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Media Group fight for Christian Freedoms

PREMIER CHRISTIAN MEDIA has issued proceedings against the Government in the High Court over an issue of Christian freedoms

PremierThe Premier Christian media group have issued proceedings against the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt, after their national station, Premier Christian Radio, was refused permission to broadcast an advert calling on Christians to report any experience of Christian marginalisation in the workplace.

The commercial radio advertising body, RACC, rejected the advert on the grounds that it was deemed political and in breech of the Advertising code.

Premier have disputed the decision for censure. The media group is running a campaign, asking the public to share how they have seen the Christian faith be marginalised.

Peter Kerridge, Chief Executive at Premier stated:

"Increasingly, we have witnessed Christian marginalisation in this country. Premier have collected over two years of data, all of which confirms that Christians are experiencing marginalisation.

He continued: "After great consideration, we have taken the step to issue legal proceedings because the threat of Christian marginalisation must be addressed boldly and directly."

"It's ironic that while trying to shine a light on the issue of Christian marginalisation, Premier Christian Radio has been silenced."

Premier Christian Media began to research the question of Christian marginalisation in the summer of 2008, prompted by concern voiced in the media by prominent Christian leaders.

The extensive research among the general public and Christian community within the United Kingdom, revealed a concerning pattern of Christian marginalisation in society, the media and the workplace.

According to a recent poll conducted by ComRes and released through Premier Christian Radio earlier this year, three quarters of churchgoers say the risk of anti-Christian persecution in the UK is greater than five years ago and 80 per cent expect it to get worse. And two thirds think there is more negative discrimination against Christians than any other faith group in the nation.

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute has commented: “Case after case is demonstrating that it is Christians that are coming off worse under the so called equality and diversity regime.”

The request by Premier Christian Media for a Judicial Review is expected to be answered by October.

Christians Together, 06/08/2010

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