A nation under judgement

An overview of the spiritual decline of much of the church and most of the nation given at a ministry leaders' forum.


first published 13/12/2018

A Call to Repentance in the Nation

The Reshaping of Britain lo-reRev. Dr. Clifford Hill - editor-in-chief of Prophecy Today UK - spoke at a meeting for Together for the Nation in London in November (2018) as the debate over Brexit was raging. A book he has recently authored covers the spiritual decline in the UK since the post-war years: it has just been published (Nov 2018).

A sociologist and theologian, he 'bracketed' his address with the view that Britain had fallen – in nation and church – to a point which defies any political solution.
In a recent editorial he wrote:
"The turmoil in the House of Commons and out on the streets of Westminster is something never before seen in my lifetime. There is a simple reason for this: we are a nation under judgment. Since the 1950s, one law after another has been passed in our Parliament that violates biblical values and teaching. The final red line was the passing of The Same-Sex Marriage Act in 2013."

He emphasized at the beginning and conclusion of his address that the problems we are facing in our island nation can only be overcome by a repentance and turning back to God.
Spiritual Declension

trans-churchFollowing on from Clifford's address Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashenden gave a background to his resignation from both the Church of England and his position as chaplain to the Queen over the reading of the Koran in a Glasgow cathedral. Touching on the charismatic renewal of the 70s/80s, and the highs and lows of that period and since, he further spoke of our current political climate as being that of "cultural Marxism", or "Marxism 2.0" as he termed it. Gavin also covered the declension in the Church of England and the gender confusion (Gender Dsyphoria) being introduced into our society by social trends backed by government legislation and even sections of the church.
Note: The recording below includes an introduction for the benefit of those who are listening without access to this article; and also for those who are perhaps unfamiliar with the charismatic renewal which took place in the 70s.

The Editor, 20/12/2019

The challenges facing Christianity in the UK Rt. Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashenden
Dr. Ashenden was speaking at a 'Together for the Nation' forum in London. His talk focussed on the grave political and sociological challenges facing the nation and the church.
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