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Scotland for Marriage say it's not over yet.

In a message to its supporters the Scottish grouping which has come together to oppose the introduction of same-sex marriage outline its intention to fight on. "Stick with us" is the plea.

Letter from Scotland for Marriage
Dear marriage supporter,

Scotland for Marriage1This morning the Scottish Government announced its intention to introduce a gay marriage Bill to the Scottish Parliament. This is in spite of two thirds of the public being opposed to the plan according to the Scottish Government's own consultation.

We are obviously unhappy with this deeply undemocratic decision. It is a disappointment, but the battle is not over yet. There is a long way to go, and the Scottish Government may yet be forced to drop the plans. There's still everything to play for.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has admitted that the plans do risk the free speech and religious liberty of people who believe in traditional marriage. She also admitted that they need the Westminster Government's help to address those problems.

Amazingly, having admitted that the problems remain unresolved, she announced that they are ploughing on regardless. It just shows how little they care about people who support traditional marriage.

The Scottish Government will hold yet another public consultation (this time on a draft Bill) later this year. That will present a further opportunity to underline - once again - that the Scottish people are overwhelmingly opposed to politicians meddling with marriage.

According to the Scottish Government plan, they will only start a gay marriage Bill in the Scottish Parliament if the UK Government agrees in principle to change the UK Equality Act to protect people who support traditional marriage. And they vow not to bring the gay marriage legislation into force until the UK Equality Act has actually been changed.

But that means MSPs will be expected to vote on a Bill about gay marriage without knowing what exactly these protections will be. And who's going to decide whether the protections for free speech and religious liberty are sufficient? It will be the same politicians who are now railroading gay marriage through against the will of the people.

Redefining marriage will affect far more than individual marriage celebrants. Teachers, parents, school children, foster carers, public employees, could all be penalised for their beliefs about marriage.

The campaign carries on. This issue will roll on into 2013 and perhaps beyond. There will be plenty of opportunities to make the case for keeping marriage between one man and one woman.

Stick with us, it's not over yet.

Scotland for Marriage, 25/07/2012

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