Doctors speak out against vaccines

There has been a deafening silence from the UK medical profession on the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines, but at least some doctors in Scotland and Eire have had the courage.

The following video needs no further explanation.

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VFor a detailed medical analysis of the Covid vaccines read this article by Dr. Alistair Montgomery, a retired Scottish GP.
In his carefully written piece with multiple references Alistair poses the following questions:
  • Why was the EUA procedure invoked when tested medications were available?
  • Why are symptomatic people being asked to self-isolate and thus allow their condition to worsen?
  • Why are masks continuing to be used when their utility has been disproved?
  • Why are so many doctors and medical scientists who are questioning the mainstream narrative being censored, threatened and discredited?
  • Why are we being assailed by a stream of fear-inducing media messages for an illness that has a greater than 99.95 survival rate in otherwise healthy individuals?
  • Just what on earth are the medical authorities and regulatory bodies, the politicians and the media in the West doing?

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