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The spiritual condition of the United States

Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis gave an address to a worldwide audience earlier this week when he examined the spiritual health of America and challenged Christians to be prepared to answer the questions that people are asking.

Ken Ham largeAs a response to this question Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis has delivered his own ‘“State of the Nation II” speech, highlighting how far the U.S. has wandered from its moral foundations, and calling Christians back to their biblical roots.

Ham who is president of Answers in Genesis (AiG) the biblical apologetics ministry responsible for the world-renowned Creation Museum near Cincinnati, presented his speech from inside the Creation Museum and via webcast live last Tuesday.
In the advance publicity for the meeting which was webcast live he said:

You’ve heard from the president, government leaders, and others about the economy and the serious isues facing the country. But few of them address the deeper concern—our move away from a biblical foundation.
“Many Christians have been duped into accepting a false idea: that there is a ‘neutral’ position they can take in regard to social issues.“Some Christians even accept the myth that the U.S. Constitution declares that there should be a separation of church and state. They are hesitant to inject Christian beliefs into politics.”

Calling for a robust defence by Christian of what they believe Ham continued:

“God’s Word, however, makes it clear that there is no neutral position,” Ham continued. “God’s people need to unashamedly and uncompromisingly stand on the Bible and its absolute standards. We need to proclaim a Christian worldview and the gospel, all the while giving answers for the hope we have.”

The webcast touched on social issues such as abortion, “gay” marriage, origins, and the role of religion in society. The aim of the speech was and is to equip Christians with a clear understanding of what the Bible says on these matters—and find out how to defend the biblical viewpoint in an increasingly hostile environment.

“We need to learn what we can do to call America back to the only sure foundation—biblical authority,” Ham explained. “We need to stand unashamedly upon God’s Word in the face of a skeptical society and find out how we can do more than just watch our country slip into a moral quagmire. “The skeptical world expects answers. Get equipped to point people to the truth.”

During the course of the address he quoted from a speech by President Obama in which the latter affirmed that America was now a polytheistic nation. Ham and listed the ways in which the Christian 'marker stones' have been removed from public life. Ham argued that the 'reminders have been removed' and these aids to memory have produced a spiritual malaise which knows nothing of America's Christian heritage.
Prayer in schools, Scripture passages carved on government buildings, traditional marriage, the sanctity of life and the teaching of creation in public schools served as some of those reminders, he noted. But these have been and are progressively being removed, said Ham. And with that, younger generations are increasingly abandoning God's Word and making "man's word" their foundation.

Christians Together, 19/02/2010

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Alec (Guest) 07/03/2010 12:08
Just a quick comment. Trouble with the Internet is it is very very easy to write something in haste - we all do it.

Carl Trueman, one of the most lucid and incisive of modern day theologians wrote about this, I think it was in the Free Church Monthly Record

You can find some of it here:

"Democracy of “Blogic” and the Right to Speak the Absurd"

The blog exchange that follows is interesting as well

CT is referring to blogging per se, but the principle applies to all web fora, IMO

My own opinion regarding what Alan said is, no big deal - there is much much worse to be found on the internet than a few hasty remarks made here. In fact if this was the worse it got, it would be amazing!

Penny Lee 07/03/2010 13:30
Hi Alec,

I agree absolutely with what you say. Having been around a few forums over the years, this one is as good as it gets. However, we're not living by the world's standards - we're living by God's - and if an apology is necessary, as inevitably it will sometimes be, then it is good to see someone having the grace to offer it.
Pawlo 07/03/2010 13:47
I find it a real problem getting my points across as I am not very good at written debate. I tend to post something then look at replies and find that people have taken it with the wrong intent. Then start digging to get out of the trouble I didn't mean to be in in the first place! For this reason I think I'll not debate but perhaps just comment on subjects more gently.
Penny Lee 07/03/2010 17:03
Hi Paul,

Please don't be put off debating by others misinterpreting what you say. It happens to us all and - yes - it can sting a bit when you get a reply that seems unnecessarily harsh. Chances are that the respondent didn't mean it that way either!

Unfortunately, forums lack tone of voice and body language which are just as important in debate as the words themselves. Sometimes, the use of icons can help but there has to be a good selection of appropriate ones which can be entered directly into the text (Ed - can you consider this?).

We all at times seem to need to correct a misinterpreted comment but it's part of forum life and after a while we get a bit better able at being able to express ourselves differently to take into account what is lost in communication of this sort.

Believe me - if you saw some of the comments on other forums, particularly news forums, you would never feel down about this one again. The others are the equivalent of being thrown to the lions!
Alec (Guest) 07/03/2010 18:31
Andrea, you are so right there - some other forums are like a blood sport. Problem is that internet "anonymity" causes people to come out with all sorts of nonsense.

Mind you, there are some very good fora and blogs out there - R Scott Clarkes "Heidelblog" is a good one, if academic, although even that can get heated

The Free Church used to have an excellent message board - there used to besome very good exchanges with intelligent, considerate humanists that slways managed to be civil

It also managed to cover a lot of really practical topics, and some of the historical stuff that a particular journalist put up was absolutely rivetting

But then they shut it down. Still no signs of a new one yet.

One of the problems and pitfalls of putting stuff "up" whether on a blog or a site or whatever, is that a lot of it gets archived. There is a web site called the "Wayback Machine" which is a fascinating place.

You can see what Yahoo! and AltaVista looked like in 1996!

But, there is a danger with it - if someone post something and later deletes it, it may still be archived!!

George Orr 13/03/2010 10:18


'Genesis record: simple. Poetry, not science'

The bible is full of poetry but Genesis ain't poetry. God quoted and inscribed it in the 10 commandments as law. Law ain't poetry. Jesus also quoted Genesis as history again not poetry.

You may want to call it poetry but my vote goes with God the Father and Jesus the Son.

Job 38:4 (New International Version)

4 "Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation? Tell me, if you understand.
W Benn (Guest) 13/03/2010 18:57
Alan your apology is accepted in full! None of us are perfect and, just like swallows [or is it kingfishers?] we all dip as well as soar. I find myself apologising about twice a day so that is about 7,300 times every decade - if my mental arithmetic is still sound.
Penny Lee 13/03/2010 19:16
Well, you're going to have to apologise again - it would be either 7304 or 7306 times depending on when your decade started!

W Benn at his petulant best (Guest) 13/03/2010 19:38
Andrea my response is 'whatever'. I 'refuse' to apologise just because I forgot leap years. At least I guess that is where you are coming from. Really this is too much!
I like your purple whatsit icon thing.
W Benn (Guest) 13/03/2010 19:46
Here is my first stab - ever - at an icon.
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