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Legal Advice on Street Preaching

street preacherThere are many sensible laws which protect freedom to preach and distribute free Christian literature in public places.
In some instances, public officials have sought to restrict this liberty by misapplying the law. It is therefore important that Christians who engage in evangelism in public places have some knowledge of the law.

The Christian Institute has published information about these laws on its website. This includes legal advice from a lawyer given to the Open Air Mission. We have reproduced this advice with the permission of OAM and its lawyer.

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Miguel Hayworth (Guest) 13/01/2008 21:22
I am a street preacher and I was recently detained for over 1 hour in a police van, because some one took offence to my preaching.

Free speach dose not protect you in the case of offence.
Peter Carr 26/06/2008 08:08
Interesting article. I wonder, did Paul or any of the other apostles etc take legal advice before obeying God's call upon their lives?
Peter Colin (Guest) 29/01/2010 10:41
Paul and the apostles obeyed God even when it brought them into conflict with the authorities. However, Paul was aware of his legal rights as a Roman citizen and as the book of Acts records, on at least one occasion he used these rights in his favour.
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