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Young people coming to faith in Finland

An encouraging report from Finland tells of young people coming to faith in Christ and then reaching out to their peers in the streets and communities.

by Dr. Mike Story


THERE is an extraordinary movement of the Holy Ghost here in Finland. Something is happening which is unprecedented in its size and growth.

Young people are coming to faith in Christ and they are then seized by an immediate desire to go out into the streets and bring others into the fold. Amongst these youngsters there is no interest in 'church' or religion at all!

They want teaching and spiritual fathers and mothers. They know "only milk" yet go out and teach that to kids in the streets ... and they come to faith!

We have had to open our houses to them. However we were told to buy an old village school twenty years ago so (surprise-surprise) we have two classrooms where we can train groups of future leaders.

Kids are leaving the churches and seeking the Lord elsewhere because they can't find Him in the religion and rituals; and this applies as much to Pentecostal, Free churches, Lutheran, Orthodox, Anglican and Baptist as it does to all other expresssions of organised religion. They want what I would term 'inspired disorganisation' where man doesn't do the organising: we just listen and then respond as we are led!

One young man borrowed my copy of 'Out Of Church Christians' before I had a chance to read it myself ! He is co-ordinating these groups and acts as an enabler, bringing teaching from elders ( in the 'mature Christian' sense of that word ) to beginners. He is also arranging meetings and encouraging these young people to keep going ! What is happening could be taken straight out of the pages of the Book of Acts!

Ed footnote:
The book 'Out of Church Christians' was authored by Andrew Strom and is now available in published form from booksellers. However the original text (2005) can still be found on the internet.

The original article which led on to the book being written was first published in 2004 and, according to the author, elicited the biggest response to anything that he had ever written.

Dr. Mike Story, 08/01/2010

David Robertson (Guest) 08/01/2010 18:32
Here we go again! I don't know how many times I have received and heard reports of God doing an 'unprecedented' work which results in 'kids leaving the churches' etc. Usually this results in some self appointed prophets jumping on to the bandwagon, grabbing some 'glory' for themselves, all the time using every opportunity to attack the 'established' churches. At best this is a big worst very dangerous and very destructive to the church of Jesus Christ. If this is as described above it has nothing to do with the book of Acts and I would suggest that Dr Mike read the book before claiming its mantle. The notion that the NT church was disorganised chaos is absurd and is a classic example of a postmodern reading of the NT - reading in to it only what you want to hear.
Penny Lee 08/01/2010 18:46
I too would love this to be true but I notice it was first reported in 2004 so where are the results of it all? I would have thought that there was much more to be written since then. Is there any more information about what is happening now? Has it grown into something great or has it simply died a death?

I would rather reserve judgement until I knew one way or the other what has happened since 2004.
Editor 08/01/2010 20:29
Just for clarification, the report above from Dr. Story arrived dated 7 Jan 2010.

The book referred to in the report was published in book form in June 2008. The content was published on the internet in 2005 and the writing was prompted by an article in 2004.
Dr Mike Story (Guest) 09/01/2010 20:37
A careful reading of my article would show an order of events. 1. Young unchurched Come To Faith, 2. they go to church ( we encourage them to do so !) & there they meet other youngsters who want Christ-centred teaching instead of world-pleasing PO-litical correctness. 3.The "newies" invite the oldies to Bible studies where they get Christian teaching where Biblical standards are taught & PO-litical correctness is revealed as Cultural communism and mealy-mouthed crowd-pleasing. The Lord Jesus CALLED SIN BY ITS REAL NAME how DARE we call it "lifestyle choices " ? ( Next we will be referring to anti-Isreaelism as "the final solution").N.B. it would be good if my correspondent looked in depth to the references to "leaven" and he would see that one of the signs of the imminent return of Our Lord is that the leaven ( of pharisaic man-pleasing teaching Matt 16:6-12) has spread throughout the churches. In Luke 24 Our Lord feeds the disciples the true UNLEAVENED bread.I fear The Lord far too much to dare to do otherwise.Pleasing man for cheap approval has no interest for me. By their fruit shall ye know them. I wish to be wise and "he that wins souls is wise".The traditional social churches are losing members hand over fist because they are not providing Christian teaching or leadership. I feel called to do both. I'm off on my usual annual mission trip soon (DV) and we have started five new churches since 2007 so I'm not against churches per se only against unbiblical teaching & lousy leadership where leaders don't LIVE their faith.May The Lord expose deception ( vide Matt 24, Luke 21 & Mark 13 )and remind false teachers of the warnings about millstones and the deepest parts of the sea. God bless !
Dave Mackay (Guest) 11/01/2010 22:27
The respectd American researcher George Barna reported some time back on the unchurched scene. It makes interesting reading. In America I think it said that one-in-three Christians are unhcurched and he expected the figure to grow.
Google Barna unchurched and you will probabl find it.
Sarah G (Guest) 24/04/2014 15:30
I hope to be able to connect with Dr. Mike Story. Can someone help me? I met him in Kodai India

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