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Healing Meetings by International Evangelist

John Mellor is an international evangelist from Australia with a healing ministry and is due to conduct services in Alness and Inverness during September at the invitation of the Christian Fellowship of Healing (Highland).

John MellorJohn Mellor spent many of his early years as a Christian with wrong concepts of healing that kept him from praying for the sick. He also thought that being a vessel for God’s healing power was something reserved only for famous healing evangelists.

However, God took him on an amazing journey, and since the year 2000 he has travelled almost continuously, seeing miracles and healings occur almost every day, in many countries of the world. He has been seen many times on both A Current Affair and Today Tonight [current affairs programs in Australia], where some of those who have been healed at his meetings have testified of God’s goodness and the difference He has made in their lives.

During one of the more recent stories, even the reporter was amazed when John prayed for him and the pain from his longstanding neck complaint disappeared! Through his experiences and on the journey John has learnt that all believers can pray for the sick and see them healed.

The following meetings are being arranged by the Christian Fellowship of Healing (Highlands)

Healing Meeting

 Friday, 11 September, 2009
Averon Leisure Centre, Alness
at 7.30pm


Healing Seminar

Saturday, 12 September, 2009
Barn Church, Culloden, Inverness
at 1.30pm


Healing Meeting

Saturday, 12 September, 2009
Barn Church, Culloden, Inverness
at 7.30pm


Healing Meeting

Sunday, 13 September, 2009
St Stephens Church, Southside Road, Inverness
at 4.00pm

 John Mellor Ministries 

Further information:

Rev. Jim Rettie
Tel. 01463 798896
or E-mail

John Mellor grew up in Brisbane, Queensland. As a young man, his life was a mess until one day he surrendered his life to Jesus and became a Christian, beginning a journey that radically turned his life around. Despite this, John struggled to believe in the healing nature of Jesus Christ.

Many years later, amongst various challenges, John and his family left their home in Townsville to go to the Northern Territory of Australia, where he worked as a missionary pastor with the tribal Aboriginal people.

As the Aboriginal people were so used to the power of their own witch doctors, John soon realised that without true ‘power’, the Good News of Jesus was nothing more than a nice story to them.

From a burning desire to see things change, John prayed and fasted for 10 days a month for 5 months and cried out to God to reveal himself in power to these people.

It wasn’t long before God began to do miracles and people were healed. The local people, including witch doctors (and even John himself!), were astounded by the miracles that God did amongst them.

Some time later, John traveled from the remote, rugged areas of northern Australia to Mexico and then to Wishaw, a small town in Scotland. In Wishaw, a flood of miracles began and what was to be a one-week visit ended up lasting for 8 incredible months. The miracles caught the attention of the national media, and soon thousands of people came from everywhere to receive a miracle.

The ministry as it is today was birthed out of what the Lord did at that time, and John now ministers extensively all over the world. All of this - and much more - is included in John’s first book, ‘Miracles from the Dust’, available from our site.

By God’s grace, people have been healed of every conceivable type of ailment, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You can find out about the miracles by watching the video clips or reading the articles and testimonies on this site. God is continually healing people and setting them free!

John Mellor is ordained as an evangelist with Christian Outreach Centre, but the ministry is non-denominational. God wants to touch and heal people, whichever nation they live in, whichever denomination they belong to. God is moving powerfully NOW!!!

John lives in Queensland with his wife, Julie, and comes under the spiritual covering of Suncoast Christian Church (COC), Wombye, Queensland.

For further information see John Mellor Ministries

Christian Fellowship of Healing, 13/08/2009

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