Electioneering and its implications for outreach

In a wide-ranging interview Murdo Murray, who stood as an Independent Christian candidate in the 2010 General Election gives a post-election view on his experience on the campaign trail.

Murdo Murray1Having stood as a candidate with the Scottish Christian Party in the 2007 elections for the Scottish Parliament, Murdo Murray stood as an Indepedent in his native Western Isles during the recent General Election of 2010.

The vote put him into third place behind the Labour and SNP candidates, beating the Lib-Dems and the Conservatives.

In a wide-ranging interview Murdo speaks about what he found on the hustings, and as he travelled and spoke to those in the constituency. He covers issues for both the church and society from a personal perspective.

There are matters in the interview which have implications for Christians and the church at corporate and personal level in terms of prayer, outreach and pastoral care in a post-church society which is, in places, very needy.

The former Technical Director for the Western Isles speaks of the issues that he found as he knocked on doors, and discovered needs which were beyond his own personal experience in growing up in what he called a 'sheltered environment'.

In the post-election scene, Murdo responds to the question: 'Where to now?'

In his response he speaks about 'joined-up' prayer, the need for a move of God in the power of the Spirit.

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Murdo Murray / Christians Together, 12/05/2010

Peter Carr 13/05/2010 18:16
Thank you for your candid thoughts Murdo. It has been my concern since 2007 that the SCP, and maybe even independant Christian candidates are being too ambitious by setting their sights on Hollyrood and Westminster, when there is so much that needs to be done at a local level in our land, that seemed to me to be confirmed in your interview.

christine baird (Guest) 17/05/2010 15:41
An excellent interview revealing much wisdom.

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