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Ruth Davidson to lead Scottish Conservatives

The Scottish Conservative Party has chosen former BBC journalist Ruth Davidson to lead their party in Scotland beating Murdo Fraser MSP who has been the Deputy Leader under former leader Annabel Goldie.

Ruth Davidson MSP
Ruth DavidsonRuth Davidson has won the leadership contest for the Scottish Conservative Party. The 32-year-old MSP who was only elected was only elected to Holyrood in May as a list MSP for Glasgow.

Unlike Annabel Goldie, her predecessor, Miss Davidson is leader of the entire Scottish party and not just the MSP group at Holyrood. The change was made after the party won only one Scottish seat in last year’s general election.

Murdo Fraser, a Christian and main competitor for the top job was initially seen as the front runner. However he lost substantial support when he declared that he would create a new Scottish Conservative Party which would be independent from Westminster.

Murdo Fraser MSP
Murdo FraserSpeaking of the move he said: "I think the bold and radical proposal that I had … was a leap too far for the majority of our members.
Lots of people said to me I was foolish to stand on the platform I did but for me to do otherwise would have been dishonest.”

Ms. Davidson describes herself as a 'Christian, a Conservative and a gay woman' believing that there are many Christian organisations which would 'take a more New Testament view about gay rights than an Old Testament view.' She is listed as a member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship.

On the Tory Hoose web site outgoing leader Annabel Goldie MSP has responded to the news: “I warmly congratulate Ruth Davidson on being elected as the new leader of the Scottish Conservative Party. This election marks a key point in the history of the party. Ruth now has a mandate from our members to be leader of not just the MSP group, but of the whole party. She will benefit hugely from both these new powers and that stature."

At the second round of the two-stage ballot she emerged as the winner with 2,983 votes to Mr Fraser’s 2,417. The other candidates, Jackson Carlaw and Margaret Mitchell, finished third and fourth respectively.

 Ruth Davidson speaking prior to the leadership election 

Other reports: The BBC; the Scotsman; the Telegraph

Christians Together, 04/11/2011

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