Palistinian Christians
I want to share with you a peace of sad news from the Holy Land that shocked all the Evangelical body in the country. Yesterday evening a young man from the Gaza Baptist Church was kidnapped by unknown group. Rami A’yad (29) was found martyred this morning, stabbed several times and his head was crushed, brutally killed.

NO body claimed responsibility, but all the news said that it is a radical Islamic group who did it. And the reason is his faith in Jesus and his ministry among our people the Palestinians.

It’s not an easy period for the Palestinian Christians; they are getting it from all the sides. Closure, denial of permits, unemployment and suffering in the West Bank and Gaza and pressure from the majority group of the Palestinians.

This is the first Palestinian believer who has been killed for his faith in the Holy Land, like Steven the first Martyr in the first century Holy Land.

We would appreciate your prayers for his family, his wife Pauline and their two kids, she is also pregnant. Pray for the Gaza Baptist Church and pastor Hanna Masa’d who leads this congregation.

Pray that those who are laboring among our people will continue to be bold, not stop rather continue to offer God’s love and salvation to all. John 15:7-9

Thank you for your prayers.
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Peter Carr 14/10/2007 12:44
We will be praying in Buckhaven BC
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