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From violence and crime to a life of compassion

Eddie Murison grew up as a child faced with violence and rejection. The damage that was done to in his young life led into an adulthood of violence, crime and imprisonment. But whilst in solitary confinement his life was changed. He now draws on his experiences to help others.

Eddie speaking at Beauly Baptist Church
Eddie MurisonREDDIE Murison has led, and is still leading, an interesting life. He cycled as a youngster on his own from his step-father’s home in Sutherland to his grandfather in Aberdeen in order to escape a scene of domestic violence.

Faced with constant rejection in his young life he developed into adulthood suffering from a serious lack of self-worth, security and affirmation.
This led to rebellion at school and into institutions for young offenders. Serious violence and crime led from there into spells in prison.

Whilst in prison further rebellion and violence caused him to be locked up in solitary confinement. Whilst confined in a filthy cell a stranger who came to visit him challenged Eddie’s life and attitude. “Why don’t you shut up and grow up” was the opening gambit. “If you think you have had it bad, look at what they did to Jesus, the Son of God.” Shortly after that the Christian pastor who had come to speak to the prisoner left the cell.

For Eddie there were no celestial choirs, no angels appeared and the ground didn't shake: he experienced nothing at that moment, but his life started to change – even the prison governor noticed it. So the hardened criminal was given new responsibilities within the prison and, under supervision, the changes were seen to be very real.

Eddie has since then been free from a life of crime and has been involved in the counselling and rehabilitation of offenders like himself both in the UK and internationally. He is now working with families showing the love of God in practical ways and sharing his experiences of his life and his work with churches and Christians throughout the country.

Problems in homes, family relationships and schools

In September 2010 Eddie spoke on a Sunday morning at Beauly Baptist Church which meets in Tarradale Primary School in Muir of Ord. After the service Eddie spoke also with Christians Together and outlined how lack of love, self-worth and boundaries is causing havoc both in homes and in schools; and amongst children, parents and school teachers.
Overworked parents, drug mis-use, dysfunctional relationships are causing problems right across society and producing violence and fear in our communities.

An interview with

Eddie Murison RListen to the short interview with Eddie to hear how the problems of rejection is affecting both children and adults, and how these issues are impacting on school classrooms, hospitals and beyond.

Eddie's life is – as it is for every follower of Jesus – a 'work in progress'. He currently shows God's love to others who are needing help in their lives and in their families, and his testimony throughout illustrates a life surrendered to God and speaks widely by invitation to churches and other groups on his faith journey.

Two books have been published which cover the stories of Eddie’s walk through life. These give very brave and candid accounts of how his relationships with those closest to him have also suffered through the problems that he experienced as child, and which followed him into his adult life. The first book is entitled 'Bruised but not Broken' followed by 'To the Extreme'.

Beauly Baptist Church now meets in Tarradale Primary School (Muir of Ord) and called Graham Forbes as pastor last year.

Christians Together, 20/09/2010

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