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Mayor questioned on street preacher arrest

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been questioned about the arrest and de-arrest of a Christian street preacher and freedom of speech.

Preacher arrestOn Saturday 23 February, Oluwole Ilesanmi, a Christian street preacher and former dentist, was arrested outside Southgate tube station in London for ‘breaching the peace’. Now Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor has been questioned about the actions of the police and the treatment of the elderly preacher Oluwole Ilessanmi. A passerby who thought that a Muslim aggressor was going to attack the preacher filmed the event on her phone. The footage went 'viral' and according to Christian Concern millions across the UK and around the world have expressed outrage at how the preacher was treated.

Under questioning Mayor Khan conspicuously declined to say that people reading from the Bible in a public setting in London would not be liable to be arrested.

Christian ConcernFollowing the question/answer session with Mayor Khan Andrea Williams of Christian Concern gave a summary response to camera.
She stated: Sadiq Khan refused to provide assurances that Christians are free to preach from the Bible without fear of arrest on London's streets.

jack (Guest) 23/03/2019 10:48
No surprised here - I understand he is a devout Muslim
Mini 29/03/2019 16:58
He's not that devout. He voted for same-sex marriage and as a result got a fatwa issued against him!
JL (Guest) 03/06/2019 15:32
Evil days we live in.
Won't be long before Bibles are banned.
The days of free speech are over-quote hard-hitting Scripture verses on social-media-they get taken down!
At the local LGBT pride event, a man commented on FB "it was a march of shame" (true), and guess what-it was taken down! Only the 'positive' comments were left up.
mini (Guest) 09/06/2019 23:45
True JL

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