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Are you part of a small group?

It would seem to be the case that there is an increasing number of Christian believers meeting in 'small group/house church' settings. Are you part of, or aware of any of these groups?


Small group/house-church/small church survey
GropThe Christians Together website is currently undertaking a 'snapshot' survey of the increasing number of small-group/house-church meetings.

It is hoped to publish a short review of some of these groupings shortly along with some information and observations relating to how these groups function and the questions and answers that they have found in operating in a loosely-structured fashion.

If you are part of one of these groups (from 2 - 3 persons up to around 20 believers or more) please be in touch so that the wider body can be aware of your group and perhaps benefit from the experience that you have gained in function in this fashion.

Feel free to leave any observations you may have on the ''Response' facility (below); or alternatively contact the Editor by e-mail  (editor<at sign>


The Editor, 27/02/2012

John Miller 07/03/2012 11:42
My wife and I have been a part of the Mustard Seed Fellowship meeting in Well Road, Glenrothes fo five years. In that time it has grown gently, unspectacularly but encouragingly. Those who were there before us tell of meetings where six or seven believers was the normal quota gathered for worship. Now we expect to see anything from twenty to thirty at our services on Lord's Day, although the evening service may be less well attended some weeks.

Our mid-week bible study/prayer meeting is a most uplifting and encouraging gathering, regularly comprising about a dozen, but last week we were blessed with an attendance of fifteen, seven of whom were men.

If our story is one of success and I use the word with care, giving God the glory, the reasons appear simple and uncomplicated. Please bear with me as I explain this.

Those who gather, particularly those who are concerned to support every meeting as far as they are physically and circumstantially able, do so motivated by simple Christian faith and personal attachment to Christ. This is evident in their manner of life and conversation.

Absolute primacy is given to the word of God, the holy scriptures of truth.

There is a perseverance in prayer both privately and collectively. Our prayer meeting is an occasion to bring our worship, give thanks and present our requests in the Name of our Lord Jesus. This is done in a very simple, unpretentious but profoundly reverent manner. A lack of reverence in many churches that pride themselves in so-called contemporary worship styles seems to me to a denial of the infinite greatness of the God with whom we have to do.

We do not have a named pastor, although our list of preachers comprise among others a few retired "Revs". The variety of speakers from quite a number of different backgrounds give a balance and depth to the ministry. Over time those whose ministry seems to lack scriptural accuracy can be gently dropped from the list without causing upset or offence.

Additionally, and I would stress the importance of this, there is a modicum of good teaching. How fundamental this is to the prosperity of any church fellowship! Paul's ministry abounds with many exhortations to this end. Do we want entertainment or a message of social improvement or do we want the spiritual food that a deeper understanding of God's word will give us? The good works that God expects from us must flow from attachment to Christ and an obedience to His word, based on a Spirit taught understanding of His revealed will for us.

Finally, and once again I believe this is an important feature of any church of God's people, large or small, outreach. We have a Gospel Rally on the first Saturday of the month, preceeded on the Friday by a coffee morning. Hundreds of tracts are distributed before these occasions every month. Response from the surrounding community has been very, very small, but are we discouraged? Why should we be? We plant, we water, God gives the increase.

I trust that these points will be encouraging to any who feel a little vulnerable or isolated because of small numbers. Remember the words of Jesus, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them".

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