Top UK Christian Bands coming to Inverness

As a finale to the Alive Festival, four top UK Christian bands will be coming to Inverness for a very special event in the Ironworks, Inverness. Don't miss it.

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Alive Festival Worship Event



Ironworks Music Venue,


Academy Street, Inverness


Saturday 18th June
Doors Open 5.00pm
First Band 5.30pm 

As an exciting finale to this years Alive Festival,  four top UK Christian bands are heading to Inverness for a very special worship concert, with Lou Fellingham and Phatfish headlining the evening.

The event, which is being billed as a 'Mini Frenzy'  is all age, and contains a real blend of vibrant modern Christian music and the more contemporary sounds of worship. This is a great opportunity for the whole Christian community to come together and be part of the biggest indoor Christian event to hit Inverness!   

David Maclean, Festival Director comments:

I am thrilled that we have managed to secure these bands for our very first Alive Festival main event, it will be a fantastic night of worship and fellowship together. Lou Fellingham and Phatfish have been at the leading edge of Christian music for a number of years and have led worship at Soul Survivor and Spring Harvest, so its really exciting to get them to lead this event for us. LZ7, The Steels and Superhero represent the exciting fresh face and sound of modern worship music, with the youth loving their live shows, so it promises to be very special and not to be missed!

It's also great to be able to use the Ironworks venue for this event, it will be a great witness for our city to have the sound of Christian music filling the city centre on a Saturday night!

A lot of organisation and hard work has gone into making this night happen, so I would really encourage the whole Christian Community of the Highlands to come along and support this night.

 David and the team have  put a lot of organisation and hard work into making this night happen on would want to encourage the whole Christian community around the Highlands to come along and support the event.

The evening starts with Manchester based LZ7, a band who many enjoyed at the Luis Palau Festival in 2009. LZ7 scored a Top 30 UK hit last year with "This Little Light!", and their high energy vibrant stage show is a massive hit with the youth. With an energetic and explosive combination of Hip Hop, Rock and Tough Street beats hitting everyday issues in today's society.

The Steels come from the North East of England and signed to Kingsway in June 2010. All in their

twenties, all having been on the road together for years, all with a shared passion for seeing their music help people establish deeper connections with God.

Their unmissable live sets have astounded music lovers at major festivals all over the world; more recently performing on BBC's 'Songs of Praise' and the ‘God Channel's’ 'GTV LIVE'. The audience have the time of their lives while hearing ‘The Steels’ blend of guitar driven rock, which delivers the message of Jesus in a new and refreshing style.


Superhero are Scotlands' hardest working Christian rock band, lead singer Tim says:

"We believe this is what God wants us to do, and as long as we feel this way, and for as long as people continue to hear and respond to the Gospel through what we do, we will keep moving forward....oh! and we love the challenge, the way it stretches our faith and keeps us humble, because the way we do things, it can only ever be said that God did it for us". "All the glory to him, he is our constant."

Superhero also played in Inverness at the Luis Palau and are a favourite with live crowds, having played at festivals across the world

PhatfishPhatfish have made an impressive impact on the UK Christian music scene for the last decade. Live, they have led thousands in worship at all of the major UK festivals including Newday, Soul Survivor and Spring Harvest, sharing stages with artists that range from Matt Redman to Delirious. They have also toured in the US, Canada and Europe.

In the studio they have clocked up 10 widely acclaimed albums and are responsible for the worldwide hit ‘Holy Holy, Lift Up His Name’ and more recently the anthems ‘There Is A Day’ and ‘Amazing God’. They feature on numerous compilation albums, often in partnership with premier publishers, Kingsway Music.

Since their formation in 1994, Phatfish have held firmly to their original aim: to write, play and record songs that glorify our amazing God and communicate His love and His purpose for us. Select any Phatfish track and you’ll quickly notice that the lyrics are rich with sound biblical truths that lift the soul and strengthen faith. Listen with a trained ear and you can’t mistake the impeccable vocal quality and faultless musicianship that only comes with genuine commitment and experience.Their most recent release 'In Jesus' features the two newest additions to the band, guitarists Jos Wintermeyer and Ben Hall.

Ticket Sales

Tickets for the event are available directly from
the Alive Festival website.

Cost £10 for an Adult, £8 for under 16s, with group discounts available


Alternatively, tickets can be obtained by:

Tel. 01463 248280 or



Additionally tickets can be purchased at CLC bookshops in Inverness.


Alive Festival is an independent  Christian Charity based in Inverness and run by husband and wife team David and Annette Maclean.

The Alive Festival week is focussed on hosting Christian events across the city with the aims of teaching, outreaching, equipping and celebrating the Christian faith.  

A full list and details of all the events can be found at the festival website


Funds from this years Festival will go towards three nominated charities: Scripture Union Scotland, Crossreach (Cameron House) and Baby Wototo in Uganda

David Maclean, 04/06/2011

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Penny Lee 30/11/2014 14:23

If you are not, in general, in disagreement with musical instruments being used in worship then I apologise for jumping to that conclusion. Normally, someone like yourself, who clearly knows their Bible, would already know the answer to the question you had asked.

