Prayer for Liam Munro from Thurso
Many of you will be aware of the situation regarding 16-year-old Liam Munro from Thurso, whose parents are well known to us here at Wick Baptist Church among other fellowships.
Liam has been fighting a rare form of cancer of the brain for some months now. His condition however is not good. He has undergone 21 operations among other treatments which have now left him exhausted and really just wanting to give up the fight for life. His parents Alison and Brian are also exhausted and obviously very distraught.

I know that a number of you will be praying for this situation already but I have been prompted by some of the members of Wick Baptist Church to contact as many people as possible by e mail to encourage prayer for Liam. We recently learnt of a situation in a fellowship in Aberdeen where a member of their fellowship was dying and not expected to last the night. Many people stayed up all night and prayed and that man recovered. Last night around 50 youths from that same fellowship (Deeside Christian Fellowship) got together and prayed for Liam. Many others were contacted by e mail to pray.

Could I please encourage you all to pray fervently for Liam. That God will heal him as he sees fit. We all know that healing can come in different ways and God is sovereign in this matter. Most of us also know of situations like the one mentioned already where God has physically healed people who were expected to die. So, His Will Be Done.

Could I also encourage you to circulate this e mail to as many people as you can who will join with us in prayer. Finally could I encourage you to get together in groups whether it be in your homes or churches.

If anyone would like to use the Baptist Church in Wick for prayer it can be made available at any time. Contact me on 01955 605826 or Geoff Oswald on 01955 605457 or any of the deacons who will arrange for the church to be opened.

Thank you in anticipation of your assistance with this matter and may God
Bless you all.

Willie Miller
Secretary, Wick Baptist Church.
Editor 27/06/2007 09:33

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