NHS hospital hosts occult activities

Hope Hospital
LAST SUNDAY, 20th May, Hope Hospital in Salford, allocated a substantial area of the hospital for a 'mind, body, spirit awareness festival'. This event included a range of occult activities such as TAROT CARD READINGS, sessions withSPIRITIST MEDIUMS, NUMEROLOGY, PALMISTRY, CRYSTAL READINGS and REIKI.
  Many people have been astonished that a University Teaching Hospital, part of the Salford Royal NHS Trust, should be used for these psychic activities.
  Although some of the other presentations were comparatively harmless, considerable concern has been expressed by those who believe that a hospital is no place for these kind of dangerous activities.
  The event was apparently run by some of the members of the staff of the hospital and the brochure was designed and produced by the Graphics Section, Medical Illustration, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

E-mail report, 26/05/2007