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Reaching out to Christmas shoppers

A lone street preacher, a Salvation Army band and a church used preaching, music, a choir, drama, speakers and literature distribution to get their message across to the citizens of Glasgow.


Video CameraWatch a short video showing a wide variety of formats and styles being used in one Glasgow street to present the Gospel to pre-Christmas shoppers.

A lone street preacher, a Salvation Army band and a Glasgow church used preaching, music, a choir, drama, speakers and literature distribution were all involved in getting the message across.
And whilst there will be no doubt a range of opinions as wide as the range of methods, it is trusted that the Lord of the harvest will use and bless every effort made to spread the good news of Immanuel - God with us.

The scenes were all shot within the one street (Buchanan Street, Glasgow) on a Saturday in mid-December 2008; and the various activities were taking place simultaneously - albeit in different parts of the street.

Click on the picture below to watch the video of the Christmas scenes.

Glasgow Outreach

The church involved outside Buchanan Galleries was New Mercy Church, Glasgow

 Let Glasgow flourish... 

Christians Together, 15/12/2008

A Clark (Guest) 24/12/2008 16:51
The street preacher featured is one of the most miserable I've ever heard. Not just outspoken against miserable sinners, but over pretty much every church in Glasgow other than his. Still...always good to see the streets of Glasgow busy!
a h 26/12/2008 19:09
Well done that church.
dave gillan (Guest) 01/01/2009 10:53
Well my friend, it doesnt matter how good he is, the point is hes doing what he believes God called him to. Why not take the plank out of your eye instead of trying to take the stick out of your brothers. If your so good why not go out and show us how to do it.

a h 01/01/2009 20:05
Now, now Dave, Peace and Love.
John Parker (Guest) 03/01/2009 10:55
I'm reminded of Moody the American evangelist who might say that he prefers the way the street preacher does it to the way that (many) others don't.
Penny Lee 03/01/2009 13:12
I don't wish to criticise the man in question as I haven't heard him.

However, having a desire to do street-preaching isn't enough. You actually have to have the ability (God-given). Not just to deliver the message in a manner appropriate to present day life, but be able to take the inevitable flak and ridicule.

Being ridiculed for simply presenting the gospel to those who don't want to hear it is one thing - being ridiculed because you have presented it in a cringeworthy manner is quite another. I'm sure we've all been impressed to see some brave soul witnessing in public then, when you get up closer, realise they have become a form of public entertainment because of the manic and theatrical way they are going about it.

Unfortunately, it does matter if you look nerdish and eccentric. You have to gain people's respect first before they will even think of listening to what you have to say. It's a sad fact that one individual can do as much harm as good to the advancement of the gospel if he/she is not called by God to do this extremely difficult type of witness.

I know that, at this point in my life at least, I am not called to witness in such an environment but I have taken church services where I feel God has led me. We all need to listen and enquire of God, "Is there really where You want me to be?" and, if the answer seems to be "No" or you are not getting an answer, then stay away from it. Christians, as well as helping advance the cause of the gospel, can also seriously impede it when personal ambitions get mixed up with God's calling to us.
Peter Carr (Guest) 04/01/2009 22:46
"You have to gain people's respect first before they will even think of listening to what you have to say."

So, what happened to God using the foolish to shame the wise?
Penny Lee 04/01/2009 23:46
Gaining unbelievers respect has nothing to do with intelligence, Peter. I don't believe the kind of foolishness Jesus spoke of was stupid foolishness but rather being considered foolish in the eyes of the world because you believe in God and they consider themselves too 'intelligent' or 'wise' to believe in a God they can't see or debate with on their perceived intellectual level.

Would you take seriously someone who was pontificating in public but was wearing his trousers back to front or smelled funny - not because he had just come from muck-spreading but rather because he wasn't at all bothered about his personal hygiene?

It's hard enough to get people's attention even when you are normally dressed and turned out but it's almost impossible when all that others can see is something bizarre about either your appearance or manner. I honestly think all Christians have to behave in a controlled and rational manner when speaking to those who are cynical.

I'm really glad that God took an interest in those of average or less status because, if He hadn't, I'd have missed out.

Incidentally, if a person with, say, Down's Syndrome, stood up in public and gave their testimony in whatever way they were able, don't you think they would soon have a crowd around them - many of whom, I'm sure, would have tears in their eyes. People know sincerity when they see it, even if they reject the reason behind it. I'm sure we would both choose correctly if asked who was the wise one in the above example.

I would rather be wise in God's eyes, even if it means being foolish in the world's - what I don't want is just to be foolish - full stop!

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