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Government and Police bias against Christians

Actions by the government and the police in the UK at both institutional and 'street' level illustrate double standards regarding Islam and Christianity.

The following video illustrates the double standards being applied by the police in the UK with regards to the policies and actions relating to public proclamation by Muslims and Christians respectively.

The composite video above relates to street scenes in London on March 2018

Ref: Police Standards investigation opened.

According to UK-based Barnabas Fund: 'In the statement the [Police] Commander further justified the arrest by describing the preacher’s activities as being “perceived as being a potential hate crime”. However, nothing in the eyewitness account or video suggests that this was the case.'

A preacher's response to recent events
Preacher Paul Rees of Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh preaches on the
attacks on public witness and how Christians should prepare themselves.
Ref: Hate Posters in Scotland
Editor 09/03/2019 09:36
Video of Christian street preacher goes viral:
jack (Guest) 11/03/2019 11:47
Crime is soaring on our streets, our society is breaking down - and it is said by some that if birth trends continue as they are, then our once stable ‘Christian’ Britain will be an explicitly Islamic nation in the next 20-30 years.
I used the word ‘explicitly’ in the opening paragraph quite deliberately, because sadly, in a generic sense, the majority of the population of Britain is already intrinsically and spiritually Muslim.
Intrinsically and spiritually Muslim?
Yes, indeed - let me explain.
What is a Muslim but someone who rejects Jesus Christ as being, or being any part of our Creator God and instead worships an ‘Allah’ i.e., any god, any idol, any icon of their own, or someone else’s human devising?
And since this description embraces all non-Christians with, or without spiritual/religious leadings (humanist’s reject Christ and worship the Allah/idol of their own human intellect) - then it can be stated, without hesitation that, as of this moment, the people of this country (the majority without realising it) are already intrinsically, spiritually - Islamic.
And the spirit of Islam is violently opposed to the Spirit of Christ - and so 'police reaction' to the preaching of the gospel should come as no surprise to Christians.

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