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Lance Lambert update from Israel

Lance Lambert was an international Bible teacher and speaker who lived in Jerusalem. He sent out regular updates from there concerning current events from the perspective of the word of God: this one he describes as 'the gravest and most serious' since he began in 1986.

Ed preface: The following message was sent out at the end of last year, and much has happened since. However the content is very important and - in the context of the upheavals in North Africa since - remains very aposite.
It is not a quick or easy read and the emphases have been added to assist the reader in focussing on the main points. However the whole message is pertinent and the Bible verses below are no mere 'token' of spirituality.

published with permission

Lance LambertThis Update now that I am making for October of this year, 2010, is one of the gravest most serious Updates that I have made, since I began to make Updates in 1986.

I want to read the Scriptures first of all, Psalm 83:

“O God, keep not thou silence: Hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God. For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult; and they that hate thee have lifted up the head. They take crafty counsel against thy people, and consult together against thy hidden ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent; against thee do they make a covenant: The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites; Moab, and the Hagarenes; Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre: Assyria also is joined with them; they have helped the children of Lot. Do thou unto them as unto Midian, As to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the river Kishon; who perished at Endor, who became as dung for the earth. Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb; yea, all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna; who said, Let us take to ourselves in possession the habitations of God. O my God, make them like the whirling dust; as stubble before the wind. As the fire that burneth the forest, and as the flame that setteth the mountains on fire, so pursue them with thy tempest, And terrify them with thy storm. Fill their faces with confusion, that they may seek thy name, O LORD. Let them be put to shame and dismayed for ever; yea, let them be confounded and perish; that they may know that thou alone, whose name is the LORD, Art the Most High over all the earth.”

An amazing Psalm written at least some 3,000 years ago, and has the most incredible relevance for our present national situation. Every one of these names that is contained in this Psalm is to do with our present neighbours and surrounding nations who hate us.

Then I would like to turn to Ezekiel 35:

“Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, set thy face against mount Seir”

Mt. Seir, in many ways, represents Islam. A Muslim who found the Lord Jesus, told me once “every time if you want to understand Islam, you must understand Esau and you must understand Edom. You must understand Mount Seir, stands for Edom.” Let me continue reading.

“Son of man, set thy face against mount Seir, and prophesy against it, and say unto it, Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I am against thee, O mount Seir, and I will stretch out my hand against thee, and I will make thee a desolation and an astonishment.
I will lay thy cities waste, and thou shalt be desolate; and thou shalt know that I am the LORD. Because thou hast had a perpetual enmity, and hast given over the children of Israel to the power of the sword in the time of their calamity, in the time of the iniquity of the end; therefore, as I live, saith the Lord God, I will prepare thee unto blood, and blood shall pursue thee: since thou hast not hated blood, therefore blood shall pursue thee.

Thus will I make mount Seir an astonishment and a desolation; and I will cut off from it him that passeth through and him that returneth. And I will fill its mountains with its slain: in thy hills and in thy valleys and in all thy watercourses shall they fall that are slain with the sword. I will make thee a perpetual desolation, and thy cities shall not be inhabited; and ye shall know that I am the LORD.
Because thou hast said, These two nations and these two countries shall be mine, and we will possess it; whereas the LORD was there: therefore, as I live, saith the Lord God, I will do according to thine anger, and according to thine envy which thou hast showed out of thy hatred against them; and I will make myself known among them, when I shall judge thee.

And thou shalt know that I, the LORD, have heard all thy revilings which thou hast spoken against the mountains of Israel, saying, They are laid desolate, they are given us to devour. And ye have magnified yourselves against me with your mouth, and have multiplied your words against me: I have heard it. Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: When the whole earth rejoiceth, I will make thee desolate. As thou didst rejoice over the inheritance of the house of Israel, because it was desolate, so will I do unto thee: thou shalt be desolate, O mount Seir, and all Edom, even all of it; and they shall know that I am the LORD.”

Now I want to read a few more verses in Exekiel Chapter 36:1-11,
“And thou, son of man, prophesy unto the mountains of Israel, and say, Ye mountains of Israel, hear the word of Jehovah. Thus saith the Lord God: Because the enemy hath said against you, Aha! and, The ancient high places are ours in possession; therefore prophesy, and say, Thus saith the Lord God: Because, even because they have made you desolate, and swallowed you up on every side, that ye might be a possession unto the residue of the nations, and ye are taken up in the lips of talkers, and the evil report of the people; therefore, ye mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord God: Thus saith the Lord God to the mountains and to the hills, to the watercourses and to the valleys, to the desolate wastes and to the cities that are forsaken, which are become a prey and derision to the residue of the nations that are round about; therefore thus saith the Lord God: Surely in the fire of my jealousy have I spoken against the residue of the nations, and against all Edom, that have appointed my land unto themselves for a possession with the joy of all their heart, with despite of soul, to cast it out for a prey.

