Outreach activities in Ullapool

A team from Perth-based PWAMM has been working alongside a local congregation in Ullapool to bring the Gospel to the residents and school children in that Wester Ross community.

report by PWAMM

Ullapool Outreach Mission 1st - 7th July 2010

Ulapool: Wester Ross
UllapoolOnce again, a big 'thank you' for supporting the PWAMM outreaches and Ministry. We do genuinely value your support, both financially and in prayer.


  • The PWAMM team has been working together with Rev Alasdair Macleod and the congregation of Lochbroom (Ullapool) Free Church.
  • The Challenger 3 Outreach Bus was taken into Ullapool town at lunchtime to receive a mixed reception at the primary school.
  • There was also a mixed reception for the team as they went to the school gates to speak to the parents.
  • Despite this, 31 children turned up at the first night of the kids club held on the bus; a good number for the first night.
  • The Team also held a short time of open-air testimony and praise in the town centre.
  • The Challenger Bus was quiet for the evening drop-in session.
Challenger outreach coach
Challenger BusFriday
  • The Team are conducting a Nursing Home service in the afternoon.
  • There is a time of Open air testimony and praise in the town centre and the Challenger Bus will be open all afternoon and evening for discussion with the Team, testimony and DVD presentations.
  • The Kids Club will be held on the Bus in the evening for Primary School age children.
  • There will be a drop-in session aimed at teenagers on the Challenger Bus in the evening.
  • On Saturday there will be a Kids Club in morning on the Bus.
  • There will be a time of Open air testimony and praise in the afternoon in Ullapool town centre.
  • The PWAMM choir, 'The Upper Room Singers' will lead a 'Songs of Praise' in Ullapool Free Church on Saturday evening. They will be travelling up to Ullapool from Perth for the event.
  • On Sunday the PWAMM Team will be attending Church services in Ullapool and Auchiltibuie.
  • In the evening, the team is leading an after-church service in Ullapool Free Church.
Please Pray!
  • Thank God for the safe arrival of team and a good number at the first night of the kids club.
  • For a pulling down of the spiritual and new age strongholds in the community.
  • For the Gospel Outreach meeting in Ullapool on Saturday, for the unsaved to attend and souls to be saved.
  • For Rev Alasdair Macleod (Ullapool Free Church) his wife Catriona and baby Lois.
  • For Team 3: David & Muriel, Robert & Helen, David, David & Jeni, Annie, Louise, Dougie, Anne, and Elaine as they minister in and around Ullapool.
  • For God's people as they continue the work of the Kingdom in Lewis and Harris.
  • For the West Coast Pastors and Leaders 'Prayer for Revival' Luncheon on Thursday next week.
Ullapool / Scotland / UK
Ullapool1Ullapool is a tourist village and fishing port/ferry terminal in Loch Broom on the West Coast of Scotland. The ferry provides a sea-link to the Western Isles. In the 80s factory ships and fishing vessels from Eastern Bloc countries were based in Loch Broom

People With a Mission Ministries is based in the National Outreach Centre in Perth. PWAMM runs outreach activities in and around Scotland throughout the year. Outreach teams working alongside evangelists and local congregations are based in both a Mission Tent and/or one of the Challenger custom-built outreach coaches.
PWAMM also host Prayer Luncheons at various locations for pastors, leaders and their wives.

People With A Mission Ministries, 03/07/2010

Alec (Guest) 05/07/2010 10:14
Sounds interesting - certainly using a high tech bus is a neat way of bringing the Christian message to a high tech generation! The thing that powered the Reformation (so some people believe) was the development of printing - the high tech of its day.

There are just one or two comments in the article that are slightly troubling however. Could anyone shed further light on these:

1) a "mixed reception" at the school. normally when I hear this expression, it is used when there is hostility as well as a welcome. Was there really negative reactions to this?

2) Under the prayer points it says:"For a pulling down of the spiritual and new age strongholds in the community"

Is Ullapool and the area really badly affected by New Ageism? I know it is found everywhere these days but is the Loch Broom area particularly bad for it?

Just intrigued thats all!
Ullapuddlian (Guest) 06/07/2010 15:20
Indeed, The mixed reception was the result of considerable complaints from parents after the previous visit by the bus. Our schools have a duty to teach religious EDUCATION and the facts about religiou. (Or the total lack of them) It is NOT a place for religious PREACHING.
There is little educational value in teaching Grimms Fairy tales and the Santa Clause story to primary school children, so why christians feel that their fairy tales are more important beats me?
Jim Fraser (Guest) 12/07/2010 17:42
Hello there Ullapuddlian,

I'm not sure that anyone has been able to write off the historical figure of Jesus Christ as myth and fairy tales.
Indeed any attempts to do so would cast more doubts about the person than about the Man of Gallilee.

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