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The EU; a history of our future

There can be very few who will deny that the EU is encroaching more and more into the lives of nations and the individual. Vladimir Bukovsky speaks as someone with an 'insider's view' of what he escaped from, and a clear idea of what we may be heading towards.
originally published 21/12/09

"I have lived in your future, and it didn’t work."

transcript of a short presentation by Vladimir Bukovsky
IT is a really puzzling to me that having just buried one monster – the Soviet Union – another remarkably similar one – the European Union – is being built.

Exactly what is the European Union? Perhaps by examining the Soviet Russian (sic) we can get the answer.

The Soviet Union was governed by fifteen unelected people who appointed each other and who were not accountable to anyone. The European Union is governed by two dozen people who appoint each other, meet in secret and are not accountable to anyone and whom we cannot sack.

A rubber-stamping gravy train


One might say that the EU has an elected Parliament. Well, the Soviet Union had a parliament of a sort too – the supreme Soviet. They just rubber-stamped the politburo decisions pretty much like the European parliament does when speaking time in the chamber is limited within each group and often amounts to one minute per speaker. In the EU there are hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats with a huge salary, their staff, servants, bonuses and privileges; they have life-long immunity from prosecution which is simply shuttled from one position to another no matter what they do or fail to do. Is this not exactly like the Soviet regime?

The Soviet Union was created by coercion and there often was a military occupation. The European Union is being created, admittedly not by armed force, but by coercion and economic bullying. In order to continue to exist the Soviet Union spread itself further and further. The moment it stopped spreading it started collapsing. And I suspect the same is true of the European Union.


A new 'historic entity': nationalities and identities must go


EUCCPWe were told the purpose of the Soviet Union was to create a new historic entity – the Soviet people and that we must forget our nationalities, our ethnic traditions and customs. The same seems to be true of the European Union. They don’t want you to be British or French. They want you all to be a new historic entity – European: to suppress all your national feelings and live as a multi-national community.

After seventy three years the same system in the Soviet Union resulted in more ethnic conflict than anywhere in the world. In the Soviet Union one of the grand purposes was the destruction of the nation state. And that’s exactly what we observe in the European Europe today. Brussels intends to absorb nation states so that they should cease to exist. Corruption was built into the Soviet system from top down, and so it is in the EU. The same endemic corruption activity that we saw in the old Soviet Union has flourished in the EU. Those who oppose or expose it are silenced or punished. Nothing changes.

In the Soviet Union we had a Gulag: I think we have a Gulag in the European Union also – an intellectual gulag known as Political Correctness. When anyone tries to speak their mind on questions of race or gender, or if their views differ from those approved, they will be ostracised. This is the beginning of the gulag: the beginning of your loss of freedom.


Old model in new clothes


In the Soviet Union we were told that we needed a federal state to avoid war. In the European Union they are telling you exactly the same thing. In short, the same ideology and the principal systems. The EU is the old Soviet model presented in Western guise. But again, like the Soviet Union the European Union has within itself the seeds of its own demise. Unfortunately when it collapses, and it will, it will leave immense destruction behind, and we will be left with huge economic and ethnic problems.

The old Soviet system was incapable of reform, so is the European Union. But there is an alternative to being ruled by those two dozen self-appointed officials in Brussels. It is called ‘Independence’. You don’t have to accept what they have planned for you. After all we have never been asked if you wanted to join.

I have lived in your future, and it didn’t work.

[A PDF copy of the above transcript is available here.]

David Frost interviewing Vladimir Bukovsky
Vladimir BukovskyVladimir Bukovsky is a notable former Soviet political dissenter, author and political activist. He was one of the first to expose the use of psychiatric imprisonment against political prisoners in the Soviet Union.

He spent a total of twelve years in Soviet prisons, labor camps and in psikhushkas, forced-treatment psychiatric hospitals used by the government as special prisons.

Since 1976 Bukovsky has lived in Cambridge, England, focusing on neurophysiology and writing. He received a Masters Degree in Biology and has written several books and political essays.

Vladimir Bukovsky, 21/05/2016

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jack t (Guest) 29/05/2014 12:47
Indeed, considering that Islam and Romanism have both been sired in the minds by Satan - it should be no great surprise to spiritually adroit Christians that the Jesuit Pope is fostering and promoting what is in truth 'brotherly' reconcilliation'.
I read once that Islam was introduced by the Roman Catholic Church in order to control the Arabs - but, one way or another, its all gone sadly wrong for them - until, that is, Satan has decided to move through the Jesuit Pope to reconcile his children - one to another.
Witness D (Guest) 29/05/2014 15:45
George Hargreaves (Pentecostal-what else!?) in fact made the point that if he were elected that he would get rid of the dragon on Wales's national flag.
Not only should any true Christian NOT get involved in politics (Donald Boyd-please take note), because when he is in power the bureaucratic civil servants will soon get them to compromise big time.
In fact, I wonder what a 'Christian politician' (sounds like an oxymoron) would do if he were faced with forming a coalition government with an ungodly (is there any other?) party?
Ecumenism doesn't work-study your Bible.

Editor 02/06/2014 09:51
I have deleted further posts from 'Witness D' and 'Jack T' as they contain sweeping condemnations of a particular branch of the Christian church (in this case 'Pentecostalism'), a personal attack on George Hargreaves (in contravention of the biblical process of resolving problems), and an unsolicited dictat aimed at Christians who are involved in the political process.

