Islands Ablaze - Prayer Conference

Orkney Ablaze
The heart behind the conference

In response to a God-given desire on their hearts, the Christian Community in Orkney is in the process of planning the "Islands Ablaze" prayer conference for Spring 2008.
The conference is geared for the equipping and growth of Christians in the Orkney Isles but also welcoming neighbours from the Scottish mainland and adjacent island groups. Indeed the desire is that the conference will draw together praying Christians from near and far, and across the different Church affliliations.

Background and outline

The event has been planned under the auspices of Orkney Churches Together and builds on the 50 day prayer walk which passed through Orkney on 10th April last year. As part of this year’s event there will be a reunion for last year’s prayer walkers and a chance to see a premiere of the film which is being made by Connecting Scotland.

The programme

The conference begins on the Friday evening with an informal opening and closes on Tuesday evening.

A full programme has been put together with speakers in the morning and evening and also seminars where delegates can hear from people who have amazing stories to tell of prayers that changed their lives or changed their communities.

In the afternoons local folk can take part in workshops such as worship or dance while delegates from overseas may want to follow the tourist trail and see some of the stars in Orkney’s scenic crown.

An Orkney Ceilidh is being provided for recreation.

The venues

The conference is being held in Kirkwall Grammar School and will also have a programme for under 18’s to enable whole families to attend. The youth hostel has been booked to provide accommodation so that Isles residents can take part, and in fact the music for worship will feature Michael Harcus from Westray along with Jan Gordon and a range of local talent.

The response

Bookings are already coming in from Shetland, Sussex and all points in between (with enquiries from both Canada and Ireland checking re-fit timetables!). It is hoped that Orcadians will be sure to book as soon as they can so that local places can be guaranteed rather than having to turn people away at the event.

Special 'early bird' rates

A lower price is being charged for delegates who book before 31st January and all under 18’s are free of charge. Booking forms and brochures are available at the Mustard Seed or on the internet from the website.

For full details and booking form click on either of the images on this page.

Orkney Ablaze

Islands Ablaze can be e-mailed at:  And copies of promotional literature and/or interviews can be provided on request.



Islands Ablaze is being organized by a local committee and is supported by the ministers who meet as Orkney Churches Together under the chairmanship of Rev Tom Clark, of Orphir and Stenness Parish Church.

Connecting Scotland is the organisation which pioneered the 50 Day Easter to Pentecost Prayer Walk from the northern tip of Shetland to the Solway Firth culminating in a Rally of over 1000 prayer walkers in Edinburgh in May 2007.  You can <click here> to read a report of the Orkney involvement and activities. A follow-on meeting was held in Lairg at the end of August that year.

Fiona Cowan, 23/11/2007

Pray for Scotland (Guest) 02/04/2008 14:49
This evening Jean will be interviewd live on U.C.B. radio for about 15 minutes regarding "Islands Ablaze" in Orkney this week.

Friday will see the team in Orkney 4th-9th with Mari, Bert, Jenny, Jean & Ruth booked to be there with many others. They will be speaking in seminars, and on the Sunday in some local churches across the Island.
Ruth Kirkland (PFS) (Guest) 30/04/2008 15:22
I had the joy and privilege of attending the 'Islands Ablaze' Prayer conference on Orkney from the 4th to the 8th of April. Having longed to visit Orkney for years, I was especially excited to be going, and not at all sure what to expect when I got there! On arrival in Kirkwall I was greeted by strong winds, sun and a warm welcome.

We met in the local secondary school, which provided an excellent, flexible venue for the 200 of us. About 50% of those attending were Orkadians, representing a wide number of churches and denominations, and giving the conference a wonderful sense of unity and 'home'. The remaining 50% represented Shetland, the mainland and other parts of the UK.

The conference was a rich mix of praise and worship, led by Michael Harcus from Westray.; teaching from a variety of leaders; workshops, prayer sessions, prayer walks and free time to explore the Island.

One of the key speakers was Jonathan Oloyede, (Jonathan's surname, 'Oloyede' means 'The one with honour has arrived.) who was born in Britain, but raised in Nigeria. Trained as a Medical Doctor, he was radically saved from Islam in the 1980's, and now pastors a church of 6000 in London. He has a passion to rally the Church for the Great Commission and Transformation. One of his roles is challenging the Church to unite in prayer and is the catalyst for London's Global Day of Prayer, with a vision to see the whole UK saturated with prayer.

Jonathan challenged us on two things, to get into God's word and take it seriously, and to pray. Ps. 138 says 'for you have exalted above all things your name and your word.' (NIV) and Josh.1:8 says, 'This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall mediate on it day and night to be careful to do all that is written in it, then will your ways prosper and then you will have success.'

He finished by sharing with us a word of personal testimony from when he was first converted. God gave him 3 keys to knowing, growing and succeeding in God.
1. Come into His presence every day
2. Hear His word to you every day
3. Obey it.
If you will do these 3 things you will go far in God.
Ruth Kirkland (PFS) (Guest) 05/05/2008 22:48
One of Jonathan Oloyede's roles is challenging the Church to unite in prayer. He shared a vision he had some years ago, which really excited me, because it ties in with our current Prayer for Scotland Vision – Lighthouses of Prayer.

Some years ago, he had a vision of groups of Christians gathering to meet in 5's and 5000's to pray. As they prayed the Lord's prayer 'Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done...' it was like light bulbs coming on all over the place, and fire came over each one. Out of this came healing and revival.'

He gave the illustration of the significance of one person. Holding up a match he said 'Can this match set this school on Fire?' Even one prayer makes a difference. We need to rise up and begin to pray.

The Global Day of Prayer started out of one man's vision based on 2 Chronicles 7:14, 'if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.' Lighthouses of Prayer came out of a similar vision, to see our communities and nation transformed by prayer.

Like Jonathan, our desire is to see ongoing prayer, not just once a year, but day after day, saturating our communites and our nation, until we see God's Kingdom come and His will being done in our land.

It is time to take God at His word. If we will ... , then He will... God is going to change and turn around the whole of the UK through our prayers.

Ed note: See Jean Darnall's vision in the 60s -

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