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The recently-formed Scottish Christian Party under the leadership of Rev. George Hargreaves is gearing up to field candidates in the forthcoming (2007) Scottish elections. The party is asking voters to 'Put your cross where the Cross is.'

SCPMost readers of the Christians Together web site will be aware that towards the back end of last year a new party appeared on the Scottish political landscape.
The Scottish Christian Party (SCP) has grown out of an organisation called Operation Christian Vote which fielded a candidate in the last General Election in the Western Isles.

The leader of the party is (Rev.) J George Hargreaves; and Mr. Hargreaves was interviewed last November on camera (courtesy of HCVF Television). The audio track of this 45 minute interview is available elsewhere on this web site.

During the interview brother Hargreaves stated that there will probably be two partys with the word “Christian” in their party name. The other being the “Christian Peoples Alliance”. The CPA has an “open membership” policy; to include people of all faiths or none.
Under the Scottish sytem of proportional representation, small parties have a good chance of gaining seats. Refering to the SCP logo, Hargreaves’ call to voters is to: “Put your cross where the Cross is.”

The SCP is fielding candidates throughout Scotland; and the top on the Highlands and Islands list is Mr. Murdo Murray - a 51-year-old consultant engineer and former Technical Director with the Western Isles Council. Meanwhile Dr. Sheila McLaughlan of the Church of God (Inverness) is to stand as a candidate elsewhere in Scotland.

In the Highland and Islands area, (Dr.) Donald Boyd has taken up the role of Campaign Manager; and is assembling a team to work with him.
Premises have been made available to the SCP team at the offices of Graeme Fraser (Inverness)

Graeme Frasers office red

The SCP is hoping to send party workers up to the Highlands and Islands just prior to the elections on 3 May. If anyone is in a position to offer accommodation to these workers, they should get in touch with Dr. Boyd.

Tel. 01463 796952
E-mail: Donald Boyd

Christians Together, 11/03/2007

Donald Boyd 03/11/2011 01:07
The Scottish Christian Party is fighting the Inverness South Ward by-election, details here:

This page needs radical updating; the current website for Scotland is

A new Scottish Executive Committee was formed on 30/10/2010 and has been operational for over a year, with details of its recent annual conference here

Peter Carr 03/11/2011 08:54
"This page needs radical updating"

Seems that if SCP are to make any real progress that it is not just this page that needs updating!!!!
Peter Carr 04/11/2011 14:15
(1) "A new Scottish Executive Committee was formed on 30/10/2010"

(2) "with details of its recent annual conference here"

(1) - How democratic and transparent was the process?
(2) - Really? How many attended and how well advertised was it Scotland wide?

weewillie (Guest) 18/11/2018 04:02
Wow, Peter Carr is absolutely correct,"This page needs radical updating".

I've been searching for a Christian Web Forum to sign up to however, the lack of interest in this page from Admim\Mods put me right off.
With the greatest of respect, Ladies and gentlemen, c'mon get your act together and update this page immediately.
A very poor advert for the "Scottish Christian Party" as a whole.
I look forward to keeping an eye on this page for a response.

Kind regards.
JL (Guest) 22/11/2018 20:32
This site used to be a hive of activity, sadly no more. I don't know why, but methinks the editor is either on an extended internet free Sabbatical, has lost interest, or more likely it is because he had an Orwellian tendency to stifle conversation/debate.

Editor 23/11/2018 08:37
I can assure you Wee Willie, that none of the above observations by JL are correct. In fact - in the light of an burgeoning international site membership - you can expect to see changes. However, in the midst of much busyness I do not give much time to accusations of Orwellian control; apart from deleting anonymous and spurious messages which serve as mere distractions.
weewillie (Guest) 17/12/2018 07:40
I'm sorry I took so long to reply, Editor
I appreciate your honest reply and I thank you for them. It has given me confidence to sign up as a member.

Hopefully see you around the various boards.


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