Therefore prophesy concerning the land of Israel, and say unto the mountains and to the hills, to the watercourses and to the valleys, Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I have spoken in my jealousy and in my wrath, because ye have borne the shame of the nations: therefore thus saith the Lord God: I have sworn, saying, Surely the nations that are round about you, they shall bear their shame.

But ye, O mountains of Israel, ye shall shoot forth your branches, and yield your fruit to my people Israel; for they are at hand to come. For, behold, I am for you, and I will turn into you, and ye shall be tilled and sown; and I will multiply men upon you, all the house of Israel, even all of it; and the cities shall be inhabited, and the waste places shall be builded; and I will multiply upon you man and beast; and they shall increase and be fruitful; and I will cause you to be inhabited after your former estate, and will do better unto you than at your beginnings: and ye shall know that I am the LORD.”

One other verse, and yet another, verse 22:
“Therefore say unto the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord God: I do not this for your sake, O house of Israel, but for my holy name, which ye have profaned among the nations, whither ye went.” Verse 32: “Nor for your sake do I this, saith the Lord God, be it known unto you: be ashamed and confounded for your ways, O house of Israel.”

And now I would like to read just four verses from Psalm 121 that is very well known to many of you:
“I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains: From whence shall my help come? My help cometh from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: He that keepeth (or guardeth, or watcheth over) thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.”

In this Update, I cannot possibly cover all that has happened in the last three months. There is so much that has happened, and much that I could try to cram into this, but this particular Update is extremely serious and grave, as I have already said. I want to concentrate on these matters: Firstly, I will talk about the last great attempt of Islam to take the world.

Secondly, I will talk about the secret pact between Turkey and Iran, and the consequences for the Middle East, and for Israel in particular. I will then thirdly talk about Iran’s nuclear ambition, and fourthly, I will say something about the spiritual outlook.


Firstly, the last and final attempt of Islam to take the world.


The agenda of Islam, from the beginning, in the 7th century, of this era, has always been the same. It is that it will finally subjugate the whole world, and dominate every single nation. Islam means submission. A Muslim is someone who is submitted. There are, of course, and I have to say it, many moderate Muslims I know them. I have friends that are Muslim they are wonderful, decent, peace-loving people. There’s no doubt that there are many moderate Muslims. But the fact remains that buried within the whole, is militant Islam, and once the militants begin to show themselves, the moderates disappear into the woodwork.

Sometimes people say to me, Oh, but you know, I had a neighbour they are Muslim, but do you know that they believe that Jesus is coming back? Yes, they do they believe that Jesus was born sinless, that He was born of a virgin, that He was the Messiah, that He had a Messianic ministry, that He performed miracles, but He did not die on the cross He only swooned. He was, therefore, never raised from the dead, and He IS coming back after Mohammad. The fact of the matter is, you had the whole gospel, and the heart of it is torn out. There is no atoning death of the Lord Jesus therefore, no forgiveness of sins, and secondly, there is no new birth, because Jesus has not been raised from the dead.

One has to say, for many people who do not know much about Islam, it is incredible the expansion and increase of Islam in the world. One in every five people is a Muslim. By 2020, there will be one in four that is, one quarter of the whole world’s population will be Muslim. We are now, in my estimation in the third and final attempt of Islam to take the whole world. It began with the 9/11 attack. That was the opening shot of this third and last attempt, spearheaded by Al Qaida, and of course backed by the Taliban, and many other militant Muslims through the world.

The first attempt I have mentioned this before, in previous Updates was the Battle of Tours, in 732 of this era. Charles Martel, the grandfather of Charlemagne, was the man that put spirit and morale into the forces of Christendom. They weren’t born-again believers, but many of them they were not Jews, they were not Muslims and they actually were untrained, very badly prepared for the battle with the Muslim forces. The Muslim forces were far better disciplined, better trained and better armed. But the Battle of Tours went for the forces of Christendom, and the extraordinary thing was that Islam was routed, turned back into Spain and Portugal, and remained for 200 years in the Iberian Peninsula, before finally forced out of that Peninsula, into North Africa, where it stagnated for many hundreds of years.

The second attempt, the Battle of Vienna, was as late as 1693 of this era, and once again, a young man, Jan [John] III Sobieski, of the royal family, in the Polish way of electing their kings, somehow he put spirit and morale into the forces of Christendom, and everybody expected that they would be defeated, and that the Ottomans would take the whole world. If they had won, in the first attempt, then of course, the Vatican would have been destroyed, there would have been no Reformation with Martin Luther, they would have crossed over the channel into Britain, and taken the British Isles, and probably the Pilgrim fathers would have been Shia Muslims fleeing from Sunni Muslims, which would have meant that the North America would have been colonized by Muslims. It is an amazing fact of history to look at it all in this light.

