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 The EU - the nature of the beast

The European Union can be analysed and debated from a variety of different perspectives - political, historical, cultural, economic. But it is only from a spiritual perspective that it can be  truly understood.
first published 13/12/07

 by Watchman

Strasbourg buildingEU In the aftermath of the second world war, political leaders - the prime movers being France and Germany - made the initial moves to create what is now know as the European Union. And the succession of names given to the growing alliance illustrates the progression in geographic, economic and political scope from the late 1940s until the present day.
  • The European Coal and Steel Community The ECSC was formed in 1950 and this act of bringing coal and steel - as the means of production and the raw materials for the machineries of war " - under one roof" was seen as a way of preventing future European conflict. The six founders were France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. However the scope of the ECSC was set to expand to become -
  • The European Economic Community (EEC - or "Common Market) The Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957, and this treaty formalised both the geographic enlargement that has since progressed, but also the huge expansion of scope to cover most spheres of commerce and industry. The term EEC was very quickly replaced by -
  • The European Community (EC). By dropping the word "economic" from its title the EEC (EC) takes an authority over all areas of life. In turn the term "community" was then replaced to become  -
  • The European Union (EU). Through a succession of boundary enlargements, the "Union" now includes countries from the former Soviet Union (FSU).

Successive boundary enlargements

In 1973 the European Communities were joined by Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom, followed by Greece in 1981, Spain and Portugal in 1986, Austria, Finland and Sweden in 1995.

In May 2004, the European Union expanded into Central and Eastern Europe. Ten new countries joined the EU: Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Bulgaria and Romania joined this year (2007), while Croatia and Turkey are also candidates.

So what started in the late 1940s as an alliance of 6 countries (nation/states) relating to the coal and steel industries has progressed to become something far beyond its beginnings. 
(For an overview of the geographic expansion <click here>.)

The Lisbon Treaty - 13 December 2007

The treaty signed on 13 December 2007 is a replacement for the failed Constitution which was rejected by the French and the Dutch in 2005; and - amongst other things - creates the permanent post of President of the European Union and a de-facto office of EU Foreign Secretary. Most European leaders acknowledge that the main substance of the constitution will be preserved.
(For more detailed information <click here>.)

Tower of Babel
Brueghel's painting of the Tower of Babel

The Empire of Europe - Babel reborn?

Babel2Whilst there are markedly different views on the philosophies under-pinning the formation, expansion and role of the EU, there will be very few, on both sides of the debate who will disagree with the use of the term "super-state" to describe what the EU has now become. What we are witnessing is the creation of a latter-day european empire.
Supporters see european integration as creating the climate for peace and prosperity. Others think differently.

Initially created in an attempt to prevent european conflict many now feel that the EU - in what it has now become - sets the scene and creates the conditions for future strife.
From a biblical perspective, many Christians - supported by the EU's determination to exclude reference to God from its failed constitution - feel that what is apparent is an end-time manifestation of the spirit of Babel.

According to the BBC the European Parliament building in Strasbourg incorporates a unique sound and lighting system which will cause the dome of the parliament chamber to light up as the volume (noise level) of discussions rises. The BBC report states: A lighting system made up of optical fibres is installed like a constellation around the dome of the amphitheatre, blinking more or less intensely according to the sound level of the parliamentary debates.

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Watchman, 24/05/2016

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Alasdair Moodie (Guest) 15/12/2007 20:07
Should we have a British Government that ought to set standards for all it's citizens, or a Government that sets good standards for all it's citizens?

By denying the referendum they promised, bearing false witness seems to be OK now, so does it mean we shouldn't believe a word they say? How can we, when legislation continues to flout moral standards that have stood for thousands of years until now? Yet the Word we love also tells us to continue to respect all human authority, even as they 'lose' all our personal records, take incorrect donations, wreck the funded pension schemes, go to war, then leave a human disaster as the Iraqis kill each other; it goes on and on.

People say our Prime Minister is a son of the manse, as though he ought to know and will do what is right. Even when he waved the Bible in a gesture to claim the higher ground, and score some political point against David Cameron at the Labour Conference, did he not indicate that he is better, and does no wrong, and is actually proud (his words) of his own achievements. Even when when his parliamentary voting record shows that by either being absent or abstaining from, or voting against virtually every important Christian moral issue since coming to power in 1997, we must continue to respect him.

