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It's not just about shopping....

In the hustle and bustle of the run-up to Christmas some shoppers in the Inverness Eastate Centre stop to share their views on Christmas whilst church choirs sing out their message.

SantaIn the run-up to Christmas 2010 Christians Together and Thistle Channel TV were out and about in Inverness. In the main Eastgate Shopping Centre church choirs sang whilst shoppers stopped briefly to give their views on what Christmas means for them.

Shoppers give their views whilst choirs sing at Christmas time
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 Video of pre-Christmas scenes, choirs, shoppers, comments 
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The choir from Hilton Church of Scotland were raising money for the Vine Trust which supports work in Peru whilst the work of Blythswood Care and the support group is aimed mainly at countries in Eastern Europe.

Audrey Whyte
Hilton Church Choir1

Hilton Church choir
with choir-leader Audrey Whyte




Manger scene in
Eastgate Centre

Blythswood support

Blythswood Care Support Group

Thistle Channel / Christians Together, 14/12/2010

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Peter Carr 23/12/2010 21:06
Andrea, Halloween does not pretend in anyway to be Christian. Christmas on the other hand...
Martin Lisemore 23/12/2010 22:29
Peter, given I'm in the East of England, albeit married to a Scots lady, things are a little different here. Whilst it may not be a Christian, or Jewish, festival ...

... the fashion in which the Church of England and Methodist, and I'm truly sorry to say, the local Baptist church, endorses, encourages and even organises Halloween events disgusts me.

Local people I know, for the most part, think Halloween is a Church festival, simply because local churches encourage it.

I believe it's Satan's old trick, blurring the edges and breeding familiarity.
Martin Lisemore 23/12/2010 22:30
Editor: I'm not getting well off topic, just replying to the above two posts.
Penny Lee 23/12/2010 23:28
Martin, I still think its a valid point and agree that some churches actively encourage Halloween activities. Also, many fail to focus on the true meaning of Christmas to widen the appeal of Carol services.
Peter Carr 24/12/2010 08:07
Here's a radical idea...tomorrow instead of doing all the usual Christmas stuff with tinsel, turkey and all the other trimmings of the 25th, why don't we have a marathon stint on CT putting the world to right?

Pawlo 24/12/2010 10:12
I'll sign up for that Peter. What time will we start?
Martin Lisemore 24/12/2010 10:47
Me too. Open canvas, no subjects barred?

But, a cautionary note. Every post on here is logged and published by Google. Search Martin Lisemore, get past the film producer and around page 3/4 you'll find every post I've put on here.

I'm up for up!
Peter Carr (Guest) 24/12/2010 11:09
Sorry guys! I am under pressure to comply with other members in the household, however I hope to find some time in the evening to have rant!! Have a peaceful one.
Pawlo 24/12/2010 11:36
No prob's Peter. Have a nice day with the family.

You up for it then Martin? Anyone else? What about digging into the review of 2010 article? That could keep us busy!
Martin Lisemore 24/12/2010 15:12
It's going to be on/off tomorrow. But I'll keep a close eye pm CT and come back with any thoughts or opinions.

I need to re-read the review 2010 article before hand.
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