The same thing was in 1693, when it looked as if, even in Austria almost the heart of Christendom the battle would go for the forces of Islam. It didn’t. Instead, amazingly, the Muslims the Islamic forces, were routed and fled so fast, that they left all their booty, and all their other things they had gathered in their great march across Europe they left it, and fled on horseback, back into Turkey. It had left an impact that even to this day, is still there, in Bulgaria, in Hungary, in Greece, in all these countries that were subjugated by them. Only by the grace of God did these two attempts fail.

We are now in my estimation in the third attempt.
It began, as I have said, with the 9/11 attack, upon New York. You need to note one of two things that characterize this third attempt at taking the world. First, the discovery of oil, and from it, the enormous wealth that has been produced. That is an enormous characteristic of modern Islam oil, and the enormous wealth it has produced.

Secondly, the enormous influence through investment. The oil sheikhs, Saudi Arabia, have invested in stock exchanges, have invested in all kinds of things they have even invested in football clubs unbelievably but it is a fact. The footballers wear their shirts for their airlines, and all kinds of things. It’s a most extraordinary thing. You take London Harrods is in the hands of Muslims and a whole number of other great old British firms are in the hands of Muslims. The wealth that has been invested--then take the cultural and academic world.
They have endowed universities, like the University of Exeter the price was to build a mosque within the campus. They’ve done the same with a number of other universities, that were, financially, in very great stress. The Muslims have come in, the oil sheikhs have come in or Saudi Arabia, they’ve invested, but there’s a price attached to it.

It’s really so interesting to see what has happened in this third attempt. It’s not so much a war, as money and human reproduction.
When you take, for instance, what is happening in Europe enormous immigration of Muslims into Europe? It is estimated that anywhere between 35 and 70 million Muslims are now resident in European nations a large number of them having citizenship in those nations. If they have an average family of ten, within a matter of 20 years, the whole face of Europe will change. This is one of the biggest threats.
It has not come through warfare or violence, it has just come, through it seems, natural means. Friends of mine in Birmingham, say that there are fellows are walking round with buttons on their lapel or on their sports [jackets] that say “2032.” If anyone asks, “what is this button you have? What’s 2032?“This,” they will tell you, “is the year we will have a greater number of people than the ethnic population.”

This is Birmingham. You take any of the cities, you take Karachi, you take Leicester, and you take all these other cities that have been overwhelmed, basically, by this. Now I’m talking about Britain, because that I know better. I could speak about some others-- Germany, about Holland, the Netherlands, I could speak about Belgium, I could speak about France where one in five people in Paris is a Muslim, I could talk about the Scandinavian countries, where there is a real chance of the loss of Swedish and Norwegian national culture. It is an amazing thing that we are witnessing. If Turkey joins the European Union, as David Cameron says when he was in Turkey, that he would throw his weight behind their being accepted, into the European Union as full members, then we will have another 70 million Muslims, plus more, added to the number already in Europe.

All this adds up, it makes you realize that there is something more. Why I am talking about this matter is because, really, you needs to get a birds-eye view that it’s a world problem it not just across the Middle East; it’s not just Israel. It’s something else. What is the thing that’s behind the very real, anti-Israel feeling that exists in many European countries and in many of the Western countries of the world? Why? It’s very much due to the money, and the investment, and the number of Muslims. We are not saying, of course, that every Muslim family is evil, and militant, and out to kill Christians and Jews, but what we are saying is that the moderates and good, peace-loving people retire into the woodwork, once the militants become evident, and powerful.

Then again, the terrorist acts, such as 9/11, are all part of this third attempt. We all know about them we know about 9/11--the 3,000 innocent people who died, as the result of the planes that were taken over, and everyone in them died. We know that we had the same problem in Madrid, in the bombing of the railways, or in London the bombing of the buses and the Tube, so we understand; we have a violence also connected with this, spearheading this attempt.

Then another thing I have to say about this whole matter this third attempt is the incredible I have to underline it.....the incredible blindness and gullibility of Western leaders. Anyone who dares to say something about this is immediately dubbed a racist. Someone who is against someone who hasn‘t got a loving, turning the other cheek that is, Christianity. But the fact of the matter Enoch Powell said decades ago, in the Houses of Parliament, speaking against the possible immigration of a whole number of people from Pakistan, from India, from the West Indies, he said, “If this goes through, this law, then within decades, blood will be spilled on the cities and towns of Britain.” He lived up to his name, Enoch. He prophesied. The fact is, he was shouted down, he was called a racist, a right-wing Fascist, and I don’t know what else. He was none of the kind.

