The Troublesome Gospel

The Lord Jesus Christ: a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence.


The above is a trailer of a video based on an address given in 2008. It was challenging then: in the light of the growing attempts to silence the Christian voice, it is even more relevant today.

Troublesome GospelNote: The full message is instructive, challenging and inspiring; and is thoroughly recommended.
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dietrichIn our world which  desperately needs to hear the Truth of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the institutional citadels of 21st-Century Britain are orchestrating concerted attacks on the ability of Christians to express their faith in the public square. The video trailer below outlines how Christian believers should respond and what to expect. 
  (Rev. Dr.) Campbell Campbell-Jack in one of his Grain of Sand articles affirms what others have said.

>>> 'Grain of Sand' extract quote>>>

Throughout its entire existence the church has been in conflict with the prevailing culture. Instead of remaining in the historical stream of the church ever striving to challenge and change the culture of the day into a more biblical direction, the bishop thinks today’s church should change its beliefs to accommodate the prevailing culture.
  Jesus told his followers that the world would hate them because it hated Him first. Jesus was not accepted and welcomed, neither was he tolerated, Jesus was hated by the culture in which He lived. Had he gone along with the culture of his day he would never have faced the opposition of the religious authorities, would never have been crucified, and we would not have a Saviour.

The early church was the object of hatred because it refused to fit in with the prevailing culture. Early Christians were abused as everything from cannibals, they were accused of eating bodies and drinking blood, to atheists, they refused to sacrifice to the gods. Would [Stephen Cottrell, the newly-appointed Archbishop of York]  have told the apostle Paul that he should embrace the ‘normative and desirable morality’ of Ephesus and be reconciled with the worshippers of Diana?
  Through 2,000 years the church has refused to bow down and accommodate to the prevailing culture. The church has always been at its most faithful when it has been making waves in the surrounding culture. From the early martyrs to Bonhoeffer and the Confessing Church Christians have refused to adopt the morality of the age. Many have paid a high price for doing so. In places like the Middle East and North Korea many are still paying the price for refusing to accommodate to the prevailing culture.

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Mini 20/01/2020 16:52
I would like to know what others think.

I feel as though I am waiting for a sort of signal from God to go all out. Am I wrong? Under Joshua, the Children of Israel refused to go out and fight when God had told them to,and God was angry with them. So to try and make ammends, they then went out to fight without waiting for God to tell them to do so, and they lost that battle.

I recall Jackie Pullinger saying that she spent a time each day praying in toungues. When she went out into the streets, God directed her to the right people and they received the Gospel immediately. She said because The Holy Spirit had prepared their hearts, she could have said "tomatoe ketchup" and they would have given their hearts to Jesus!

On the other hand, the young Daniel Chand goes out preaching the gospel on the streets and people do come to the Lord. Maybe not total revival yet but has God given him an order to do that or has he just thought: well, I'm going to do it anyway?

The Lewis Revival, and for that matter the last Welsh Revival were almost entirely the work of the Holy Spirit.

Is the harvest ready now? Or will it be that when we are severely persecuted in the UK that we will have nothing to lose so we will open our mouths and we will preach the Gospel?

How much do we ourselves need to be prepared first? The Body of Christ in Britain is not used to preaching the Gospel to a society that has no idea what we are talking about. Society was pretty gruesome in Wesley's day but they knew what he was talking about even so.

Are we waiting for the Holy Spirit to come upon us first or upon unbelievers first?
Editor 21/01/2020 11:17
I remember years ago watching an old video by the revival historian J. Edwin Orr. He observed that one of the common features attending revival was 'Extraordinary Prayer'. This raises the (moot) question of whether EP is a pre-cursor to revival or in fact the first tangible sign that God is moving in that way?
In discussion with my late friend Rev. Alex Muir on this subject I remember him saying: "There is not a single act of Grace which finds its origin outwith the Father heart of God."
Joan Blackwood (Guest) 27/01/2020 23:11
Thank you for the encouragement. Bless you
(Guest) 24/02/2020 07:40
Is the poster at 7'33 supported by Police Scotland? s z mcclellan (Guest) 27/04/2020 14:57
Jesus is God john 8:58,10:30 hebrews 1:8 this world represents His law broken the 10 commandments 1 john 3:4 God came did what i couldnt fulfill His law in my Saviour Jesus God Himself amen eph 2:4-5 the goodnews 1 cor 15:3-4 2 cor 5:21!!rms 10:4 read John 6:29 and how this vessel believes amen 1 john 3:23 hebrews 10:14 for God dies to God...yet is I AM rev 1:18,1 cor 15:10 all is You Jesus col 3:11 all glory to you 2 tim 2:24-25 psalm 110:3,65:4 kjv alone Father may He open ones eyes 1 jn 5:20 s z mcclellan (Guest) 27/04/2020 15:02
actually amazing to witness isaiah 5:20 in real time in the lost US and bigots definition is One narrow mind why ye s this vessel is in Christ God amen amen now the last half of the def. is one opinionated that brethren is false my LORD Jesus is.........but the poster was profoundly half Truth just like this world under the prince shaitan ,lucifer takes "parts " of my LORD n Saviours Word and mixes with His Word jhn 1:1 be discerning brethren from th US in Jesus amen Father!!!!!!!

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