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Only one week left to respond to prostitution consultation

CARE for Scotland are inviting their supporters to lend their weight to Rhoda Grant's proposed bill to reduce human trafficking and prostitution. There is only one week left to respond.

prostitutionA consultation launched on the proposal by Highland MSP Rhoda Grant to criminalise the purchase of sexual services in Scotland has only one week left to run.

In supporting the move which would tackle the demand side of sexual exploitation and challenge the attitude that buying sex is harmless, CARE for Scotland has warned that commercial prostitution was fuelling the demand for people to be trafficked and exploited.

The criminalisation of paying for sex would reduce the number of buyers and the supply of vulnerable people into prostitution, CARE said.

It pointed to the example of Sweden, where similar legislation led to a drop in the percentage of men using prostitutes and created a barrier against foreign women being trafficked into the country for prostitution.

Gordon Macdonald, CARE for Scotland Parliamentary Officer, said: "We welcome Rhoda Grant's approach to reducing the demand for prostitution and subsequently people trafficking for sexual exploitation. Prostitution is inherently harmful and dehumanising. We encourage supporters to respond to the consultation."

Genevieve Galvin, CARE's Human Trafficking and Exploitation Officer, said: "Sweden has shown that criminalising the purchase of sex works as an effective strategy to protect the vulnerable from sexual exploitation, minimise violence against women and foster a more positive sense of equality and dignity throughout society."

CARE's website carries the comment: "We know that organisations which advocate prostitution are actively lobbying MSPs against Rhoda Grant's proposals. Please ensure that Rhoda Grant gets the support she deserves by responding to her consultation, which closes next Friday, 14th December."

Full background and advice on how to respond are available in a CARE for Scotland briefing.
Having read the briefing a response can be made through the Abolition Scotland web site.

Read more about the issues surrounding trafficking and prostitution.

Christians Together, 08/12/2012

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