Now we have the same thing with Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. He has stood up, to speak against Islam, and what is happening in the Netherlands. He was even denied entrance into Britain, the United Kingdom, as a result. Well, I find it incredible that our leaders are so blind as to what is taking place. [Ed note: see The Fifth Column and Feeding the Crocodile.]

They try to make a difference between Al Qaida, the Taliban and militant Islam, and the rest of the Islamic world, as if the rest of the Islamic world only just wants peace, and an ability to earn an income, safely, and justice in the country that they live.
The fact of the matter is very simple. We have, in fact, a deliberate attempt and strategy to take the world for Islam.

It is hard for Western leaders to believe that religion, or theology could have any part in modern life. For them it is all past something antique, something that belonged to the Middle Ages, or the Dark Ages. You don’t get influenced by theology any more, not in the policies of a government, or the way of living for a nation. But the fact of the matter is that Islam lives by its theology and is committed to its theology. And you may have people who are not very bothered by it; nevertheless, when the final thing comes, is a good Muslim. So the fact that we are now facing is colossal. I hope I have managed to get this very difficult subject over.

I want to say something about the Ayatollah Khomeini’s words. He was the arch-leader and inspirer of the Islamic Revolution the Iranian Islamic Revolution. Over years, he defined a strategy which is now officially adopted by Iran, and most militant Muslims. To take the world, and especially the United States, he said again and again, Israel is the stepping stone. He asked the question, why did Allah allow Israel to be re-created? And he answered it by this. He said: Because of the lukewarmness of the Islamic masses. When Israel is re-created, it will energize them, it will pull them out, like a magnet, and they will become shahids (suicide bombers). They will be prepared to become martyrs for the cause. They will be devoted to Allah and to the Quran. Then Allah will give them the victory. They will liberate Jerusalem, liquidate the Israeli people, annihilate the Jews worldwide, and go on to conquer the United States and the world.

He called Israel, again and again his favourite term for Israel was not Zionist entity, but the “Little Satan.” And his term for the United States was the “Great Satan.” His strategy was, there’s no way that you will beat the Great Satan, until first, you have beaten the Little Satan. Israel, he said, must be defeated, Jerusalem must be liberated, Israel is annihilated, Jews worldwide liquidated, and then the world will be ready to be taken over. Israel thus becomes, in the understanding of the Ayatollah (Ayatollah means oracle of God), that’s why he was so revered--in the words of Ayatollah Khomeini, the stepping stone to world domination this strategy, defined by Ayatollah Khomeini, is the official policy of Iran, and maybe Turkey now, with the new fundamentalist attitude in Turkey growing apace. This is a serious thing, because let me put it this way this is not just Israel. It’s not a threat just to Israel, or to the Middle East, it is a threat to the whole world, and they are blind to it. The Church is absolutely asleep.

There is one other thing I want to say in connection with this third attempt of Islam to take the world. Has Ezekiel 38 and 39 the prophecies contained in those two chapters anything to do with all of this? All the nations, mentioned in Ezekiel 38, 39, are at present, on the world stage of the 21st century. Cush Sudan, Put Libya, Persia Iran, and Meshech, Tubal, Roshall places in northern Turkey. This is beyond our understanding of the uttermost parts of the north it has to be Russia. It can mean nobody else. If you take Jerusalem and go straight north, you come to the Black Turkey. Then you go further northward, you come to the Black Sea. Go further north, and you come to Kiev, and further northward, you come to Moscow, and then further northward, to Murmansk. It could not be more clear in these two prophecies that this great power in the north, the uttermost parts of the north cannot be Turkey. It has to be Russia. But Turkey is represented by Meshech and Tubal, and Rosh.

So we have a most amazing thing and I remember when I wrote the little book, Battle for Israel, based on the Yom Kippur War, and the experience we had within it, I said, “If this prophecy has anything to do with the time of the end, something has to happen with Iran”. From being a great sympathizer with Israel, a close colleague of Israel the Shah, by the way, supplied Israel with oil every week of the Yom Kippur War without fail. And I said in that book, something will have to happen that will turn Iran into a violent enemy of Israel. It has happened.
Then I also it possible that something will happen with Turkey that has a relationship with Israel? Very much more a working relationship with the IAF cooperating with the Turkey Air Force, our navy the Israel Navy, with the Turkish Naval Force, and with our army and their army. It’s amazing what has happened over the years. The closeness of this thing. It has to change. We are in the process of watching it.

