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John Mason MSP on gay marriage

John Mason's motion relating to a forthcoming consultation on civil partnerships and gay marriage provoked attacks from across the political spectrum and prompted concerns amongst fellow Christians about his 'perfectly relaxed' stance.

John Mason2In an interview with Christians Together, Mr. John Mason MSP speaks into the reactions to his tabled motion relating to civil partnerships/gay marriage.

The motion which was and is designed to protect the freedom of thought, practice and  expression by individuals, churches and other organisations in relation to same-sex unions was attacked by fellow MSPs while also alarming the Christian community.

In reponding to the criticism from pro-gay colleagues, the elected representative for Glasgow Shettleston and committed Christian stated that he was 'perfectly relaxed' about gay marriage.

 John Mason MSP speaking on his motion relating to civil partnerships. 
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The national vote at the May 2011 elections for the Scottish Parliament saw the Scottish Nationalist Party under leader Alex Salmond come to power in what was a humiliating defeat of and for the other parties.
John Mason and fellow MSP Dave Thompson both serve in the SNP's majority government, and both share Christian convictions.

Consultations on the possibility of radically redfining marriage
are set to take place in the autumn in Scotland, England and Wales

Recent history
In the year 2000 when the new Scottish Parliament was stil finding its feet, Scotland was rocked and split over the repeal of legislation which prevented schools teaching that homosexuality was a normal and acceptable lifestyle. Bus tycoon Brian Soutar funded a referendum under the banner of 'Keep the Clause' while the late Cardinal Winning of the Roman Catholic Church led the ecclesiastical charge. The Christian Institute were also very active on the issue which affected similar legislation in England and Wales also.
In the final event and in spite of these efforts the repeal of Section28/Clause 2A went ahead.

Christians Together, 16/08/2011

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