I don't know why you find my comparison between instruments and what clothes are worn in church as being ridiculous. In fact, it was not a direct comparison, it was merely to point out that there are many areas in which church people disagree by manipulating what is or isn't in scripture to suit their own personal agenda. I suspect there are many, including myself, who agree with you that not all forms of music are appropriate and in some gatherings it is difficult to separate gospel worship from the club scene. I am not talking of such use of music. I am talking about beautiful instrumental hymns or church organ or piano playing which enhances the human voice and helps lead worship singing. This is a million miles away from rock bands and frenzied behaviour.

Guest - simply being a Christian exposes one to inevitable flak, and much of it also comes from those within the church too!
Penny Lee 30/11/2014 14:27
John, I omitted to say that I have never said that people must agree with musical instruments. We all have our own preferences on these side issues and you will see that I already agreed that people should be free to worship in the manner which brings them closest to God. All I said was that they should not try to use scripture to attach moral justification to what is simply a personal preference.
(Guest) 30/11/2014 16:09
and much of it also comes from those within the church too!
It was ever thus and you are in good company
and his own received him not
cc (Guest) 30/11/2014 16:09
" to worship in the manner which brings them closest to God." Hmmmm?

(Guest) 30/11/2014 16:18
You mean something similar as in the time of Moses, when Israel worshipped the golden calf?
Or indeed when Aaron's sons "offered strange fire to the LORD" Leviticus 10.1-2?
(Guest) 30/11/2014 16:25
You mean something similar as in the time of Moses, when Israel worshipped the golden calf?
Or indeed when Aaron's sons "offered strange fire to the LORD" Leviticus 10.1-2?
I'm sure that Penny can answer for herself,
Worshiping the Golden Calf implies an idolatrous spirit rather than a particular form of worship.
And you could just as well be guilty of the same think worshiping at the altar of Calvin, and those bloodthirsty Presbyterians who did not realise that their heritage was a much older one which they were trying to reject.

Editor 30/11/2014 16:54
Because of the confusion of the 'who-is-saying-what' which anonymous posters have created, this thread - for the moment at least - can be read by anyone, but only written to by logged-in site members (irrespective of whether or not their views agree with those of the Editor on any one issue or another).
Penny Lee 30/11/2014 22:43
I think people realise full well what I meant about being 'free to worship in whatever manner brings them closest to God.' Of course I was speaking about worship which is in line with scripture and from the heart. Music from singing alone, or with appropriate musical accompaniment, is fine whatever your personal preference is. Worshipping idols etc. is not worshipping God and is never right!
Editor 01/12/2014 11:29
Guest, If you wish to continue to post please either (a) identify yourself to me or (b) register with the site; or risk having your posts deleted (irrespective of worth).

Also I would prefer if non-site members wish to ask questions about what the Editor may or may not believe that they do so by e-mail (I don't communicate with faceless persons). Additionally refrain from making assumptions or statements e.g. "I don't believe the editor of this site believes.."

Regarding "the law" (and for the record), I am still waiting for someone (anyone) to justify from scripture the distinctions applied by theologians between civil, ceremonial and moral laws.
(But if any non-site-member person has an answer please send by e-mail and DON'T post on this thread. Thank you.)
Editor 01/12/2014 11:58
Reponse to Penny's comment: "I think people realise full well what I meant about being 'free to worship in whatever manner brings them closest to God."

I am sure you are right Penny: the fact that you have needed to expand on your comment derives from two of the problems of operating an 'open for comment' web site.

Problem 1. Non-Christians can (and do) post, but unfortunately, even with the most sincere and measured comment/question, a non-believer cannot hope to appreciate or understand all the spiritual nuances (1 Cor. 2:14).
However it is good that non-Christians can engage; at least those who have genuine questions.

Problem 2.(And this is a very sad issue) there would appear to be Christians 'out there' who -
(a) just want to have an argument for the sake of it (cf 2 Tim 2:23; Col 2:4)
(b) attempt to use this site as a 'pulpit' for their personal fixations and prejudices
(c) are unwilling to emerge from the shadows (even to make themselves know privately) and 'walk in the light' (1 John 1:7).

For anyone who is interested there is an article entitled: "What is worship anyway?" at -

Additionally (subsequent to the Free Church of Scotland's internal debate on what should and shouldn't be sung) the following (editorial) footnote referred to 'worship' -

Worship is essentially from the heart, and it is a dynamic – which may outwork in a tangible and physical expression – of praise, thanksgiving and adoration. We find worship of Father/Son under the new covenant referred to at the level of an individual (Matt 8:2; John 4:21; 1 Cor 14:25; Rev 19:10), small group (Matt 2:11; Matt 14:33; Matt 20:20; Acts 13:2) and the whole assembly (Luke 14:10; Rev. 4:10). Nowhere in the Bible is there found a prescription for when, where and how worship might take place under the new covenant. These OT laws were confined to the old covenant. What happens in a church building on a Sunday morning in a gathering of God’s people might include worship; but there is no guarantee that worship is taking place just because a ‘call to worship’ has been made. Nor, if worship does take place does it necessarily end with the Benediction being pronounced. Moreover, corporate worship might spontaneously break out – and often has – amongst a small gathering in (say) a home on any day of week and at any hour.
<<<<< Full article at -
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