What does all this mean? I only ask this question. I’m not saying that Ezekiel 38 and 39 is about to be fulfilled right now, but what I am saying is this: I am not dogmatically asserting it, but I am asking the question, has it something to do with it? I remember in 1973, that the rabbis issued a statement that Israel is now in the run-up to the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 and 39. At that time, there was a lot of excitement about those prophecies, which has died down a bit, but I wonder whether it has something very much to say about the situation that we are entering.


Second matter: the pact between Turkey and Iran


Now I come to the second matter that I said I would deal with, and that is the secret pact ratified between Turkey and Iran. This was not officially announced. It has never been expressed in so many words; it was a signed pact between Turkey and Iran, under the auspices of the President of Syria, Bashir Assad.

The flotilla was the first example of this new understanding. The pact is very simple: Iran will accept Turkey as the leader, head and pioneer of all Sunni affairs in the Middle East. And Turkey will accept Iran as the leader, the head and the pioneer of all Shia affairs in the Middle East. Now that extends all the way to Pakistan, to Afghanistan, right across, again to the countries that are neighbours to Israel. It is serious immensely grave humanly speaking, an alliance between the two most powerful Muslim states in the Middle East.

I have to say, you need to take real account of this, because it will have very much influence and consequence in the days that lie ahead. An alliance, between these two, as I’ve just said most powerful Muslim states in the Middle East will have very grave and serious consequences for the Middle East.
The objective is to create a new Caliphate. I’m not sure that most of the Western leaders have any idea because once again, the Caliphate is something theological to do with Islamic life and the whole outlook of Islam on salvation, and having a right relationship with Allah. The objective is to create a new Caliphate, like the old one, under the Ottomans that lasted 400 years.
This again, in itself could have very, very serious consequences. If these two powerful Muslim states do not fall out, but continue to cooperate in joint strategies, they will have Israel like a nut in a nutcracker. Only God will be able to deliver us. The flotilla, and more to follow, is not so serious as the alliance, and possible joint strategy of these two non-Arab nations. This is a most, as I have said, serious development in the Middle East, and may have very grave consequences. Pray.


The third thing I want to mention is Iran’s nuclear ambitions.


There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, about Iran’s nuclear strategy. She is pursuing it whilst the nations dither whilst they talk about those sanctions, and this, that and the other, she is just quietly going on, with Russian help in her pursuit of a nuclear device. They intend to fulfill the Ayatollah Khomeini’s strategy. Why do you think Iran is so interested in a nuclear bomb, or nuclear bombs? Why is she so interested in the missiles, and rockets that could carry nuclear warheads? For the simple fact that the Ayatollah Khomeini said that Israel is the stepping stone to world domination. They believe that they have to remove Israel from the world map wipe it off the world map, knock it down, as they call Ahmadinejad has a “rotten tree.” They have to do that, in order that the overall, supreme objective, which is world domination, be fulfilled.

So, if you have followed what I have said, about this third attempt of Islam to take the world, Iran is absolutely faithful to Khomeini’s strategy, following it step by step whether the nations scream and shout or whatever put sanctions on them, they just quietly go on.


The Spiritual Outlook


That brings me to talk a little bit about the spiritual outlook. What a wonderful word that is in Psalm 121. He beholds (always underline these “beholds.” The Lord is drawing attention to something)
“Behold, He that keepeth Israel, neither slumbers nor sleeps.”

He doesn’t doze off. He does not sort of fall into a little sleep and not notice what is happening. He neither slumbers nor falls into a deep sleep. That has to be of immense comfort to Israel, and to those who know the Lord and trust Him in Israel. The Psalmist says, in that incredible psalm:
“I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains; from whence shall my help come?”

In the ancient days, Jerusalem had to watch carefully, to see if the help came always, generally through the mountains. So they were waiting for the first sign of the relief... armies, or whatever, coming to the help of Jerusalem. But the Psalmist says;
“from whence shall my help come? My help cometh from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.”

In other words, the help of Israel, again and again, is Divine. It’s only when the Lord steps in that Israel is delivered. And we are in precisely that kind of situation now. We need something to happen I have no doubt about the Lord’s anger, or His fury over the division of His Land, over the contradiction of the covenant that He made with Abraham and with the forefathers. I have no doubt about it at all I have no doubt about the judgments that will fall upon the United States, in particular, and the United Kingdom, and the European Union, Russia, for the goal that they are pursuing.

