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 Deception: inside & outside of the church (Pt. 1)

Jesus warned that a hallmark of the end times will be deception. This first message deals with 'Penal Substitution' a fundamental issue in the Christian faith.

Christ on the CrossEnemies of the Cross: A Defence of Christ's Penal Substitution

Pastor Keith Malcomson of Limerick City Church speaking on the above subject.

This was the first in a series of online meetings on the subject of deception both inside and outside of the church. It was held on 16 Feb. 2023

In the opening verses of Matthew ch. 24 the disciples asked Jesus: "what will be sign of your coming?" In his response Jesus describes what will be in evidence in the world at that time: the external sources of the deception. Indeed most, if not all, of which he spoke in the first few verses of Matthew's account we can already see around us today. But of course deceptive teaching can and does arise within the church; even within the body of born again believers. And it is this topic which will be the subject of the meeting.

Further talks will (d.v.), go on to look at things like the New Age, Dominion Theology and the New Apostolic Reformation, this first Zoom in the series is on the doctrine of penal substitution. It will tackle the fundamental issue of Christ's atoning sacrifice on Calvary's cross. (You may remember  the infamous 'Lost Message of Jesus' when the pastor and author Steve Chalke wrote of Christ's sacrifice as being "cosmic child abuse".)

A recording of Keith's teaching on the subject of Christ's atoning sacrifice is shown below.
Note: You might find it helpful to have a notepad to jot down all the 'rapid fire' scripture references as you are listening.


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