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Christians and Politics: a debate

With governments increasingly adopting policies and forming legislation which run contrary to the Christian ethic the question of direct Christian involvement in political issues is increasingly creating debate. What do you think?

Christians in PoliticsUsing the 'reponse' mechanism at the foot of this message please feel free to share your views.

Once the discussion comes to a close it is hoped to do have a Q&A session with some believers who are actively engaged in the poltical realm.

While the discussion is starting with – in positional terms – a 'blank page', some ground rules may help towards an ordered discussion: -

Ground Rules

  • Pseudonyms can be used if so wished, but if so please stick to the same one
  • The normal rules of grown-up civilised debate applies
  • The use of Scripture to support an argument is encouraged (almost insisted upon)
  • The discussion, while 'political' should avoid being 'party political'
  • The imperative to 'spread the Gospel' should be taken as a 'given' i.e. socio-political action sits alongside the need to fulfil the Great Commission.
  • There are other (older) articles and discussions on the Christians Together website which cover this whole question. These can be used for reference purposes and may be referred to. However please do not – for the moment at least – 'reactivate' other threads on this topic
  • Some CT site members are actively engaged in the political process. Any direct questions should be addressed to forum participants in general, although responses can be made to any posts by particular persons.


  • EO logo1Christians Together is an 'equal opportunities' site giving everyone the opportunity to find something with which they can disagree. Responses to this article should increase that opportunity.
  • The question/discussion of socio-political involvement (or not) sits on underlying theological positions which are themselves the basis of much debate.
Some site members who have expressed an interest in this discussion are natives of and live in countries outside of the UK.

Having said all that, you are now free to respond as you wish .........

The Editor, 28/06/2013

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