The fact is that God’s counsel is immutable. It’s a wonderful word. It cannot be transmuted, it cannot be changed, it cannot be recast, or reinvented, or reinterpreted. When He made a covenant, the conditions of that covenant remained. That’s why He called it “an everlasting covenant” throughout their generations whilst there is a generation of the seed of Abraham, physically the physical seed of Abraham, through Isaac, not Ishmael, through Jacob, not Esau on the face of this earth, this covenant, 4,000 years old, is relevant, operative, functional. And that means that the only help that can deliver us is Divine. It is the help of the Lord God the Almighty. That has to be of immense comfort to us.
Did you notice in the passages that I read that incredible 83rd Psalm, speaking about these nations that have come together, they take counsel together, they devise a strategy what is it for? It is to destroy Israel that her name may be no more in remembrance.
It’s absolutely like a newspaper heading...I mean, it’s so relevant so absolutely and exactly precise, as to what is happening in the world at present. I find it immensely interesting, because if you look right through that psalm, the Lord says He will do all this that they may seek Thy name. So it is not just to destroy the Muslim, or Islamic nations, but that they might come to the Lord. It is a very interesting fact that there are more Muslims coming to the Lord, today, than at any single time, since the inception of Islam, in the 7th century. That is an amazing fact.

I wish some of those missionaries I knew when I was young, were still here on the earth, because they could count on their hands, those who found the Lord through their lifetime of ministry. But they all said the same thing, It will come. A huge harvest will come in the end, from Islam. But those that do not come, if you read on in that psalm, it says the Lord will destroy. I find that very interesting. Then did you notice Ezekiel 35? Did you notice what it says about Edom, about Mount Seir that it wants to possess the habitations of God? That it wants to possess the mountains of Israel, and to say they are for our possession? That’s exactly what is happening. Let’s make no mistake about this. The fact of the matter is that they talk about a peace conference, but in the end, they want us dead. The only thing that will satisfy them is our demoralization, and our annihilation. It’s no good I mean people say, Oh, what a dark person to have these ideas in his head that these people giving all this time. I’ve no doubt that George Mitchell is trying to do good; I’ve no doubt that Hilary Clinton is trying to do good, but I have also no doubt about it, that the PLO executive wants us dead; that the Arab League wants us dead. The only thing that will ever satisfy them is when Israel is no more.

What does God say in Ezekiel? Again and again He says, HE will arise, HE will come to the deliverance of Israel. I find that very, very comforting, especially when you come to Ezekiel 36 and the Lord says there about the cities being rebuilt, and the towns being rebuilt, and man and beast being marvellously increased and multiplied exactly what has happened.

It is amazing to me. We are reaching now a crescendo in this thing. The so-called issue of the settlements the BBC always refers to it as occupied territory. Occupied by whom? A good point. I think that the Palestinians have occupied quite a bit of this country. The Israeli title deeds are found within the Bible, and we can only outline this. So I find it very interesting when people say, well, you know, isn’t there a lot of sin in Israel...a lot of rejection of the Messiah, a lot of secularism, a lot of refusal to believe in God? Yes, there is, and interestingly, when the Lord said about the fulfillment of His immutable counsel, in Ezekiel 35 and 36, He says:

“I did not do this for your sake, O house of Israel, but for my holy Name’s sake.”

And twice he underlines this. In other words, the Lord is saying, I’m not basing what I’m doing in the defence of Israel, and the deliverance of Israel, upon how good Israel is. I’m basing it on my holy name. In other words, God has a purpose; He has articulated it, made it clear, and is standing firm in the support of that purpose, and the fulfillment of it.

I find this all very interesting. I think that Israel (if I may say something in beginning to close) will be the breaking of Islam. You say, That’s impossible! There are 30 Muslim nations in the world at least, and some of them large and strong. Pakistan has the bomb; before long Iran will have the bomb. You are telling us that the Lord will break the back of Islam, on little Israel--seven and a half million people, in a postage-stamp of territory, surrounded by hundreds of millions of Muslims, and hundreds of millions of miles of Islamic country? Yes, I am saying it.

The Lord will take little Israel and confound the Ayatollah Khomeini’s strategy. They will come against us, they will probably come against us with even nuclear devices, chemical devices, biological devices, and the Lord will, in some incredible way, deliver Israel. I’m not saying that Israel will not suffer. I’m just saying that He will deliver her. Why is that so? Because it’s all something to do with the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose. That purpose of the Lord can never be fulfilled without the natural branches being grafted back into their own olive tree.

So as I see it, we have something here incredible. God will take little Israel, and use her to defeat Islam’s third attempt at domination of the world. That will leave a vacuum which the anti-Christ will fill, and the last stage of God’s purpose will be fulfilled in the coming of the Messiah. I don’t have too much doubt about this, and I don’t have any fear. Now I’ve lived in war all my life, so it doesn’t really, in one sense, I suppose but there are other people who have lived in war all their lives who are filled with fear. Listen, God is MUCH safer than the nuclear shelter. Why do you think the Bible speaks of God as a stronghold, as a fortress, as a shelter, as a cover from the storm, as a secret place, a hiding place? Why do you think the Lord speaks of Himself again and again as a high tower that the righteous run into and is safe? I mean, it is simply that the Lord is available for our protection, our security and our safety. We have nothing to fear. The most used term throughout Scripture is “fear not.”

