The Troublesome Gospel

The Lord Jesus Christ: a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence.


The above is a trailer of a video based on an address given in 2008. It was challenging then: in the light of the growing attempts to silence the Christian voice, it is even more relevant today.

Troublesome GospelNote: The full message is instructive, challenging and inspiring; and is thoroughly recommended.
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dietrichIn our world which  desperately needs to hear the Truth of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the institutional citadels of 21st-Century Britain are orchestrating concerted attacks on the ability of Christians to express their faith in the public square. The video trailer below outlines how Christian believers should respond and what to expect. 
  (Rev. Dr.) Campbell Campbell-Jack in one of his Grain of Sand articles affirms what others have said.

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Throughout its entire existence the church has been in conflict with the prevailing culture. Instead of remaining in the historical stream of the church ever striving to challenge and change the culture of the day into a more biblical direction, the bishop thinks today’s church should change its beliefs to accommodate the prevailing culture.
  Jesus told his followers that the world would hate them because it hated Him first. Jesus was not accepted and welcomed, neither was he tolerated, Jesus was hated by the culture in which He lived. Had he gone along with the culture of his day he would never have faced the opposition of the religious authorities, would never have been crucified, and we would not have a Saviour.

The early church was the object of hatred because it refused to fit in with the prevailing culture. Early Christians were abused as everything from cannibals, they were accused of eating bodies and drinking blood, to atheists, they refused to sacrifice to the gods. Would [Stephen Cottrell, the newly-appointed Archbishop of York]  have told the apostle Paul that he should embrace the ‘normative and desirable morality’ of Ephesus and be reconciled with the worshippers of Diana?
  Through 2,000 years the church has refused to bow down and accommodate to the prevailing culture. The church has always been at its most faithful when it has been making waves in the surrounding culture. From the early martyrs to Bonhoeffer and the Confessing Church Christians have refused to adopt the morality of the age. Many have paid a high price for doing so. In places like the Middle East and North Korea many are still paying the price for refusing to accommodate to the prevailing culture.

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