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Christian Party speaks on same-sex marriage

The Scottish Christian Party held a press conference in Inverness to outline the Party's response to the Scottish Government' consultation on same-sex marriage; and the implications of the proposal.


Dr. Donald Boyd: Scottish Christian Party

DSCF0030Speaking at a Press Conference in Inverness, Dr. Donald Boyd, speaking as leader of the Scottish Christian Party outlined the nature and implications of the questions being asked in the current consultation (ending 9 Dec 2011) on same-sex marriage.

Taking those present through the list of questions carried within the consultation, he referred to the confusing way in which the questions had been put, and the difficulty for respondents to know how to answer in a manner that would reflect their views.

The Highland GP who has stood in national and local elections detailed the SCP response to the SNP Government’s consultation on the redefinition of marriage and adding religious ceremonies to civil partnership registration.

In a detailed rebuttal of the same-sex marriage proposals the response stated: “It will be a mark of perpetual disgrace, and a blot on Scottish history, that no sooner has the Scottish National Party formed a majority Government than one of its first measures is a moral and social revolution of such a nature that it will destroy the time-honoured understanding of marriage, undermine the family, threaten the well-being of children, disrupt Scottish education, compromise healthy living, satisfy the communistic agenda of cultural Marxism, introduce anomalies into Scottish Law". [This] will leave a legacy of legislative confusion, and be a stick with which the aggressive homosexual lobby can
continue to beat Christians.”

 Video extract of Press Conference 
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With the opinion that the consultation is "not fit for purpose" he stated that legislation "cannot redefine marriage", and that homosexual marriage is a "contradiction in terms".

The SCP claims that the Government is not-so-much consulting as simply exploring how best to implement its proposals. Dr Boyd said: “This consultation gives us the choice of a one-step or two-step process to the same destination – to include homosexual partnerships in the definition of
marriage. The Government has not simply moved the goalposts but there is only one set of
goalposts, without the options of the status quo or removing sexuality from discriminatory
civil partnerships and making them more equal.”

The SCP claims that spurious equality has driven forward recent equalities legislation, which
is selective and unfair. The Party is of the opinion that civil partnerships were meant to equalise rights for homosexual partners, but has created new inequalities which discriminate against other stable relationships such as two spinster sisters.

Speaking into the present situation of civil partnerships the SCP would argue that if these are retained, they should retain their civil nature and become genuinely equal by removing the preferential and discriminating sexual element from them.

microphoneFollowing the Press Conference, Dr. Boyd gave a short recorded interview with Christians Together in which he outlined the likely impact on children, employment and families.

The Scottish Christian Party can be contacted as follows:
Dr. Donald Boyd
Tel. 01463 796952;  E-mail:
Web site:

A copy of the questionnaire with suggested answers is also available for download.


For other information and links regarding responses to the consultation see:

SNP millionare fans against same-sex plans

Christians Together, 23/11/2011

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Donald Boyd 24/11/2011 03:10
We would not be against a referendum but we do not see it as the solution.

We are aware that Solas has recommended a referendum on this issue, but we don't think Solas' fundamental argument supports its conclusion. It argues that redefining marriage is beyond the power of government. Yet the fundamental problem with a referendum is that just as the government cannot redefine marriage, neither can the people, no matter how big the majority.

At best a referendum will show that the Government is out of touch, but at worse it might give credence to the idea that morality can be determined by majorities.

A fuller answer can be found here

Peter Carr 24/11/2011 08:27
Thank you Donald. I would have thought that the moral majority would be preferred over the pc minded minority, who seem determined to legislate at any cost!!
Jenny 24/11/2011 12:03
"..............the fundamental problem with a referendum is that just as the government cannot redefine marriage, neither can the people, no matter how big the majority.

At best a referendum will show that the Government is out of touch, but at worse it might give credence to the idea that morality can be determined by majorities. ......."

That's an excellent point which can't be borne in mind enough
Peter Carr 24/11/2011 12:21
"That's an excellent point which can't be borne in mind enough"

Whether we like it or not, this nation has being going down the immoral legislation route for sometime now. The Scottish and UK govt seem determined to legislate no matter what the majority of people in this land think, because politicians do not want to be classed as homphobic in our pc culture.

A referendum may be the only way to pull this madness back from the brink, by allowing, as I stated above, the moral majority a say, instead of the pc minded minority!! Do we really think that God is incapable of speaking through the voting public?

A Davis (Guest) 24/11/2011 22:31
Tartan - very probably incapable although there is just a chance that it would be disinterest.
Peter Carr 25/11/2011 09:21
Sorry, I don't follow what you mean A Davis.
JQ (Guest) 26/11/2011 21:45
The demand for the legalisation of civil partnerships and /or same – sex ‘marriage’ is not an equality or inclusiveness issue. It is instead, a vehicle of corruption to be used to seize the hearts, minds and souls of children (this is openly acknowledged in the Stonewall video clip):
We mustn’t be deceived into believing any assurances that there will be exceptions granted to parents, teachers, churches or any other interested persons who object, on religious, conscience or any other relevant grounds , even if such exceptions are included in the legislation. Once on the statute book, other existing legislation will be brought into play to sweep away those ‘concessions’ in the same-sex marriage legislation and where that fails in its objective, amendments of the new legislation will easily follow.

hector (Guest) 27/11/2011 10:14
there is no doubt that the secular humanist agenda includes redefining the meaning of and elasticating words unashamedly.marraige being the current term that is undergoing radical is certain that this will become legislation whatever christians might say in defence of their views unless there is a miricle change of heart from the scottish government.when God calls his people,he calls them to be distinct and different in their beliefs,values and attitudes, so that calling always means the church is likely to be al confronted with unrighteous legislation and proposals do we respond righteously and graciously?one way is to question the presuppositions and logic of the arguements.if,eg,I have a close and loving relationship with my dog,or even with more that one partner does that mean I will be able to marry them.if not,why not?our calling here is to maintain the pure and original meaning of marraige as a creation ordinance and expose the shallow and spurious foundations of sand upon which this consultation is based,namely the secular humanist and materialist bondage and darkness
that our society is held in by proclaiming the wonderful freedom into which Jesus liberates us.
Peter Carr 30/11/2011 16:46
I am with the Christian Institute on this one. The info below is from their 'sign the petition' literature;

"Hold a referendum

This issue should be decided by the people, not by politicians. If there is to be a change it should be subject to a referendum. The Scottish Government did not invent marriage, and it does not have the moral authority to redefine it. At the very least, on an issue of this importance, MSPs should be guided by their constituents more on this issue than would normally be the case."

Rosemary Cameron 30/11/2011 17:20
Good post Hector - I totally agree. Thankyou for your contribution.
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