I remember what I received, so many years ago, when I first became a believer. I came from a family that had no faith, as such, but I came to know the Lord, and an old, godly Sunday school teacher gave me a little booklet that I still have Daily Light, and in it he wrote these words:

“Fear not, for it is the Lord who is with you. He will not forget you, He will not forsake you. Fear not, be not dismayed.” (Deuteronomy 31:8)

That has lived with me all through the years in the ups and the downs. It is the Lord who is with us. We need to discover the safety we have in the Lord, and the security we have in the Lord. We have no reason for fear, but it is a very human thing to have fear and that is why again and again, the Lord says, Fear not.

So, may the Lord bless you. Remember the old injunction in the psalm:

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

Lance Lambert


Ed note: Test all things: Readers are reminded of site policy with regard to weighing all these things under the Lord and by His Spirit. 

Lance LambertLance Lambert, one of the most distinguished Bible Scholars and intercessory leaders in Israel and abroad, died peacefully on May 10, 2015 in Jerusalem, Israel at the age of 84 following a severe illness over the past year. We deeply mourn the loss of our dear Brother and Faithful Servant of our Lord Jesus. We also rejoice knowing that he has entered into the Joy and Presence of the Lord.

Lance's contribution to the Body of Christ cannot be measured. His deep life of intercessory prayer and ministry to the Saints in the midst of battle is reflected in the messages he gave us. He will be fondly remembered for that twinkle in his eye and his British humour when he spoke. He has encouraged so many to press on and pursue to a deeper life in our Lord Jesus. In the Words of our Lord Jesus:

Matthew 25:21: "His Master said to him, "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the Joy of your Master."

Lance enjoyed a worldwide itinerant ministry. Born in 1931, Lance grew up in England and met the Lord at age 12. He entered the school of African and Oriental studies at London University to prepare for the Lord's work in China. He studied Classical Chinese, Mandarin, Oriental Philosophy and Far Eastern History, but the revolution closed the door to his entry into China.

In the early 1950's, Lance served in the Royal Air Force in Egypt, where he learned many principles in intercessory prayer. He later founded Halford House Christian Fellowship in Richmond, England.

Having discovered his Jewish ancestry, Lance became an Israeli citizen in 1980.

Lance was noted for his eschatological views, which placed him in the tradition of Watchman Nee and T. Austin-Sparks. He wrote numerous books on prayer and Israel, including The Uniqueness of Israel.

Lance Lambert, 08/03/2011

Alan 11/03/2011 00:35
When Lance speaks I like to listen. It's a great article and having read through it I'm wondering at what stage I would have given up in despair and hit the delete button. However, we serve a mighty God from whom nothing is hidden and we know the end of the story is a good one but there are tough times coming to the world and worse for Israel. For years I have pondered the thought of how people are persecuted in some countries for being Christian and wondering just how it would come to Scotland one day. Could it come here and the authorities do nothing to protect Christian families, churches etc.? We know the verse, 2 Timothy 3:12
"Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted."

It has become apparent over the last few years that an Islamic majority in this nation could easily be turned against Christians, given the right influences and of course, the spirit of antiChrist would rise up.

Like Lance, I know Muslims who are just really regular folk who go to work and get on with their life and pose no threat to me. In fact, nice to a fault. It would have to a spiritual force in order for those folk to want to hurt me.

Anyhow, good article and even though we have hard days ahead that we shouldn't shrink from, we have a great redemption drawing near. Come Lord Jesus!
Alan 11/03/2011 00:39
"The fact of the matter is that they talk about a peace conference, but in the end, they want us dead. The only thing that will satisfy them is our demoralization, and our annihilation. It’s no good I mean people say, Oh, what a dark person to have these ideas in his head that these people giving all this time. I’ve no doubt that George Mitchell is trying to do good; I’ve no doubt that Hilary Clinton is trying to do good, but I have also no doubt about it, that the PLO executive wants us dead; that the Arab League wants us dead. The only thing that will ever satisfy them is when Israel is no more."

Yep, even though folk do want to do Good and some politicians have built careers in trying to solve the problems in the Middle East, the spirit driving most of the poltical activity is a satanic one.
'zei' (Guest) 20/06/2011 20:37
An alliance of Iran and Turkey to seize the Middle East, as described, seems not impossible.Iran might annex Iraq to make a Shia bloc, and Turkey take over the mainly Sunni countries. But this may not be so simple, (a) because practically every state seems to have a minority of the divergent sect, and (b) because the religious and other loyalties in Syria and Lebanon do not seem to make these lands easy to divide up between the two big powers and their blocs.

