Sexual health crisis in young people

Increasing consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs among teenagers and young adults is fuelling soaring rates of sexually transmitted diseases in Britain, health experts warn.
Source: Independent Online <more>.

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Independent Online, 15/06/2007

John Parker 16/06/2007 18:28
The report states: "Cases of chlamydia have increased by 300 percent over the past 12 years, with gonorrhoea up 200 percent, HIV by 300 percent and syphilis by 2000 percent.

"We applaud the various awareness campaigns for young people around sex, drugs and alcohol but they are not enough in isolation," said the group's chairperson, Baroness Gould.

There are several contributory factors to the above, but the moral bankruptcy which is implicitly rooted in the politically-correct "personal choice" philosophies of health and education policies is a primary cause of this dire situation.
Peter Carr 23/06/2007 07:52
There are certainly a number of 'contributory factors' including Christians for too many generations refusing to engage with politics!

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