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Scottish Christian Party - Spring 2013 Conference

The Scottish Christian Party warmly invites all those who are interested in the Christian influence within the political realm to its Spring 2013 conference in Inverness.

SCP Con 1

SCP conf2

With no major elections in 2013, the Conference will discuss the SNP Government's 2014 Referendum on withdrawal from the United Kingdom, and the 2014 European Parliamentary Election.

Dr. Donald Boyd
DSCF0030Speakers will address the subjects of Christian involvement in the European Union and the debate Scottish independence.

Party leader Dr. Donald Boyd encourages Christians to attend:

"There may not be another discussion like this in Inverness in the run up to the Scottish Referendum. You are encouraged to book early for this."

Conference fee of £10 (to cover expenses and lunch).

Please contact:
George Tassie: Office Manager
Scottish Christian Party
14 Crawford Road
G62 7LG
Tel: 01698 536421

Further information about the Scottish Christian Party and the conference can be found on the SCP Website.


Ed footnote: Further articles on the Christians Togethere website cover 'Towards a theology of politics' and 'Christians and Politics'.

Kingsview Centre
 SCP Spring 2013 Conference - Kingsview Christian Centre 

Dr. Donald Boyd, 30/03/2013

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Guest (c.m) (Guest) 14/05/2013 21:10
"Liberal theology and it's proponents.....a lifestyle that is incompatible with God's Word."
Sorry you've got me there.

I feel you would benefit from listening to a memorable sermon by Reverend Kenneth Stewart.
On-line entitled "The Dragnet."
It may help you to understand more easily the sovereignty of God in election and predestination.

Sorry don't know where Guest at 20.40 appeared from. Not me!!

RF (Guest) 15/05/2013 10:47
It might be good for JM to be locked in a room with Bertrand Russell,Carl Sagan, A J Ayer,Joseph Conrad,Thomas Hardy and George Orwell. And that is just for starters. What larks as a bright new and interesting JM emerges looking wiser and older by the minute.
Editor 15/05/2013 15:47
"Sorry don't know where Guest at 20.40 appeared from. Not me!!"

If "(Guests)" must (choose to) remain anonymous then it is helpful, in order to avoid confusion, for posters to adopt a psuedonym. However anyone posting regularly is encouraged to use their own name(s).

Guest (Guest) 16/05/2013 09:59
Methinks the said J.M. could do with some sound theological teaching from the said " institutes of John Calvin."

He could begin in the Church of Scotland, under the tutorage of Sinclair Ferguson, Eric Alexander, Sandy Walker, Sandy Roger, Norman Maciver,George Philip,or Hector Morrison; the list is endless.

Fisher of men (Guest) 16/05/2013 20:00
For those of us who were unable to attend the conference, is there a report available?
Guest (Guest) 16/05/2013 22:56
Fisher of Men. Thank you for making me smile!

We could all head off to one of the many excellent churches that advertise
" All Welcome."
And guess what; the Lord will meet us there, because He comes to us and He eats with sinners, warts and all.
John Miller 17/05/2013 10:06
When personal insults are the only weapon left, defeat has been acknowledged. How easy it is to shelter behind the barricade of anonymity and hurl insults.

God's word stands and its truth remains as eternal as its Author. Those who despise it will give account of their foolishness to the Judge of all.
RF (Guest) 18/05/2013 11:28
JM there is no insult from me. Rather it is meant to be a light hearted attempt to tempt you into a broader outlook regarding big questions.If it has the effect re-enforcing your faith fair enough. Each to his own.
Guest (Guest) 18/05/2013 18:42
How can directing someone to sound reformed teaching and the institutes of John Calvin possibly be regarded as despising The Word of God?

That is of course unless you disagree with them and resist correction.

Augustine (Guest) 18/05/2013 19:45
Beautifully put.
Setting yourself up as some kind of oracle is not what God wants.

"The sacrifice offered to God is a broken spirit; God will not despise a heart that is broken and humbled."
Thus the true sacrifice is offered in every act which is designed to unite us to God in a holy fellowship, every act, that is, which is directed to that final good which makes possible our true felicity.
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