Why? Well, we need to for the Lord's sake. We serve a God who's promises we can trust, and the Day of His return gets closer each day. But until that Day, we are not called to sit around watching. Our nation is stumbling and falling even further, because it doesn't believe, and therefor doesn't obey God's Word. We are called to be followers of Jesus, and this means we are not to be like that, and be believers of the whole Word of God, as it is written. We are a chosen people. "You are royal priests, a holy nation, God's very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for He called you out of the darkness into His wonderful light" (1Peter 2 v 9) We can keep on reading that chapter for more encouragement, and we find that He motivates more and more of us to engage with others in the corridors of power (but sadly, not yet in the Chamber). The day will arrive though, when many of us will see that voting for more of the same, is just prolonging the time the major parties have to dismantle more of the Christian culture and heritage our nation is built on. We can listen to those who voted for the Scottish Christian Party, and even better, come in and add to it and talk it up among your family, friends and peers. Why? We cannot blame anyone other than ourselves for the state of our nations demise. I'm sure God is dying to help us get ourselves out of the mess we've made of His nation of Scotland, but like a great and good Father, He must be waiting for us to get started. Well 6322 voters from the Highlands is a start, but it will take much more than that to get started. He is looking for us to turn away from our petty religious denominational in fighting that stops us getting started, and hear Him say again "Follow Me!"
Highland Free Press (Guest) 15/12/2007 22:39
Highland Free Press

Seasons Greetings


Ross-shire Highlands >< SCOTLAND
Peter Carr 16/12/2007 09:05
I suspect the lack of responses, apart from those who are political, shows that the Christian masses just do not have an appetite for this anymore. Nor do they, like many of their fellow citizens, have an appetite for politics in general!

It is easy for any political Christian party to wave the same bible that Gordon Brown waved at David Cameron, without realising that it also needs to put its house in order. Wasn't it Jesus who said, let anyone who is without sin...
Non-politician (Guest) 16/12/2007 15:45
It is surely good that God has His servants in all areas of public life - including the political domain. And if some are led to form a Christian Party so be it.
What we need to do is support our brothers and sisters in whatever sphere of service.
It is easy to be negative, it requires a bit more, but is much more beneficial to "build up".
Peter Carr 16/12/2007 16:05
Always being willing to speak and hear the truth in love!
Alasdair Moodie (Guest) 17/12/2007 12:05
Interesting post from the 'Highland Free Press'. Has anyone actually tested all that is written on the website?
paul t (Guest) 20/12/2007 22:19
I think this is a wee bit back to front - whatever we, the body of Christ models - the world copies: the beast is 'us'- a scottish christianity that allied itself to the power of empire - the british empire - and such a mix of jesus and colonialism - led the world to worship power and modelled a toxic economy - that caused the deaths of millions in india, africa, tasmania.. and even seduced us into handing over oor ane kids to the fires of moloch in the great war -

My experience tells me that the resurrected Jesus is far much more at home in His creation and among the poorest - wi kids ootside chip shops in scottish housing estates to community workers and artists working for change in the back streets of berlin -

in every nook and cranny of the global age - at odds with every empire - but especially the empire that disguises that has disguised itself as the church in scotland - in a thoosand wee sects - to the biggest denominations ...

europe - God bless her is copying us - God help her

we have to do a complete 180 - let go of our old empire dreams and get out into the rawness and pain and potential o creation around us - cities, towns, localities - into every sphere of life and work and art - including the political one and find a big heart - big enough to love some auld enemies and heal and create some solidarity between old friends: creaton, God and people around europe - to draw it back tae christ - awa fae the seductive childish dependancy with empire dressed up as God's kingdom - which his death umasked for all time!

we did it first - so we have to undo it publically - hearty honest judgement begins wi oorsels first - then we can say tae auld europe -

gonnay no dee at
Newswatcher (Guest) 21/12/2007 09:11
Continuing expansion -
Ron G (Guest) 10/01/2008 12:15
Have a look at what Vladimir Bukovsky says -
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