Creation Ministries International events

Creation Ministries International are holding two events in the Highlands at the beginning of March. One of these meetings is scheduled for Inverness; the other for Dornoch.

Creation Ministries1Creation Ministries International its own speaking staff whose role it is to go out to where the people are and reach them with the message of the truth and authority of the Bible, and its relevance to the real world. CMI have found that an extremely effective way to get this message out into the population in general, and thus to increase the number of people getting converted, etc. is to arm and equip Christians.

The CMI website states that its aim regarding those who attend their meetings  is to -

  • give them answers to the common objections and queries people have on these issues, which are some of the most frequent objections to faith in Christ.
  • show them how the Bible (and in particular its broad outline of history in Genesis, which is foundational to the gospel) is relevant to all of reality.
  • provide them with resources (books, magazine, DVDs, etc) to be more effective in their own personal outreach. The most powerful tool, we find, is to ‘link’ people to be ‘fed’ via Creation magazine, the 56-page full-colour no-advertising family publication that is an incredible faith-building and witnessing tool. People who subscribe are automatically eligible to get our various printed newsletters as well, which provide further encouragement and information about what the ministry is doing.

The meetings in the Highlands are as follows:


Greyfriars and Stratherrick Free Church of Scotland
Balloan Road, Inverness, IV2 1EY
Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tel. Tel. 0143 714932



Dornoch Academy,
Evelix Road, Dornoch, Sutherland, IV25 3HR
Friday, 4 March 2011
at 7.30pm

Tel. 01408 621459

These are public meetings to which all who are interested are wamly invited.

 Greyfriars Free Church, Inverness 

 Dornoch Academy 

Christians Together, 24/02/2011

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Martin Lisemore 26/02/2011 22:15
There is no end in sight for the Creationist/Evolutionist battle while both parties are shoe-horning data, some of it spurious or unfounded, to fit their side of the battle.

Both parties positions appear to me tantamount to lying about God.

They're braver men than me.
Alec (Guest) 27/02/2011 00:03
This sort of debate can consume terabytes of disk space and make routers want to give up the ghost with the amount of wsted bandwidth. ... However, I'll say one final thing for the time being anyway...

Atheism, Deism, Theistic Evolution, Old Earth Creationism, Young Earth Creationism. (I think that covers the whole continuum) are all "positions".

There is one thing that can be said with absolute certainty about these positions. Only one of them can be correct. The rest must be wrong. They cannot all be right.

Martin Lisemore 27/02/2011 10:05
Exactly Alec.

All the best with networking protocols. I know a little about that!
Penny Lee 27/02/2011 10:31
You are absolutely right, Alec, in saying that only one can be right. I prefer to go with God's explanation.
George Orr 27/02/2011 12:59
Andrea I believe you hit the nail on the head, it is all about truth. For everything has to be tested to see if it is true.

Over the years I have researched all of the above options, logically and empirically, that Alec listed above and the only position that fits for me is that of a young earth.

However I will point out that I was saved by the gift of faith through the working of the Holy Spirit before I ever entered any debate about the detail of these positions, such is the grace of God.

I do remember clearly when I came to faith that I was profoundly disappointed that the Christians I came in touch with had such few answers to the questions that I had then, especially in relation to whether everything was created by God who has a plan vs evolution (that I had been indoctrinated into by school and the media) that teaches that everything came about by chance out of nothing.

Christians are called upon to have answers for why we believe (1 Peter 3:15-16) and this subject goes to the heart of Who, why and what we believe. To ignore it would be to disobey the instruction and in Andrea I think we have an example of that gentleness and respect.

Martin Lisemore 27/02/2011 18:02
George, by all means be prepared to give an answer, we must, but for so many people and resources to be consumed? This is not now just a battle between Bible believing Christians and non believers, it's become an internecine battle between Christians.

The Reformation gave us the right of private interpretation of the Bible. That we don't all agree is not a matter for such ferocity as has been witnessed on god TV.
Rosemary Cameron 27/02/2011 21:19
I agree with George Orr's last post. My God became a lot bigger when I stopped trying to marry together my christian faith and evolution and started to believe in a young earth.

Going back to the original comments about the Free Church, while it is not as broad a church as the CofS, there is still a diversity of opinion within the FCofS on various matters, including creation/evolution. Rev David Robertson is an example of that diversity. I don't believe the church has an official position on creation/evolution.
Alec (Guest) 28/02/2011 08:12

To my mind, the man in the pulpit is every bit a teacher as well as a preacher. To have a "variety of positions" (as David Robertson himself once remarked) on the Origins debate is to my mind worthless

Basically what is being said is that if you go to one of our churches you'll get position X of you go to another, you'll get Y or maybe Z

But this is little more than a tacit statement that 2 of those 3 are actually wrong!

This issue is too important and too relevant for that sort of theological "breadth" After all, conservative (are they still conservative) churches like FCofS claim to be very "biblical" and take a high view of Scripture

I suspect the REAL reason for the breadth and diversity of opinions on origins relates to the demographics of the specific congregations within the FCoS.

A trendy city centre minister is not going to put forward YEC.

A minister in rural Lewis will almost certainly be YEC

The empirical evidence supports this.

Trying to be all things to all men I suspect......
Gordon Leith (Guest) 28/02/2011 12:45
It is good that some writers on this thread have had their faith built up by examining the subject of Creation.

However - and maybe I am being naive and simplistic - is the whole question of 'How the world was made' becoming a massive distraction from the centrality of the Christian faith - which is Jesus Christ, his death, resurrection and completed work in terms of the means of bringing lost sinners into communion with a holy God?

Could it be that it is a device of the enemy of God to have so much time spent on debate on this issue?
Alec (Guest) 28/02/2011 13:15

It is a very good question. Martin has already alluded to this. The key doctrines of the Christian faith SHOULD be where the effort lie.

However, I dont think that the whole question of Origins is peripheral or irrelevant. We live in an age of serious aggresive secularism in the UK at any rate.

The Origins debate is one the many sticks used to beat Christians. When Christians say that they believe in a young erath and a 6 day creation, they get mercillesly mocked.

And if they go for another paradigm, like OEC or TE, they get accused of trying to shoehorn God into Science, of tacitly admitting that the bible is inadequate.

Besides the entire Christian faith is based on a model of Perfect creation, Sin, corruption, forgiveness, redemption and future re-created perfection.

Trying to fit that with an evolutionary paradigm is, well, difficult.....

I would argue that the reason that there is so much time spent on this subject now is for the "Polarisation" reasons I gave a few days ago. Basically, the Christian church in the UK is becoming increasingly fundamentalist against a backdrop of increasing secularisation

End result - major league conflict of ideas and a lot if having to justify one's position. A process which is NOT helped by having a whole smorgasbord of origins paradigms presented as a "wide range of views" all of which are acceptable.

As I said before, only one MAY be right - they could actually all be wrong.

Its maybe the Raelians who have got the right ideas!!!
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