Creation Ministries International events

Creation Ministries International are holding two events in the Highlands at the beginning of March. One of these meetings is scheduled for Inverness; the other for Dornoch.

Creation Ministries1Creation Ministries International its own speaking staff whose role it is to go out to where the people are and reach them with the message of the truth and authority of the Bible, and its relevance to the real world. CMI have found that an extremely effective way to get this message out into the population in general, and thus to increase the number of people getting converted, etc. is to arm and equip Christians.

The CMI website states that its aim regarding those who attend their meetings  is to -

  • give them answers to the common objections and queries people have on these issues, which are some of the most frequent objections to faith in Christ.
  • show them how the Bible (and in particular its broad outline of history in Genesis, which is foundational to the gospel) is relevant to all of reality.
  • provide them with resources (books, magazine, DVDs, etc) to be more effective in their own personal outreach. The most powerful tool, we find, is to ‘link’ people to be ‘fed’ via Creation magazine, the 56-page full-colour no-advertising family publication that is an incredible faith-building and witnessing tool. People who subscribe are automatically eligible to get our various printed newsletters as well, which provide further encouragement and information about what the ministry is doing.

The meetings in the Highlands are as follows:


Greyfriars and Stratherrick Free Church of Scotland
Balloan Road, Inverness, IV2 1EY
Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tel. Tel. 0143 714932



Dornoch Academy,
Evelix Road, Dornoch, Sutherland, IV25 3HR
Friday, 4 March 2011
at 7.30pm

Tel. 01408 621459

These are public meetings to which all who are interested are wamly invited.

 Greyfriars Free Church, Inverness 

 Dornoch Academy 

Christians Together, 24/02/2011

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Alec (Guest) 25/02/2011 10:47
So does this mean that the Free Church supports the YEC position?

David Meredith (on the old FCOS message board before it was shut down) has nodded in the direction of theistic evolution.

And David Robertson has made it clear he supports OEC (but a literal Adam and Eve)

So wherever you go in the FCOS, you'll get a variety of positions, on what is arguably, given the rise of neo-atheism and the faith / science divide, one of the biggest questions of the day.

Does the FCOS not actually HAVE an official position? I thought they subscribed to the WCF which I am pretty sure takesa YEC / 6 day creation position

Would someone from the FCOS care to comment?

Rosemary Cameron 25/02/2011 22:41
EEK! Too many TLAs! (Not to mention the FLA.) Definitions please!

EEK - expression of horror
TLA - three letter acronym
FLA - four letter acronym
Penny Lee 25/02/2011 22:50
Yes - it was a bit like the Two Ronnies 'M N X" (Ham & Eggs) sketch!!
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