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Editor 30/04/2007 17:26
Iain Mair (Executive Director of Gideons) has e-mailed Farquhar Forbes as follows
From: Iain Mair (Executive Director)
To: F M Forbes
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 9:54 AM
Subject: RE: Gideon Presentation Bibles

Morning Farquhar

The cost of Presentation Bibles on the Cash With Order form is £20 each however we could look at a reduction in price if a significant quantity was being ordered. I don't think it would be unreasonable for us to reduce the cost to £15 each if 100 were ordered so you can use £15 as the figure for your comparative Bible costs. We have plenty in stock at Letts so getting them to you would be a matter of days.

With regard to these Bibles I don't know is you've seen one of the Presentation Bibles which Letts produce but the quality is excellent. In my opinion they are superior to what was previously produced.

Every blessing

Editor 30/04/2007 18:20
Thanks to everyone who has researched what is available.

For what it's worth, the best deals can be found on-line at http://www.bookdepository.co.uk (with the exception of Fiona's friend's offer of -

Niv Slimline Red Letter Blth Black
The best-selling NIV Bibletranslation in an attractive and convenient format featuring the words of Christ in red, Bible study help and dictionary/concordance
9780340785256 normally £21.99 Offer price £17.99 each (can be found a bit cheaper on the web - but not much)

The other options (and I hasten to say that I suggest no order of preference) are -

NLT Life Application Study Personal Size
9781414302591 £19.99 Offer price £16.99 each
Application Study Bible - hardback - with CD Rom (can be fround cheaper on the web)

NLT Slimline Ref Tu Tone Brown Tan*
9781414312590 £19.99 Offer price £16.99 each (can be found cheaper on the web)

Gideon's Bibles - £15 (a very recent edition)

KJV - a large range (see above website or www.bookprice24.co.uk )

Needless to say I have not held any of these in my hands.....

It may be (at this point) that each area will want to decide which version and supplier to go for (and maybe further research the options).

In the Highland area the spirit of the exercise is a co-operative act involving (again in no particular order) the Gideons, the Bible Society and the local churches - with the Bibles being delivered personally to the respective MSP, councillors and chief officials (whether or not they are "new in post").
Peter Carr 01/05/2007 17:46
Concerning Donald Boyd's comment above (30/4/07) saying that the NIV is not authorised - by whom is it not authorised, King James?
Editor 01/05/2007 21:20
An aim of the project is to try and be as sensitive and accommodating to a range of views and ecclesiastical backgrounds. If the Bibles are gifted by local groupings (in their respective areas) the decision about "which version" will be taken by each local grouping.

But whichever way, we would want to "bear with one another" - respecting the range of views.
Editor 01/05/2007 21:51
I had a call from Greer Johnstone from Lairg/Sutherland tonight (Tuesday). He is a well-kent and a highly respected Christian businessman - who is involved with the Christian community locally and nationally in a number of ways. He has been a Gideon and also a Highland Councillor (and he is running this time also).

From his knowledge of the "workings of the Council" Greer feels that there could well be opportunity to make a presentation at the first full meeting of the Council. But whatever the outcome re "Councillors", there are MSPs and local authority chief officials who will also need to be covered (presumably by local groupings in their respective areas).

I have asked Greer to "sign on" on this CT web site so that he can (a) come up to speed on discussions so far and (b) add his views and experience to the project.
Editor 02/05/2007 20:57
Eric Peterson (Gideon's Shetland) is now aware of this proposal. He is at eric@thepetersons.co.uk
Editor 03/05/2007 19:46
I have had the offer of a very substantial contribution to the "Highland" portion of this project. - which will probably take the gifted sum up to around the £1000 mark at this stage. Praise God!
Samuel McKibben 04/05/2007 13:57
I am delighted that this proposal is taking shape. I firstly think it is important that these Bibles go to the Councilors as a gift from the people that voted them into their office. On that count an organisation like the Gideons would not be the best. Secondly whatever choice is made re the version (but please make it a modern English version and accurate like an NASB) please make it of good quality with at least a bonded leather cover possibly in a wine colour and not a hard back.

Samuel McKibben.
Editor 04/05/2007 15:18
The Gideons are not insisting that it is a Gideons Bible. And the Bibles would be presented with a "plate" inserted in the front pages as being "from the local Christian community". But "behind the scenes" would be (in no special order) - the local churches, Gideon men and Bible Society folk.

The principal criteria for "which Bible" are -
* good quality (leather-bound)
* modern (but accurate) translation
* containing Bible helps.

Cost (although a consideration) would not be the deciding factor. However, "availability" would need to be taken into account.
Editor 08/05/2007 08:40
Alasdair Moodie adds a copy of a reply he received from NLT Bibles in the USA:

Greetings, I Am pleased to say you can obtain these Bibles in the UK. Contact Liz.Cook@stl.org to obtain ordering instructions.


James "Jim" Elwell
Director of International Publishing
Tyndale House Publishers
351 Executive Drive
Carol Stream, IL 60188 USA
Tel: +1 630-784-5396
Fax: +1 630-668-8905
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