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SNP millionaire fans against same-sex plans

Two of Scotland's most wealthy and well-known businessmen supporters of the SNP have spoken out publicly against the party's declared support for same-sex marriage.


Now is the time to make YOUR views known!

(consultation period ends 9 December, 2011)

soutar and farmerHigh-profile Scot Nationalist Party supporters Sir Brian Soutar and Sir Tom Farmer have both declared publicly that they are against the SNP's proposals for same sex-marriage.

Sir Tom, the wealthy founder of Kwik-Fit and a SNP donor, in criticising the party’s plans has suggested that the Scottish Government had “alienated” itself from “large parts of the population”.

Speaking to The Sunday Herald the Roman Catholic entrepreneur said: “Most people would see a marriage as being between two of the opposite sexes, the male and the female.One of the main important areas of marriage is the creation of children, and the family life."

“The other problem is that there would be a fear that this was the first step to trying to force the churches to do things which are totally against their whole beliefs.”

Meanwhile Stagecoach tycoon Sir Brian Souter has hailed marriage as the building block of society, amidst calls for it to be redefined to allow same-sex marriage.
Sir Brian has warned against creating a “Babylonian” society where sex is seen as “primarily a recreational activity”.

Nicola Sturgeon with Bashir Mann (right)
Nicola SturgeonAdding to the objections to redefining marriage,  Scottish Muslim grandee Bashir Mann, who has been courted by the SNP, has also spoken publicly about his opposition to the proposals.  (First Minister Alex Salmond contributed the Foreword to a book written by Bashir Mann entitled The Thistle and the Crescent.)

Meanwhile the UK Government will hold a consultation on redefining marriage in England and Wales to allow homosexuals to wed, following in Scotland's footsteps.

Opponents say there will be far-reaching consequences if a key social institution is so radically rewritten.
The consultation south of the border will begin in the spring. The Government says it will ask how, not if, same-sex marriage should be legalised.

The Scottish consultation ends on 9 December and Christian organisations CARE, the Christian Institute, Christian Concern and Christian Voice are all active in responding to the proposal.

Both CARE and the Christian Institute can supply further information on the subject.

The Scottish Christian Party website also has articles on the subject.

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The Christian Institute
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Now is the time to make your views known.

Main Scottish Parliament page for the consultation.

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Click HERE for the contact details of your Member of the Scottish Parliament (If you are outside Scotland, enter Postcode AB41 8AA for Alex Salmond, the First Minister.

Click HERE to email your UK MP to ask him to ask the appropriate minister to oppose churches being allowed to celebrate civil partnerships let alone gay marriage.


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Postscript: Extract from letter to Editor from CT site member:
"I would counsel caution when reading the questionnaire as the questions have been phrased in a convoluted manner so that it is difficult to understand them and easier to give an answer contrary to the one you would wish to give. The CARE document is of great assistance in this."

Christians Together, 07/11/2011

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