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Government on Trial Over Gambling Act
Gambling prevalence study announces quarter of a million problem gamblers

The Government’s new Gambling Act will now be on trial, says the Evangelical Alliance in response to today’s Gambling prevalence Survey which has confirmed that there are still over a quarter of a million problem gamblers in the UK.

The Act came into force this month allowing for liberalisation and expansion of gambling in the UK. The National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) and the Gambling Commission will now be working towards their next survey promised in three years time.

Tessa Jowell, when steering the Gambling Act through Parliament, said that any increase in problem gambling brought about by the new act would be unacceptable. The Evangelical Alliance pressed the Secretary of State for a baseline survey, during a meeting in February 2004.

Gareth Wallace, Parliamentary Officer for the Evangelical Alliance said: “Now is the time to prove whether or not the new Gambling Act will indeed increase problem gambling. The importance of this comprehensive survey must not be allowed to be undermined by the gambling industry and must act as a baseline from which the Government’s Gambling Act will be held to account.”

Wallace continued: “This is no time for complacency. Problem gamblers are not mere statistics. Both the Gambling Commission and the Dept for Culture Media and Sport have said that these figures are nothing to be proud of. With no reduction in problem gambling since the Gamcare report in 1999, the Government need to urgently provide more resources to assist those whose lives are being blighted by problem gambling.”

The Evangelical Alliance is on the Gambling Commission Advisory Group and will continue to speak out for the need to reduce problem gambling.
Evangelical Alliance 19/09/2007 17:08

Peter Carr 20/06/2008 08:12
Online casinos are a huge concern, particularly when they offer a free £50 bet, talk about putting temptation in a sinners way!
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