Anyone wishing to comment on the question of Christians and politics can visit articles on the subject (e.g.

However any further posts which display a bigotted and judgemental spirit will surely be deleted.

And 'Witness D' (to use your own expression) "take note". It is more likely that anything you say in life will be recieved with much greater respect if you -

* identify yourself rather than lurking in the shadows of anonyimity
* allow fellow believers (if indeed you are one yourself) the freedom to find their own way in the Lord on matters of conscience
* desist from the aforementioned sweeping condemations and personal attacks which have characterised your postings thus far.
Jack T (Guest) 02/06/2014 12:20

Perhaps, through the auspices of this particlar thread I could, in part, respond to your assertion that sweeping condemnations have been made against Pentecostalism.

Obviously in continuing I am not presuming to speak for 'Witness'

When I speak against Pentecostalism/Charismaticism - I am not speaking against the individual - I am speaking against the 'ISM' - I cannot do otherwise because to condemn individuals is to condemn myself - for I have languished in, and been brought through many ISMS in my Christin walk so far.

There will be elect believers languishing in every 'ISM' under the sun - and, even at this very moment, God's Spirit will be leading them, or preparing them them to be led out..of that I have no doubt.

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would lead His elect into all truth - and He can't do that without leading those believers out of the wrong ISMs in which they might be languishing.

Anyway back to the ISMs in question. Both are renowned for their extravagant, outrageous and unbiblical manifestations (of the spirit).
Strange fruit indeed - and Chist tells us that we can recognise a tree by its fruit

Without doubt these 'fruitful outpourings' have no divine derivation - therefore the spirit behind them cannot be God's Holy Spirit - therefore the Jesus who sent that spirit cannot be the true Jesus, theefore no matter how 'Christ' orientated they appear to be, in worshipping a false Jesus they are, in effect, worshipping a false god.....

Pentecostalism is therefore a false religion from which God will save those of His elect who are, as of this moment, languishing in it.

Witness D (Guest) 02/06/2014 13:21
I certainly agree with jack t's last post.
Editor, would you please tell me where I made a personal attack on George Hargreaves? I would most certainly like to know. I have only commented on his politics and what he said on the Welsh national flag. But then if you delete my postings, then how can anyone else make an assessment, or rather judgment?
Certainly Pentecostalism has MUCH error within it's theology and root, you don't have to dig far? I have only attacked as it were the error within this wretched movement. Apostasy exists within every denomination so-called, no-one would argue against that, so I am not singling out the Pentecostal movement on it's own. I know not one denomination that is without error! But it is this "strange fire" that is within Pentecostalism that is the problem, that is it's origins and all the wild claims the leaders within it's ranks make (and I haven't even commented on the other shenanigans they get up to?) Even on your site you have some articles by false prophets with "A word from God", there is only one Word and that is called The Holy Bible. Have these people never read Revelation 22.18-19?
John MacArthur has gone on record as saying that he believes all within the Pentecostal Church are lost. Now MacArthur is a false teacher, and he is very wrong to make a sweeping statement like that, I believe many will be saved out of Pentecostalism just as will be out of the Roman Church and other false religions.
Again Editor, I assume you are referring to me as a bigot? Well the Saviour was crucified, so I can stand being called a name like that! Again please tell me where my attack was personal?
Editor 02/06/2014 14:32
Witness D, I repeat what I have said earlier to other anonymous posters either -
(a) make yourself known to me or
(b) register with the site.

I have neither the time or inclination to carry on protacted conversations with those who choose to 'speak from the shadows'.
Editor 02/06/2014 14:33
As this article is about the EU and not 'isms' etc. further off-topic posts will be deleted.
Editor 04/06/2014 17:02
Russia is re-emerging in a historically recognizable form. Germany is just beginning the process of redefining itself in Europe, and the EU's weaknesses have become manifest. Turkey has already taken the first steps toward becoming a regional power. We are at the beginning of a period in which these forces play themselves out.

The above from recent Stratfor report.

Editor 26/01/2015 14:57
A Stratfor report centres around the fact that a massive cash injection (Quantative Easing) in order the stimulate failing EU economies has seen Germany, for parochial purposes, insist on each contributing country taking its own financial risk in the lending process.

The weakness in Europe's construction has always stemmed from the fact that ultimately, every individual nation puts its own interests first and Europe's second. In 2009, Greece revealed that it had been falsifying its official figures for several years, allowing its citizens a more comfortable life while saving problems for later. This revelation was the start of an economic crisis, culminating in the sovereign bond crisis of 2012. In 2014, France and Italy both failed to comply with the Growth and Stability Pact, struggling to accede to the budgetary demands of the European Commission because of domestic political constraints. The commission's unwillingness to discipline the offenders has resulted in an undermining of its credibility.

It is not new for a country to put its own well-being before that of the collective, or for the European Union's institutions to be undermined by its own members. What is new this time around is that the problems came from Germany, Europe's largest economy and historically its staunchest defender. Germany has proved that, just like its fellow eurozone members, it is willing to forgo the good (read 'unity' - Ed.] of the union to protect its own interests. But in doing so, it has reversed the momentum of the eurozone — a slow-moving beast, which will be hard to turn around again.

Now re-visit the Vladimir Bukovsky video or the transcript of same.
(Guest) 26/01/2015 19:40
An excellent article, because I believe it to be so true.
The Soviet/EU parallels are there for all to see, and who can disagree?
This 'beast' will collapse when Antichrist comes, as he will in due course.
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