Right now (June 2011) Bashar al-Assad seems to have thrown his lot in with Iran. So, maybe, have his co-minority Shi'ite Alawites. Those in Syria who want him gone are probably mainly of Syria's Sunni majority. If Turkey comes in, then presumably Turkey takes Syria, possibly with the assent of much of its population. The Alawites may flee to Shi'ite Iraq or Iran, or get an adjoining enclave of Syria.

This leaves Hezbollah and the Lebanon Shi'ites, territorially isolated from the main Shi'ite bloc. Their loyalties are evidently strongly with Iran, but (according to this scenario) they'll be enclosed by Turkish-dominated Sunni territory. Turkey might decide to occupy their part of Lebanon, and make them comply with its purposes; conversely, Iran may claim Hezbollah and their places, and insist on uniting these to the main Shi'ite bloc by means of a land corridor through Syria.

People have fallen out over less. Misunderstandings and anger could well trigger off a war between Turkish and Iranian forces in and around Lebanon, involving Hezbollah and maybe other players, over the issue of what is being annexed or claimed by whom.

I am aware some conflict of this nature between invading forces does feature in Bible prophecy.I hope for the sakes of the people who live in these places, and of the fairly innocent young people who make up the bulk of any army, that it is the cause of the invasion that is shattered, rather than bodies and lives.

Gustavo (Guest) 06/12/2012 13:53
It is simply unbelievable to watch a brother in Christ, one who have His life and knows about the Lord's covenant in the New Testament speaks so many things as it was a fact.
You don't need to research too much to discover that this Israel he is speaking of is not the Israel of God. Lance Lambert is living in a zionist state. Please, research about that, as I do not want to make this comment longer. The restoration of Israel will happen after the first rapture of His people, not today. Today we are living under the era of grace. Could the Lord Almighty have 2 different hearts? He said to us to love our neighbours, our ennemies, to bring them the good news. God has only one goal, and today is through Jesus Christ. Do not use His name as if He was part of this evil agenda. Do not think that what is happening today in the middle east is His will. It is under His sovereingty of course, but not in His heart.
It is not our duty to support corrupt governments of this world. Both the zionist politicians and islamic politicians are under the wrath of God, because of their sins and their idolatry.
What we are seeing in Israel is an evil state, under evil motivations, jews who are not jews, who are idolaters, massonic, evil. Watch so you do not lay hands on something you do not understand.
You should reasearch more about 9/11 before you speak that this was an act of terrorism. Please brothers, I do not believe you are so naive.
May the Lord cover us with His blood so we focus on what is important. We should always learn what is happening with the world, of course, but do not in any way relate to them. The real Israel is one, the ones who received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The Lord will have mercy only on the remanent of the jews, the ones who will endure the tribulation, and that is it.
Sorry about the english mistakes, as I am not an english speaker.
May we have His heart as christians, to spread His news and His love and His new convenat, which is that all man should be saved, not killed or persecuted in any way.
Gustavo (Guest) 06/12/2012 14:14
This is just a quick video concerning the symbol of this nation your are calling "israel".

There is a mention in the video saying that this symbol became part of them on the 17th century. Actually it became part of them once the zionist raised up, which was around 1890's. Remember Leviticus 10:10 - "You are to distinguish between the holy and the common, and between the unclean and the clean".

Link to the video:
Editor 06/12/2012 16:23
Gustavo, much confusion exists regarding the terms 'Israel' and the 'Israel of God'.

There are four different 'seeds' of Abraham -

1. Abraham's natural children - all who were born of him
2. Abraham's special natural children - those born through Sarah, Isaac and Jacob.
3. Abraham's spiritual children - all who are born again through the Spirit of God through faith (and this includes those 'of faith' in the Old Testament (cf Heb ch. 11).
4. Abraham's unique spiritual child - Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us that the Jewish people will be gathered back to the land of Israel in unbelief. This has happened in the 20th and into the present 21st century.

It is no matter the nature of the modern political nation/state of Israel today (although it is the only true democracy in the region). The point is that they - in an unregenerate state - are still being and will still be used for the 'sake of God's Holy Name' (Ezek 36:22-29; Ezek 39: 27 - 29). And ultimately will be 'grafted in' again (Rom 11:25-29) as the 'natural branches'.

If God doesn't keep His promises to Abraham (Ps 105:8-11) then we can have no confidence in any other promises that He has made to believers.

Meanwhile we are reminded to have a right attitude (Rom 11:18-22) and witness to the Jewish people so that they might be 'jealous' for God (Rom 11:14).

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