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Lewis churches input to same-sex consultation

The Lewis Presbytery of the Church of Scotland has sent a submission to the Scottish Government Consultation on Same Sex ‘Marriage’ 2011.


 Martin's Memorial Church of Scotland; Stornoway
martins memorial1'The Church of Scotland Presbytery of Lewis whilst recording its appreciation to the Scottish Government for the opportunity to respond to the proposed legislation it expresses its grave concern and sadness at the proposed introduction of same-sex marriage into Scotland and about which it wishes to make the following observations:

1. The Presbytery of Lewis recognises the intrinsic value of all persons irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sexual, social or political orientation, religious belief or age.

2. It abhors any actions of violence, discrimination & intolerance against heterosexual or homosexual persons;

3. The Presbytery believes marriage to be exclusively a union between one man and one woman and is the only sexual union ordained of and approved by God, for the blessing of humankind and that to His own ineffable glory by ensuring the continuance of humanity through the birth & bringing up of children in a loving, family unit;

4. It recognises such marriage to the bed-rock of a stable, moral and safe society, the withdrawal of which will lead to moral and social instability;

5. It believes that the imposition of a law of same-sex marriage changes the legally enshrined definition of marriage and undermines the fundamental human rights of British citizens contained within Article 161 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights which clearly states that marriage is a union of' a man and a woman'. As well as Article 12 of the European Convention of Human Rights which safeguards for 'men and women of marriageable age the right to marry and to found a family, according to the national laws governing exercise of this right';

6. Nor does Presbytery recognise that there is a genuine grass-roots demand for same-sex marriage legislation to be introduced as empirically demand for same-sex civil partnerships since 2006 has been in significant, year on year decline from its zenith of 1,047 per annum in 2006 down to 465 in 2010. A reduction in demand of 55.6%i. In contrast to the steady flow of applications for marriage during the same period of between 28,480 to 30,881 per annum;

7. The Presbytery of Lewis respectfully urges the Scottish Government to rescind its proposals for the introduction of same-sex marriage for the moral good, safety and blessedness of our nation clearly seen in the bible.'

Earlier this year the Lewis Presbytery urged its ministers, elders and members to remain in the Church of Scotland in the wake of the denomination allowing homosexual clergy to remain in office.
In a statement to congregations on Sunday, 19 June 2011 the Presbytery said:
"The Presbytery, while recognising the strength of feeling engendered by the outcome of the debate at this year's General Assembly on the Report of the Special Commission on Same Sex Relationships and the Ministry, urges all Kirk Sessions and congregations within its bounds to remain united within the Church of Scotland during this forthcoming period."

Christians Together/Lewis Presbytery, 28/11/2011

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Editor 28/11/2011 20:14
Lewis Presbytery has just done what any other church (or group of churches) is able to do i.e. write to the Scottish government and send a copy to the media (with no guarantee that it will be printed).

At a '121' level the C of S has said that is going to wait until the after the consultation before saying anything publicly. (Eh?) And this has probably been a spur to the churches in Lewis to say something before the 9th.
Alisdair Smith 28/11/2011 20:15
121 George street are not going to respond, therefore the presbytaries have to go it alone and their voice is disjointed and weakened, as a result. It will be interesting to see how many respond and what those responses are. It will be logical to conclude that many will not be able to come to a majority decision and so no response will be forthcoming.

In one of the biggest public square issues in a generation, the national Church of Scotland disqualifies itself by a scandalous silence and by so doing, follows society into darkness.
Peter Carr 28/11/2011 20:17
OK, thanks :-)
Alisdair Smith 30/11/2011 13:06
It appears we may have spoken too soon about the Church of Scotlan's entry into this debate. Quote from their spokesperson on their official facebook page:

"The Church of Scotland has stated it will give a full response to the Scottish Government Consultation on “The Registration of Civil Partnerships Same Sex Marriage” well within the 14 week consultation period. Once we have submitted it we shall be publicising what it says. Watch our website for details."
william (Guest) 03/12/2011 09:09
It might be good to publish at least a summary of the Church of Scotland's response to the Government's Consultation on same sex marriage - it is reasonably substantive.
As your site has indicated over many months there is great concern within CoS over this issue, but at least at this point in time, providentially, I'm sure, the Kirk has taken a very positive position, from a biblical perspective - even the role of CoS's subordinate standards got a mention!
The response should also help to clarify where we are at present on this matter in CoS, in contrast to some of the views being placarded to a confused membership, and indeed nation, from some within the evangelical spectrum.
heather (Guest) 15/12/2011 16:24
continue to take your stand.we are behind you in prayer
A Christian (Guest) 08/01/2012 22:24
Had the CoS rooted out Freemasonry in 1989 when the call was made, the present issue would not now have come to pass.

While the evil of Freemasonry continues unabated and hand-in-hand within any of the groups calling themselves 'churches', what seems a difficult and troublesome time now to them, will be seen to be a minor thing compared to what will follow.

Writing to the parliament and 'making a stand' is vanity and fruitless while the congregations, the moderators and the assembly continue to enjoy the fellowship with those they know to be manifestations of darkness in their midst.

Tradition has over-ruled devotion, turning a blind eye proving that indeed blindness prevails.

Scotland is the world breeding ground for masonic filth and while the people are married together with it, they can not be joined to the LORD, for He is Holy and wil not bless nor consider the one who plays the harlot in His name.
Grumpyoldman 09/01/2012 22:22
Strong words! why so?
Editor 10/01/2012 08:26
"Strong words! why so?"

Indeed. We war not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces.
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to the Editor, in reply,

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