NHS hospital hosts occult activities

Hope Hospital
LAST SUNDAY, 20th May, Hope Hospital in Salford, allocated a substantial area of the hospital for a 'mind, body, spirit awareness festival'. This event included a range of occult activities such as TAROT CARD READINGS, sessions withSPIRITIST MEDIUMS, NUMEROLOGY, PALMISTRY, CRYSTAL READINGS and REIKI.
  Many people have been astonished that a University Teaching Hospital, part of the Salford Royal NHS Trust, should be used for these psychic activities.
  Although some of the other presentations were comparatively harmless, considerable concern has been expressed by those who believe that a hospital is no place for these kind of dangerous activities.
  The event was apparently run by some of the members of the staff of the hospital and the brochure was designed and produced by the Graphics Section, Medical Illustration, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

E-mail report, 26/05/2007

Alec (Guest) 19/02/2010 09:32
One of the consequences of the decline of traditional Christianity in the UK (and W Europe as well I would think) is that this sort of thing starts to become more common.

Its the old thing about when people stop believing in God, they dont believe in "nothing" but start to believe anything

Which basically points to an innate need to believe in "something"

Atheists take note...
Christian Student nurse (Guest) 14/03/2011 21:26
Satan deceived Adam and Eve and he is still doing it to their sons and daughters today by what ever means he can
Peter Carr 15/03/2011 08:11
Surprise, surprise! Or is it, as this nation moves further and further away from its Creator?!

The majority (including institutions like the NHS) are falling over themselves to be pc. The true church never has, and never will be pc. Maybe that is why we are not so popular!

I would rather be right with God than the pc culture in which we live.

Psalm 91

"Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
George Orr 15/03/2011 08:47
I was speaking with a local minister and was informed that Raigmore hospital is now becoming 'difficult' in its dealing with ministers, by not readily supplying them with information on their parishoners.
Martin Lisemore 15/03/2011 10:02
PC has more in common with the occult than most people realise.

In more direct relation to the article, we have a major state school in Norwich, thirty odd miles away, which about three times a year hosts just such conferences. School children are encouraged to go. Bible studied are not allowed!

I've lived in several different places in UK, mostly rural. The occult has been flourishing for years; outside one northern town was a reconstructed temple where animal sacrifices took place. Standing afar off I witnessed doctors, civic dignitaries, shop keepers and mere mortals arriving on appropriate days in the year.

I realise the occult has always been with us, but now it's open and acceptable. Christians, we must look to the Lord, and Him alone.

Like Peter, I will stand with God, through Jesus.

Peter Carr 15/03/2011 11:54
"I was speaking with a local minister and was informed that Raigmore hospital is now becoming 'difficult' in its dealing with ministers, by not readily supplying them with information on their parishoners."

I have recently written to my local NHS board voicing concerns about how I have been treated for the last 3 1/2 years at 2 local hospitals regarding getting access to make pastoral visits.

They have tried to restrict me to visiting times only, which is not fair on the patient, the family of the patient, nor on myself when it comes to discussing sensative and confidential matters!

Despite the Scottish Govts approach to holistic heath care.

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