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Rising tide of 'militant secularisation' in Britain

In a speech delivered at the Vatican a high-profile Muslim Peer will emphasise her view that Britian and other European countries need to become more confident and more comfortable in their Christianity.

Baroness Warsi1Baroness Warsi, who is the first female Muslim cabinet minister, is currently leading a large ministerial delegation from the UK to the Vatican as a reciprocal visit following the State Visit by Pope Benedict XVI to the Britain in 2010.

In an article in the Telegraph she has written:
"I will be arguing that to create a more just society, people need to feel stronger in their religious identities and more confident in their creeds. In practice this means individuals not diluting their faiths and nations not denying their religious heritages.

"This is a message I’ve delivered before. But today I will be taking the argument one step further. I will be arguing for Europe to become more confident and more comfortable in its Christianity. The point is this: the societies we live in, the cultures we have created, the values we hold and the things we fight for all stem from centuries of discussion, dissent and belief in Christianity."

Coming days after a High Court ruling that a Devon town council had acted unlawfully by allownig prayers to be said at meetings, the Muslim peer and senior Conservative has echoed the words of Prime Minister David Cameron who said last December that the UK was a Christian country and 'should not be afraid to say so.'

While the British Humanist Association has described Baroness Warsi's comments as "outdated, unwarranted and divisive" she believes that the nation's Christian values "shine through our politics, our public life, our culture, our economics, our language and our architecture".
She is "astonished" that those who wrote the European Constitution made no reference to God or Christianity and she received "countless messages of support" when, two days before the Pope's UK visit last September, she said that the government should 'do God'.

Christians Together, 14/02/2012

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