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There's probably no God

Theres probably no God
but what if there is....????

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Peter Carr (Guest) 03/02/2009 13:30
News today suggests that the current weather conditions are costing our economy £3.5 billion. My view is that the snow is probably from God, in which case some people can shake their fist at Him when He brings disruption in to their lives, but happily ignore Him when things are going swimmingly!

So, if the snow is from God, what about other world events like the global economic downturn, is that probably from God, or definately manmade?

In which case, those same people who happily ignored Him when things were going swimmingly, are they now shaking their fist at God?

Ps 53: 1
Editor 17/02/2009 15:03
The offices of the Christian Party were vandalised following the launch of a new bus advertising campaign proclaiming that there is a God.

The adverts were launched by the party last Thursday in response to the British Humanist Association’s bus adverts, which state, “There probably is no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

The Christian Party’s adverts are displayed on 50 London buses and carry the slogan: “There definitely is a God. So join the Christian Party and enjoy your life.”

Police have launched an investigation after the front windows of the party’s London headquarters were found smashed in on Saturday morning. The police suspect the incident to be a religious hate crime.

Leader of the Christian Party, the Rev George Hargreaves, said the incident was a “sign of the times” but vowed to continue on with the campaign.

“I’m disappointed more than shocked,” he said, describing how in Scotland the Christian Party had experienced similar acts of violence when protesters tore down their campaign posters.

“It’s just a shame that people who are intolerant of Christianity feel that they need to destroy property and to be violent,” he continued.

“We are not phased by it. What was intended for evil will be used for good. If they break our windows, we will just put in new windows.

“We don’t have to get violent or angry about it. We just have to love the Lord, keep a good witness and the Lord will do the rest.”

The party is due to launch the same advert in a six-week campaign in Scotland, beginning February 24.
Peter Carr 17/02/2009 16:42
"“I’m disappointed more than shocked,” he said, describing how in Scotland the Christian Party had experienced similar acts of violence when protesters tore down their campaign posters."

This sort of thing has been going on between political parties for decades, it is part and parcel of the human condition, therefore Christians shouldn't feel isolated or picked upon in the political realm. As for other matters of being singled out for our faith I think that Jesus tells us to expect it (The Gospels)!
Penny Lee 17/02/2009 18:48
Am I alone in thinking that the Christian Party's response to the banners was childish and unnecessarily inflammatory? What did they hope to achieve from this? It's a bit like tit-for-tat and I feel it will have done more harm than good.

There are so many genuine concerns to be challenged today without bothering about silly and meaningless attempts by others to try and force their views on others. They should have left the humanist association's ill-thought-out campaign to self-destruct.
Peter Carr 17/02/2009 20:17
I am with you on this one, I think that it is another attempt of a Christian political party trying to be church! Why not let the established church get on with their God given role?
Dan. (Guest) 24/02/2009 14:59
I loved the religious response. Finally I heard on the streets people crying out - "Glad the bloody churches can afford to spend the money we give them on that" "Oh and in times like these"

Brilliant. The Atheist campaign was funding by Atheists and some religious leaders apparently..out of their own pockets. Its helped sideline the relevance of the church once again.

The atheists also put "Probably" for two reasons one, as to be moderate and two so there are no grounds of complain for the ASA. And I think it did their campaign all the better for it.

Oh well. A bit of an own goal for the church groups involved.
Peter Carr 24/02/2009 18:00
Dan (Guest) said, "...and some religious leaders apparently..."

Apparently, probably...etc.

If there is no God then Christians and the church need not worry, if there is a God, then its a different ball game for the God deniers!!!!!!
Penny Lee 24/02/2009 23:59
What each group believes is not the most important point. It's what is actually true which matters most.

There are many different views held about what lies beyond this life. Only one at best can be true - so that leaves an awful lot of perfectly sincere people being sincerely in the wrong! Are you one of them?
Peter Carr 25/02/2009 06:58
I don't think so!
Penny Lee 25/02/2009 10:39
Ha Peter!

My reply was actually to Dan but, in fact, is relevant to everyone. Perhaps it's a question we would all benefit from asking ourselves.

When you consider just how many different belief systems there are in existence, it is obvious and entirely logical that the vast majority of people do not believe what is true.

The argument then begins with, "Which one is true? ". I am completely at peace with my belief in God but I suspect there are others who would say the same about their beliefs. I am also perplexed at those who will admit they are not at peace with it all but who do nothing to address their anxieties.
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