influences that earlier forum postings have alluded to, and as recent events relating to the Inverness Street Pastors scheme have illustrated.
See -
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