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Ted Haggard looks for restoration

High-profile former pastor Ted Haggard who resigned from his ministry followig a drug and sex scandal asks in an interview why secular 'stars' like Tiger Woods can be restored by not church leaders.

Ted HaggardIn his third featured interview this year, former megachurch pastor Ted Haggard asks why it is so hard for the Church to live out its teachings on forgiveness and restoration, noting that the secular world is doing a better job at this than Christians.

"The differentiation between the Church and everybody else is that we should respond with restoration, healing, hope to people's sin condition, our sin condition. We're losing that right now," he argues in a new video interview with Lifetree Café, a Christian-based network of local discussion groups.

He expresses frustration that many celebrities – including Martha Stewart, Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, David Letterman – were restored by their secular organizations compared to Christian leaders, including himself, who do not receive restoration by the church.

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How well does the Christian church handle personal problems amongst its leader and its people?

Ted Haggard resigned as lead pastor of the 14,000 New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, following a drug and sex scandal with a gay prostitute in 2006. His self-admitted "sexual immorality" also forced him to leave the presidential post of the National Association of Evangelicals.

Christians Together, 16/02/2011

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